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Why I went to Guantánamo, Again


Why I went to Guantánamo, Again

Frida Berrigan

I have the world’s worst hair cut. It is uneven, hacked and does nothing to flatter my features. For the first few days after I cut it, my hair was also super dirty, sticking straight up with a Pomade of bug spray, sunscreen and Cuban dirt.


Thank you for having the courage of your convictions.

This is a perfect depiction of the contrast between the world of the Great Mother principle, Divine Feminine, Gaia, Venus, and that of Mars, the masculine god of war and conflict:

"Standing at this spot, I could see the sacred — mountains, valleys, rainbows, water, skies that almost sing with gorgeousness — and the profane — occupation, militarization, torture, abuse, indefinite detention."


"...that I stood on the side of the outsider, that I was not afraid..."

We look back at the atrocities in history and ask ourselves would we have had the courage to stand on the side of the outsider.


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