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Why Iran Must Remain a US Enemy


Why Iran Must Remain a US Enemy

Gareth Porter

Since the start of the US nuclear negotiations with Iran, both Israeli and Saudi officials have indulged in highly publicized handwringing over their belief that such a nuclear deal would represent a fundamental strategic shift in US policy towards the region at the expense of its traditional alliances with Israel and Saudi Arabia.


The latest bit of hysteria being fed to the public over Iran , is that they will merely “outsource” their Nuclear Weapons development to North Korea and store those weapons there as per an article in the Wall Street Journal.

In other words no matter what Iran did in the way of allowing inspectors and monitoring their country, even if it came to totally shutting down the entire development of Nuclear power , those opposed to an agreement have yet another “out” so as to promote war against that State.


You know, one of the things I find interesting is the fact that any nation or organization that helps anyone, even a neighbor, resist American aggression or supports anyone that opposes US policy is automatically an enemy, a “terrorist” supporter or a terrorist nation.

  • At the same time, the US will travel anywhere in the world to “support” any group that makes war, even terrorist war, against anyone who opposes US hegemony. It will use drone warfare, missiles, air attacks and bombing and even invasion to “protect US interests” abroad.
  • As an analogue, let me parallel what has happened in the Ukraine.
  • Suppose some far off nation, say China, or France, were to engineer the overthrow of the Canadian government, replacing it with a bunch of strutting Nazis who declared that, for instance, no language would be spoken in Canada but French. Furthermore, English speaking Canadians were to be killed or imprisoned, their lands and businesses turned over to the new government.
  • Within a week, this new government is recognized as the only legitimate government in Canada. The slaughter and imprisonment is enormous. Thousands of BC and other province’s refugees try to cross into the US for safety.
  • I think the US would support the English speaking Canadians, would decry the slaughter and the creation of homeless refugees in Canada. US citizens, especially along the border would do their best to help and support the Canadians. These people would be decried as terrorists by China, or France, Any relief supplies trying to cross into Canada from the US would be decried as a foreign invasion of New Canada’s sovereignty. China or France might even begin threatening war against the US terrorists!
  • Granted, the above scenario is unlikely, considering the Harper government and what passes for US government, but the parallel is there as we watch the Nazi government the US put into the Ukraine doing essentially the same thing, traveling thousands of miles from home, supporting the regime with billions in weapons, in cash, and support, just to put a finger in the eye of Russia and increase US hegemony.
  • Iran is a nation which has not invaded anyone for centuries, though they are very good at defending themselves. They try to help their neighbors against foreign aggression. According the the US and the PNAC, that makes them enemies to be destroyed.
  • Besides that, they are perhaps joining with a group that wishes to supplant US petrodollars with a new reserve currency. The last time that happened, suddenly Qaddafi became a monster to be destroyed, and he was; and Libya is now a tortured, poverty stricken nation, torn by dissent, robbed by the rich.
  • Tell me, what is wrong with this picture, other than the presence of the US and its desire for Full Spectrum Dominance over the world by military and economic means?


Making enemies: the true business of the MIC and its war profiteering enablers.


Our ‘enemies’ keep getting smaller. And we still owe Iran an apology for overthrowing their government.


The U.S./Israeli alliance with Saudi Arabia is a profoundly dangerous strategy, considering the fundamental weakness of the Saudi monarchy. Thus far, the extended royal clan has maintained a tight control but they remain a tiny minority whose rule benefits no one but themselves. At the same time, they support the most fanatical Islamic factions, such as ISIS and Al Queda, but the royals do not live by the strict form of Islam they claim to support. Yes, the royals have billions of dollars and all the latest US weaponry, but they are universally hated. Sooner or later, this house of cards will collapse.