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Why Is America’s Suicide Epidemic Hitting Trump’s Base So Hard?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/18/why-americas-suicide-epidemic-hitting-trumps-base-so-hard

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well, this…


Thank you Rajan Menon for the documentation and analysis. Neatly pulling the context out of the political babble bubble is like a breath of fresh air to help us regroup moving forward.

Document, document, document, document.

On the international stage - remember terminator seeds and suicides in India; in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, also due to international predatory agribusiness- the suicides of the Kaiowa Guarani being denied - not only their traditional lands, but being able to live their lives driving the young people to hang themselves.

Keiser report looks at another perspective on the economic crosshairs on the backs of so much of life on the planet by the “monetization of psychosis”


While it’s difficult to argue that suicides among Trump’s base is a bad thing, it’s a little cold to say it out loud (which I was contemplating doing, but you got there first).

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I never said that.

I misunderstood. Out of curiosity, what was the point?

Killer Clown

A man with a (suicide) mission

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Don’t think Trump cares one bit. Everything is GREAT!


If I was a Trumper, I would definitely commit suicide.


It would be illuminating if the suicides were also categorized by occupation. Veterans have a very high rate that no one seems to care about, and agriculture workers, primarily farmers, are also high. When you go for years without earning enough to care for your family and have to depend on the banks to loan you money, it can get rather depressing.


Monsanto’s GMO monopolization in the US and abroad has economically ruined many farmers, leading to escalating suicide rates among farmers.


Trump may indeed be AWOL for working americans, but his base is too gullible and well brainwashed to even know it.


And this ties into the “opiate crisis” directly, since it’s likely many of those overdose fatalities were intentional given that multiple substances were involved in over 80 percent of the cases.

It means we’re likely undercounting–maybe even dramatically–the actual suicide rate. With the war on pain patients in full swing, the rate will continue to climb as people who cannot treat serious illnesses anymore are forced to either go straight to suicide or become accidental fatalities by turning to street drugs laced with illegal fentanyl that is too strong for their bodies to tolerate.

All this by way of saying that there is a massive black cloud of despair over this land, and it’s hitting the bottom like a sledge hammer. People who hurt long enough or hard enough will eventually opt out of such a world.

And this goes beyond Trump’s base. Well beyond it. But it also reveals the desperation behind so much of his support that professional class liberals still refuse to acknowledge.


The message on Melania’s jacket was a family message to America. We don’t care about the masses, just us.


I can’t tell if this article is disingenuous or just intellectually lazy. IMO clearly it has a strong bias and it trying to create a narrative.

At any rate here is a non-partisan breakdown

Also, it seems to me that groups that aren’t (but should be) Trump’s ‘base’ are being hit even harder by the suicide epidemic…eg

people who liked the original article will not be able to understand these latter links, so apologies in advance.

Japan and France and Belgium have higher suicide rates than the U.S. says the OECD report. Mexico has 1/3 the rate as the U.S… It’s hard to generalize social conditions to suicide. But, common sense, says that influence is very important. Russia is at the top among major countries. Also in the US men have a rate almost 4 times higher than women. I read today that after communism collapsed in Russia, GDP declined by 40% and the population shrunk by 700,000 per year. I admire the scholarship that went into the article. The United Way charity reports in its ALICE report that 40% of Americans live in household that cannot afford seven common basics: food, housing, utilities, transportation, phone, child care, and of course health care. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports (BLS data) that “average weekly earnings for production and nonsupervisory workers” was higher in 1965 than in 2019. The per capita income tripled during the past 54 years. My blog: http://benL88.blogspot.com – and I checked the sources of one comment above, the suicide rate among gay men is huge, I think it’s four times higher, not at all surprising, and very sad.

A major reason for suicide is lack of jobs, causing men to feel useless. Due to Socialist policies, stupid trade deals like NAFTA, and open border policies, many jobs go to illegal migrants who work for cheap. Thankfully President Trump is enforcing the existing laws about immigration, and the Wall is being built. He enlivens the spirit of “Hire American” which uplifts us all, results in record employment, and gives us more to live for, and self respect, reducing suicides.