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“Why I Won't Give Up My AR15” . . . And Why You Should


“Why I Won't Give Up My AR15” . . . And Why You Should

Camillo Mac Bica

After so many incidents of unconscionable slaughter in schools, churches, at concerts, etc., perpetrated by deranged individuals “legally” armed with an AR 15, (according to the Guardian, there have been 1,624 mass shootings in 1,870 days), one would expect that reasonable people would agree that it is time, probably long past time, to enact common sense gun control legislation requiring such measures as background checks, a ban on “bump stocks,” a minimum age for purchasing a we


Yes on all counts.


So many of the machismo aspirants toting AR 15s and the like play the “I need it for defense” card at every turn. Machismo or cowardice, which is it going to be? Cognitive dissonance anyone?


Excellent rebuttal of most of the inane excuses used by gun-nuts to keep their assault rifles. I would add one more - an AR-15 is not going to make your penis any bigger, no matter how many you own, or how many times you fire it. Just learn to live with that.


The author, as a trained infantryman (as all Marines are) could have further made his point about 50 cal machine guns, in the last paragraph. Though not as intense as basic marine training , US Army Infantry training schooled me, as an individual and as part of a fighting unit, to take out that damned automatic weapon first. Conversely, as part of an automatic gun crew we were made to understand that our life expectancy was probably very limited.


Yes. Let’s ban the AR-15 and other weapons of war, and then work to dismantle the military.


Good. As I’ve written, before, it’s way past time to call out politicians and the NRA for hiding behind a Second Amendment that exists only in their minds. The actual Second Amendment that exists, legally, via court decisions, does NOT guarantee the right to own and carry an AR-15 or similar weapon


Well spoken.

Thank you.


Most gun fanatics claim a need to defend themselves from their government, in case the government turns it back on the constitution and starts taking away their rights. What I don’t understand is why, after they have already systematically shredded the constitution and taken away our rights, they still claim to be the guardians of our freedom. The only freedom you have left is your gun…and so far I haven’t seen it protect you yet. I think in the end, their desire for arms is to compensate for small penises. Guns are a desperate replacement for real manhood.


The last statement was the most important, you cannot protect yourself against the mightiest military in the world.

Not mentioned and wasn’t a target is the mentality ill. Majority of people are sane until they get so depressed from lack of opportunity, oppression, sometimes just life that they are sane one moment and hit a breaking point and wham they are not sane.


Against a government with a standing army of 1.4 million that spends over $700 Billion annually on sophisticated high tech weapons of war, you haven’t got a chance in hell.

If that is the case, why can’t the US military take out a bunch of rag tag guys in tennis shoes with AK-47s? We’ve been in Afghanistan for how many years and have failed to win? Iraq? Syria? Did the multi-billion dollar US military win in Vietnam?


Probably a good idea to start taking military weapons and equipment out of the hands off local law enforcement first. Addressing the issues of the military and war is a whole other ballgame that has to be done, but probably in a different way.


The 2nd Amendment is destroying our right to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness.


Here’s the one I’ve been waiting for, from someone who wants to bring never-ending guerilla war to Pleasant Valley, USA, and is prepared to suffer the same casualties as the civilian populations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, not to mention Vietnam, just for the “right” to have guns that no one in a civilized country needs for anything.

Are you really so sure of your movie-inspired heroics that you think that you’ll still be here fighting after 20 years of war against your own government?

What makes you think that the U.S. wants the wars in the middle east to end? How would that be profitable for those who supply the weapons? The U.S. is a war-based economy, and without the military and its never-ending need for more and better weapons, we would be Canada. The longer the wars go on, the richer the merchants of death become. Why would we “win” when “we” are winning every day for last 20 years?

Maybe you believe that when your battle starts, the Russians and Chinese will rush to your aid and supply you with shoulder fired anti aircraft rockets and mines, as they did the North Vietnamese. They were of course, armed with much more than the simple semi-automatic AR-15, as are those in the Middle East that we are fighting now.

Don’t let that affect your narrative, though, as you picture yourself as Davy Crockett, sneaking through the woods on your way to ambush that battalion of Marines.

Perhaps, when you have a little time to spare, you could take a look at the pictures from the cities in the war zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. I guess you’d relish the chance to see Chicago or Los Angeles looking like that…?


The argument goes now that if we were all armed, mass shootings would end.
In that case we should immediately arm our most vulnerable citizens now! I am sure that the NRA would support legislation that would require all African Americans, other visible minorities, the LGBT community, disabled people and religious minorities (like Muslims) to be armed with AR 15’s at all times to prevent crazy white males (the most common type of mass shooter) from killing innocent people. We could make a clause for particularly vulnerable people (disabled, Muslim, women of colour) to carry small explosive devices (like hand grenades) to protect them even further.
I find the article to be of the category ‘Gun Control Light’ as the author doesn’t even call for a ban on guns, but merely the curtailment of assault rifles. Even though Americans owned virtually no weapons at all before the NRA fear campaign on the 1960’s to “buy a gun and protect yourself”, no one likes to mention those pre-NRA days when there were little to no incidents of mass murders. Corporate America has done an excellent job of making weapons such an acceptable part of society, that the public is unaware of how they are part and parcel of the world’s greatest military industrial complex to ever roam the planet. The mindset of the public is going to be very difficult to reprogram after six decades of brain washing by corporate America.


Yes, a million times.


The types who need their guns to define them were probably rejected by the military.


Great and funny post- small ones indeed! What do we say then about people like Dana Loesch the spokeswoman for the NRA ? Maybe she is just an embittered woman who needs a gun to make her look more powerful.


Or at least downsize it to a reasonable Defensive force level.


The aim, politically, was not to win but to keep us at war; especially after Vietnam. Understand this. The UNITED STATES of AMERICA is based economically and politically on a war economy. We the people are controlled by the DEEP STATE in this manner. The DEEP STATE controls our government by making its members rich if, and only if, those people play the DEEP STATE’S game of empire and hegemony. Understand this. We are not a Democracy. We are the pawns in an empire whose votes only give credibility to those thugs which rule us.