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Why in the World Would Trump Tap Perry to be Energy Secretary?


Why in the World Would Trump Tap Perry to be Energy Secretary?

Jim Hightower

Perk up people - for I bring you tidings of great joy: Gov. "Oops" is back!


Jim Hightower and Molly Ivins are two of my favorite Texans. Molly liked to affix alternate names to others something like Geo. W. did. She was the one who nicknamed Geo. W. 'shrub'.
I remember when Rick Perry first successfully entered Texas politics. He ran for State agriculture commissioner against none other than Jim Hightower who was completing his first term in office, and was not appreciated by the chemical industry establishment. Rick was a west Texas farm boy, a graduate of Texas A & M with an ag degree. He was also 'yell leader'; an esteemed position at that University. Later, starting in 2000, Rick stepped in to finish the last two years of Geo. W's governorship, and somehow ended up as our governor for a total of fifteen years. And now of course , thanks to President elect Trump, Rick is going to head the Energy department of the U S govt.
The one saving grace is he and Rex Tillerson( another west Texas boy; graduate of U T Austin) will both probably be too old to be appointed President by 2024 when Trump steps aside if he lasts that long. Donald is already 70.
Solving the Global Warming crisis will just have to wait until the fossil fuel Industries decide to stop running the World; if they ever do.


Cutline under picture: "Former Texas governor Rick Perry (right) pictured with rapper Vanilla Ice during a recent reality TV appearance."
Could someone correct this. The picture is from "Dancing with the Stars" and not a "reality" show. Damn near ruined the show for me. Very bad judgement, putting Perry on. A murderer by any measure, presiding over more executions than any governor in "modern" times. Including Cameron Todd Willingham, shown to have been convicted on junk science, but Perry would not budge. The idiots who came out on the floor to protest Ryan Lochte. for bad PR and stupid junk during the olympics should have protested Perry. (Not that Lochte was the best choice either, but they got him through it and he was nowhere near "Good-Hair" Perry's venal, fatal corruptness.) As I said, choosing Perry to be on that show really ruined the whole show for me. He wasn't the first or the only questionable-taste choice of participant but he sure has the most actual blood on his hands. (Maybe I should say, "so far.")


Jim Hightower still can't get over the fact that Perry beat him in the race for Agricultural Commissioner in Texas.

"Rick Perry has zero expertise or experience for the job he's being handed"

Rick Perry was Governor of Texas for 14 years so I guess he has pretty good idea how to run a multibillion dollar bureaucracy like the Dept of Energy.


you mean the same kind of 'expertise' that Shrub exhibited ?