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Why I'm Glad About Trump's Latest Twitter Tirade

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/19/why-im-glad-about-trumps-latest-twitter-tirade


I’m impressed by how Kolhatkar turned an article about Trump’s appalling behavior into a paean to Nancy Pelosi for Pelosi’s oh-so-strong support for the Squad. Even the vote to table the impeachment resolution, in which 140 or so Democrats voted with the Republican bloc, gets twisted into a progressive triumph! Is Pelosi a closet progressive who has just been pretending to be Trump’s best friend all these years? Ya never know!


There’s a special context-shift played with that word “racist,” relocating the matter examined from the words coming out of your mouth to the state of your immortal soul. Seriously, here’s how it works:

Q: Do you think that was a racist statement?
A: He is not a racist.

Oops. Not only did “racist” just shift from adjective to noun without a peep, the subject just shifted from what the Man said to what the hell’s going on (if anything) in the Man’s head. Racism is not a creed, it is a mode of behavior. We lose sight of that (or rather, we’re deliberately diverted, time and again) when the subject shifts to the existence of a “racist bone” in the Man’s body. (Do please forget about the racist words issuing from his mouth!)


Representative Pressley summed it all up, pretty succinctly:

“Git 'em boyz!” gets kinda old, by way of divisive distraction (as they empty our pockets; criminalize journalism, dissent and speaking the obvious truth, while lionizing kleptocracy). That the DNC & DCCC LLC would far rather lose than have forty more uppity, woke, spectacular congresswomen like these patriots illustrates exactly what we’re up against. The Resistance was always against we the peons. Robby, Debbie, John, David… whomever… might not be on FOX (like Mark & Donna) rubbing our noses in “lesser evil,” BS. But, as Harris, Pete, Beto… fork us to the ravening sharks. I’m wondering, which of the few lefty blogs will be left for our discussions?


Kolhatkar sez:
“The closet racists who voted for him in droves in 2016 are more exposed than ever …”

For a guy who acts fixated on building walls, Chump’s primary contracting success to date remains the demolition of said “closet”. The only thing scarier than Orange Julius is every other person in attendance at his Nuremberg rallies.


Pelosi made her choice alright:


Racism is pretty easy to discern when a person REGULARLY puts down ENTIRE GROUPS OF PEOPLE in his (sic) words and follows up with ACTIONS against those very SAME groups. Trump qualifies on BOTH counts. Tweets 7 video preserve HIS OWN WORDS. and a HISTORY of white supremacist actions back up the conclusion. As for Trump SUPPORTERS: there’s no middle-ground at thia point. If you’re STILL SUPPORTING Donald UJ. Trump, you’re a racist. Period.


The point is: we do not propose to eliminate all the racists (although getting them out of Washington would be nice); we don’t need to argue about who is and is not a racist. That argument is expressly designed to go round and round perpetually. All we need do – all we can do – is put an end to racist behavior. The same goes for sexists. They can’t all be locked up. It’s enough to stop criminally predatory behavior. (MLK spoke eloquently to this point, btw.)

The implication of turning it personal, as those evading responsibility always do, is “Because he does not have a racist bone in his body, your charge of racist behavior is absurd.” It’s just sophomoric rhetoric that needs to be slapped down.

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Nancy Pelosi is a rich, white Californian, who talks a progressive game, but walks a very moderate line. Speaker Pelosi would likely be happy to do without the four newly elected women in Congress, or would find Republicans easier to deal with. The carpet of governance is being, finally, re-woven with better colors. People have to get used to it.

How many times will I read “history will not judge this president kindly”.

Is any statement more besides the point?

Trump and his rabid, morally hollow followers do not care about the past or the future. They care about reclaiming power now.

And they hold power.

Should anyone be confident that his tirade will hurt his cause? Do we think all of those “independent” voters will now care that he insulted four women of color?

Think about all of the things that did not move the needle.

