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Why Iran Distrusts the US in Nuke Talks


Why Iran Distrusts the US in Nuke Talks

Ray McGovern

The Iranians may be a bit paranoid but, as the saying goes, this does not mean some folks are not out to get them. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his knee-jerk followers in Washington clearly are out to get them – and they know it.


But the Obama administration, under mounting domestic pressure to be tougher with Iran, dismissed Iran’s counter-proposals out of hand, reportedly at the instigation of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and neocon regional emissary Dennis Ross.

Domestic pressure? The names of two of the worst neocons in the US don’t suggest the influence of Israel?



“…Alas, the NIE had knocked out the props from under the anti-Iran propaganda machine, imported duty-free from Israel and tuned up by neoconservatives here at home…On March 26, arch-neocon John Bolton, George W. Bush’s Ambassador to the United Nations, graced the pages of the New York Times with his most recent appeal for an attack on Iran…The conventional wisdom in Western media is that Tehran backed away from the deal. That is true, but less than half the story – a tale that highlights how, in Israel’s (and the neocons’) set of priorities, regime change in Iran comes first.

What’s that word for when someone supports the interests of another government instead of their own? Like they don’t care if the action harms their country as long as the other country benefits? Trader…instigator… …something like that.

For example, you’d say, “Neocons are X”, where X was that word for disloyal people working to push another country’s agenda that harmed their own country.

It’s on the tip of my tongue…


The fact that nuclear disarmament of Israel is not part of the negotiating process reveals three main points. First of all, to ask Iran to promise not to build a nuclear weapon while ignoring Israels’ nuclear weapon arsenal is racist. Are we to assume that Iranians are an inferior species of humans incapable of making rational decisions, but Israel gets a free pass because of their racially superior group think? It is insulting to all humans, especially the 99%.
Secondly, if negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea are any indication, the U.S. is unwilling to come to any agreement unless the other country in question completely submits to the will of the U.S. North Korea was not permitted to discuss promises of aid, unification, infrastructure development or disarmament of both South Korea and the U.S. during their talks. Again we have a situation that appears to have racial undertones as the U.S. didn’t feel that North Korea has the right to be treated as an advanced “white” nation and instead must be treated as a bad behaving dog unworthy of respect. This policy appeared to the other five Party’s (especially Russia, China & South Korea) as being unfair and of course all of them suspected that the U.S. had too much to lose (i.e. weapon sales) to allow peace to emerge from the talks. The same can be said for Iran.
Finally, the absence of any discussion, much less the mere mentioning of Israeli disarmament during these ‘talks’, is a clear indication that the U.S. team does not represent the interests of the 99% here or anywhere else. There is a global consensus after all that all nuclear weapons must be permanently dismantled. But corporate America and their minions in office are unwilling to address the more serious issues in the Middle East including Israels’ nuclear arsenal, the Palestinian issue and the promotion of democracy in the region (i.e. distancing themselves from monarchies and other forms of dictatorships) thereby making the entire premise of Iran’s nuclear ambitions mute.
A representative government in the U.S. would immediately tell Netanyahu to disarm if they expected the Iran to pledge not to develop a bomb. The fact that this will never occur within the American corpocracy, is not only a failure of our Middle Eastern policies, but a failure of democracy here at home. Until Americans can wholly reject the two party system and opt for democracy instead, the farce will march on.


Why are 4 or 5 other nations even going along with this fake show about nuke deals?

The American media has become hysterical. Somehow they all think that the end of the world is going to come the minute Iran should actually get ONE nuke.


“The Iranians may be a bit paranoid”.

So would I if I were an Iranian, knowing the CIA’s coup of their democratically elected government in 1953 when the American Empire installed the Shah, who was nothing but another corrupt, quisling for big business.


The US is now attacking the very Atoms For Peace nuclear program the US gave to the corrupt and murderous Shah. Both Germany and France were originally involved in that program, but now France is holding out to geld the Iranian program to its benefit. Framatome, with known close connections to US nuclear industrial giants such as Emerson-owned ASCO/Rosemont/General Controls Nuclear Divisions, would do well supplying Iran’s fuel/infrastructure requirements. Iran has its own uranium mines, but the US/France expect Iran to export the semi-processed ore for finishing? More like the US wants to control Iran’s capacity to produce electricity, and cut off supplies if Iran doesn’t follow US orders.

But post-revolution Iran was dealing with GASP… Russia’s Rosatom…

/sarc on

Trading oil in currencies other than US$? Check.

Dealing with Russia for nuclear industry support? Check.

The ONLY answer is sanctions leading to war… at least in Tehran and Washington. /sarc off


The US Governmenet never could be and never can be trusted.

The first treaty they ever signed as a new Governmnet was with the Delaware First Nations Tribe in 1778.

The US Government broke that treaty and refused to honor it some 18 months later.

It has been a series of broken treaties since.


Far too many Americans , even among them some that post here, subscribe to the “founding fathers” myth.

Those founding fathers WERE the one percent. The ideology they advanced is not really any different than what the same one percent advances today. Those “founding fathers” WERE the one percent and every bit as thuggish and brutal and venal and greedy as the one percent is today.

To those that believe in prophecy and “The great Satan” no nation on this Earth suits the criteria of “The Great Satan” moreso than the United States of America.


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The word you are looking for, is I believe ‘patriot’!


No. The foreign country they’re loyal to might call them that, but in their home country they’d be anything but patriots.


Being sarcastic.


The biggest problem facing either the United States or the world as a whole is catastrophic climate change. In consideration of that, nuclear power for Iran is certainly a lesser evil than any sort of fossil fuel fired generator would be. The only thing better would be for the US to give Iran lots of solar power equipment and a national smart electric grid for Iran to store electric power generated when the sun shines to use when the sun does NOT shine.