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Why is a Retired Accountant From Texas Risking his Life to Sail to Gaza?


Why is a Retired Accountant From Texas Risking his Life to Sail to Gaza?

Medea Benjamin

On the heels of the Great March of Return in Gaza, when Israeli soldiers killed 112 Palestinian protesters and wounded thousands more, a four-ship Freedom Flotilla will set sail for Gaza this month from a port in the Mediterranean Sea. Although it is an act of piracy for Israel to confiscate ships in international waters, the Israeli military will most likely do just that. The very first Freedom Flotilla boats traveled to Gaza in 2008, and four managed to get there—the first international boats to do so in over 40 years. Since then, however, the Israelis have intercepted every boat.


Israel is the number one threat to humanity. Dog did not give that land to the Israelis, but perhaps would offer them Mars–better yet, Venus.


I know the US won’t do it, but I wish a European country would step up and tell Israel, if you fire on any of these boats/ships, we will retaliate with a full military response.


“… but once again, the Israelis were never held accountable…”

the schizoid consequence of “exceptionalism”. The ever evasive exception creates a void in one’s being each and every time anyone uses it. It is like a slow working poison that trims a molecule here, or there, and after a while a mitochondria forms with an odd tweak in it. It forms cells that for some reason just aren’t quite right. It is the mystery in life where the exception memes of words travel through the nervous system and wrap around a cell, introducing its negation, which awaits the next instance. Soon an interplay arises where the influence begins to operate in reverse. The nervous system overrides the brain and a new mouth noise of an exception meme is voiced and infects another being.

The hideous aspect is that what is being spread is a disease of wasting. Its target is language and its conveyance is memes. Like a silent, unrecognized killer, it operates generationally. Like a ‘black hole’ in deep space the exceptionalism meme eats interior meaning like minute drops of acid. In the dark recesses, no one notices that the resulting cavern is poison, acid and invisible… that is, until the ear hears but the incomprehensible meme enters and the victim is rendered speechless.


I wish I could win the lottery, and then I would buy the flotilla people a huge warship--------and run over all those puny little Israeli boats.


It is very appropriate that Joe Meadors was onboard the USS Liberty in 1967. He experienced first hand the criminal behavior of the Israeli state.

And the world sits idly by as Israel commits crimes against humanity.


Right you are. Gradually the truth about Israel is getting around the Israeli-controlled mainstream media. A fairly deep yet concise history of Israel’s crimes and tactics are in “War Profiteer Story” at

My thanks to Medea Benjamin for this interview and to Joe Meadors for risking his life for justice.


So they always steal the boats… would be sad if the boat caught on fire after they stole it. Like when it was tied up next to one of theirs.


They would be much happier with uranus