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Why I Will Oppose Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination to the Supreme Court


Why I Will Oppose Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination to the Supreme Court

Kamala Harris

The Supreme Court has a profound impact on the rights — and lives — of all Americans. When at its best, it has advanced the meaning of those words above its doors, ‘Equal Justice Under Law.’ At its worst, the Supreme Court has upheld racial segregation, enabled voter suppression, and equated corporations with people. Whether or a not the Supreme Court enforces the spirit of those words, ‘Equal Justice Under Law,’ is determined by the individuals who sit on that Court.


The hypocrisy is incredible. McConnell is all bent out of turtle shape because Dems are uniting against all of Trump’s SCOTUS pics. The same McConnell that held up Merrick Garland’s nomination for months and robbed Democrats of this SCOTUS pick.

Unfortunately, the fucking Democrats didn’t walk out of the Senate.


Well, Ms Harris I certainly hope that you will ‘lobby’ like hell Murkowski and Collins on the R side and push Heidi Heitcamp and the male Dems as well.
I’m pledging a phone call and/or an email a day to my Dems and the female Rs.
Kavanaugh is the right’s wet dream come true.
His paper trail however, has McConell in a bit of a dither…


That’s what they should do when this wack-a-doodle comes up for a vote, walk out.


I’m glad Kamala Harris has a brain----but Mr. Kavanaugh doesn’t appear to have much in the way of understanding equal protection under the law. As for controlling women’s bodies, what’s his plan to control men’s? He seems to have a loving relationship with all kinds of guns. In fact the overlords are more important than the People to him— plus Net Neutrality, in his mind, is a bad idea. Well if he gets in-------this is America and surely Nemesis is watching to see what happens when “good guys,” with guns become the bad guys. There’s more than one way to Cross the Rubicon---- I wonder if he knows that?


I wonder if she is only saying this because she knows with how much of paper tigers the Democratic leadership is, that Kavanaugh’s nomination is a shoo in.


Not that crazy about Kamala Harris, I think she is a corporate, neoliberal Democrat. Brett Kavanaugh’s views on economic issues is more of a concern than his views on social issues.


Sen. Harris will you be taking a stand against all the wasteful military spending? Sen. Harris will you be taking a stand against all corporate and big money corrupting politics? Sen. Harris will you call out all this corruption happening in both major political parties???


Why does Kamala Harris not apply her noble “Equal Justice Under the Law” principle to the longstanding and ongoing unequal, barbaric, murder and robbery of innocent Palestinians by Israel? Here’s why -


Harris is just doing this I bet as a cynical move that when 2020 comes around and Kavanaugh and the rest has ruined the country even more she can say “hey I said he shouldn’t be voted in, vote for me for president!”


The more I see and hear about Ms Harris’ political views, the more she reminds me of her pro-corporate, AIPAC toady predecessor, Barbara Boxer.
Is she really the best we can do?


Kavanaugh is a lock for the SCOTUS. Murkowski and that bubble headed meathead Collins will vote for him as surely as they voted for Gorsich.
Brett Kavanaugh took a blood in oath in a private meeting with Trumps handlers back in 2016. He was told then that Gorsich was to be the first new justice in order to satisfy the social conservatives and various Nazi wackos. However, he was guaranteed the next seat, as the Kennedy retirement was already arranged. All Brett had to do was kiss the ring and promise to rule that no sitting president can be prosecuted.
This was all pre-arranged back in 2015.


Here’s the story on the “fucking Democrats”.



Kamala Harris is a professional at opposing things when they don’t matter and then supporting them when they matter the most. Her agreement to a $25 billion national settlement for illegal foreclosure of California homeowners gave them pennies on the dollar. She did this after crowing she would not screw over CA homeowners and agree to a national settlement. When it comes to supporting the corrupt Democratic party Kamala Harris has proven to be a good soldier and was rewarded with a Senate seat. How she gets away with the same corrupt behavior over and over is beyond me.

According to author David Dayen in his book “Chain of Title” (a great read in my opinion) Oklahoma was the only state to opt out of the $25 billion national settlement and as a result Oklahoman homeowners received 7x the national average in compensation for having their homes illegally stolen from them.

Kamala Harris is just another corrupt, and very slick and slimy politician. Her lack of support for Kavanaugh is another attempt at grandstanding in front of her constituents.


Like Hilliary, I’m sure she has an entirely different story for her corporate donors masters.


The Dems have been capitulating since I cast my first vote in the 80’s. They do lip service against then vote the opposite(for the RNC) if the Republicans need more votes.


Correction - it was the Koch’s:

WallStreetonParade .com has this to say :
The dark money behind Trumps Supreme court pick


No she isn’t but she is the one the Dem establishment wants to run down our throats.