Trillions in tax cuts handed out to the rich, a few hundred bucks for working families? Nope. More video evidence of him being a serial and unapologeticly letcherous philanderer who giddily cavorted with pedophiles for decades? Nope. Kids separated from parents and dying in cages? Nope. Tearing up the Iran deal and then nearly starting a war with Iran? Nope. Having half his cabinet resign or get set to jail for breaking the law he swore to uphold? Nope. Praising Kim Jong Un and Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud as great leaders who on special occasions like to murder inconvenient Americans. Nope.

In July Trump’s approval rating was, according to Gallup, at or near its all-time high at 45%.

Almost half the country things Trump is doing a swell job.

Sorry, I’m not glad about Trump’s latest twitter tirade.

It was a horrible action for a POTUS to take.

And even worse that he rubbed it in at a rally the next night.

I hope the author is right but I tend to think it won’t make a lick of difference to the fanatics who elected him once and may do it twice.

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I can not recall where I read it but the Headline was something like “Racist claims backfire on CNN Journalist” This was in reference to an interviewer on CNN asking a panel of 12 women if they thought Trumps tweets as Racist and apparently the person writing the story claimed it “backfired” because all 12 women said “no”.

The photograph of the 12 women was interesting as was the caption underneath. All 12 women were Republican and all 12 of them were white. I mean of “Course” Trump is not a racist, nor could they possibly be…right?

Indeed. It appears Trump’s whole purpose in tweeting all that “go back to your own country” crap was to again re-unite democrats back under do-nothing Pelosi, and keep the conversation focused squarely on race. He must have been getting pretty nervous to see her facing off with The Squad. If populist progressives succeeded in a take-over the Democratic Party with their agenda, he’d be in real trouble come election time.


Whether he’s racist or not, Trump knows how to stoke racism and use it as a tool to his advantage. The rise of racism is a symptom of an utterly corrupt and unfair economic system, and he knows that too. He “defends” Pelosi from The Squad precisely for that reason. She is neck deep in that corruption that gave rise to his presidency, and as long as she and people like her lead the Democrats, his base will continue to grow. The real question isn’t whether Trump is a racist or not a racist, it’s how do we create a world in which racism holds no appeal to the disaffected?


The fact that people are so desperately and ineffectually running around trying to get the brand of “racist” to stick to Trump shows just how savvy he has become. This is the side show he uses to distract us, and we fall for it every time.

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That part is easy. We just realize we already live there. Those troglodyte chanters out at the rally aren’t “disaffected” – they’re out for blood. Like Trump, they get a charge out of stirring things up. Fuck them. Seriously, this point in history should be a stark reminder that, as with a blackmailer, there’s no way to please a sadist. They’ll always want more gratification.


He gets far more than a charge. He profits. His true morivation is power. He doesn’t give a fuck about his so-called troglodytes either. He wants us to take his bait and fight them, while he robs us all blind.


Exactly! Pelosi represents far fewer American voters than does Trump. She is a right-wing apologist and protector of lobbyists and donors. The Democratic Establishment has a long history of saying what the voters want to hear and then acting in direct opposition to any kind of representative democracy. Pelosi called Trump a racist out of expedience only. Her actions are directly supportive of his winning again in 2020.


Behavior is guided by thought and emotions. Racists are guided by fear of others and hate. Who cares if it is used as a noun or adjective or noun? Racist thoughts guide racist behavior which includes hateful speech. Those who engage in hateful speech and behavior against someone else are racists. So What?

Fear and hate are used to promote wars. Are the people of this country headed for a “Civil War” is the real question. (as if any war is civil)

The distinction has always been important to thinkers, because it points to the only way out. Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglass vehemently rejected any notion of converting racists into non-racists. Not gonna happen. All we have is the means of making predatory behavior illegal, and making sure the law is enforced. We have a right to defend ourselves from predators. (Which is why impeachment has to start yesterday: not to convince Trump to end his racist ways, but to do all we can to oppose racist behavior.)

Civil War against those potbellied old slobs screaming “Send Her Back!”? Bring it on if it’s coming – but be assured it ain’t. All those slobs are just cowards. All we need (and it’s a big ask for USAmericans) is a teensy tiny portion of courage. We can lick these damned slobs, with one hand tied behind our backs.

The fact that they didn’t impeach Trump tells us two things:

  1. Russiagate was a hoax.
  2. Trump is part of the establishment.