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Why Is Booker Parroting Trump on Iran?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/29/why-booker-parroting-trump-iran

Why is Booker parroting trump on Iran? Look no further than Booker’s lap-dog support for Israeli warmongering and racist expansionism.

Booker supports anti-BDS legislation and other betrayals of American interests to support the Israeli agenda; thus is the power of the AIPAC pro-Israel at any cost subversion of America shown - as well as Bookers malleability and craven nature!

The stance and record of Kamala Harris as a pro-Israeli stooge is very disturbing.and disappointing - she has failed that important test badly - somewhat understandable given the subversion of our politics by AIPAC and other pro-Israel forces.

BDS! Free Palestine! End AIPAC-Israeli subversion of America!


Costello sez:
“When Democrats, like Amy Klobuchar, buy into their bad-faith critiques by arguing that the (Iran) deal is ‘imperfect,’ they do profound damage to their own cause.”

What a coincidence. As a presidential candidate, Klobuchar, too, is “imperfect”.

Booker is fucking OWNED by Wall st, who are in turn in bed with all the MIC companies for the obvious profit reason. There is no fucking way I will vote for Booker, Klobuchar, Gillibrand, or a fucking clown like Hick and Looper. I voted Green in 2012 & 2016 and will do so again in 2020. Before everyone starts jumping on my ass for “re-electing Trump”, I live in Arkansas.


Hi Emphyrio:

I read somewhere on the internet this morning that China and Europe are talking of working with Iran to get their oil moving. Which I think is a great thing, because Trump, Pompeo , Bolton etc, are making more nations decide that the US is going in the wrong direction—although I suppose if they do start trading with Iran that Bolton will start yet another false flag event to start attacking those very Chinese / European nations. Although, what the idiots in office seem to forget, is that If China, Europe want Iranian oil—then setting up another illogical attack like the one on the Japanese vessel who is trading with Iran----MAKES no F***ing sense----but then lately, America seems to have no sense, so who is surprised. : (

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Given the profound damage Trump is doing to U.S. credibility,…

Say what? I assure the author that outisde Corporate boardrooms where the CEOs understand that the US is firmly on their side , the United States of America does not have any credibility.


Do relate to the emotion. I’m usually pretty sure I’ll vote for Sanders or Warren, but when I catch snippets of these “debates” I start feel’n just as you feel.

I started wondering today if there might be a super secret presidential advisory group. As we know regarding DC, shenannigans will happen to the nth degree. Ivanka Trump’s clothing line will end up getting ON AIR plugs by White House staff. I haven’t watched’em, but I’d guess defense stocks rose each time Trump did one of his belligerent tweets. Well, what if Trump is pressured to talk mess to bump up stock prices? Sooner or later Bolton and Pompeo begin salivating. But then THE GROUP steps in and warns things are going too far (Adleson wouldn’t be in it). Some might think I’ve invented this theory to give myself solace. But there’s no solace because the war tech sellers keep coming up with so many new items…that there’s a pressure to create skirmishes to “live test” the stuff…in every kind of theater just shy of nulcear war (using “non strategic nuclear weapons” I guess will be OK pretty soon). The more this stuff is lying around the more likely are accidents. Yeah, I’ve come across comparisons of Gaza and Yemen to bombing ranges. Regarding the former, Nader. Re the latter…on Democracy Now (but that ALL the SA armed forces needed war experience…at the moment I can’t find the show). If all this were true and many in Congress suspected such, they could sign this letter and not care what in the heck we thought about it --------> https://thegrayzone.com/2019/05/24/bipartisan-war-congress-trump-syria-iran-russia-hezbollah/


Hi meantime:
Thank you, that was great video of Tulsi discussing the what Bolton , Pompeo etc. want is another war—more lies and more dead Americans and many more dead in the Middle East,
If they attack without Congress, or if Congress votes to attack—the U.S. is over, and so is the planet. : (

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Booker got a huge amount of time during the 1st night of the debates. He is very slick, prepared and sold out. Almost everything I hear come out of his mouth appears to be means tested to resonate with voters, including his Spanish.
Gabbard is the real deal.


He is not alone. Adam Schiff, long hailed as some sort of progressive warrior against Trump, is all in for war against Iran and Venezuela plus is a flag waving “Yellow Peril” Chicken Little. Here are his major donors: Northrop Grumman ($16,217), SAIC ($11,005), Lockheed Martin ($10,298), Boeing ($10,208), Honeywell ($10,025), Raytheon ($7,040), and General Dynamics ($7,038). He is totally backed by the “Hollywood” crowd and has no fear of being challenged.


Credibility, no; but the US Dollar and the SWIFT system for moving around zeros and ones, yes. At present, there is no other trusted method for moving currency between nations than the zeros and ones that represents the US Dollar. This means, unless countries want to resort to barter or old school transfer of gold bullion to buy Iranian or Venezuelan oil, the US SWIFT system and US banks can block transactions with sanctioned countries. However, for the first time since the US Dollar replaced the Pound for global transactions, we are seeing the trust in the dollar being eroded and countries starting to really envision setting up another system to end the US stranglehold on commerce.

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Great summary, thanks. I’ve bumped into such-like reading Pepe Escobar but, by the by, where was any mention in the debates of this “envisioning” of something different, and what it’ll mean for Americans? Was there some there, and I missed it?

Actually, if the world could weather it (and if the world would return to bullion), on US SWIFT and anything like it I’m pretty much luddite. Or they could go back to checks by mail. There’s too much opportunity for hiding and corruption. Plus it makes things volatile. Plus QE money changing hands and moving over wire (net) doesn’t really sit right with me. QE money goes out there (or used to go out there) at the beginning really representing nothing [yeah, there’s “faith,” but, to my way of thinking, what it enables has to prove itself…IOW whatever project it enables first should show up brazenly before it gets to the point where you don’t know where it went].

gabbard’s blacklisted, and when the clown car gets whittled down to the “serious” candidates, she won’t be in it. Reduced to travelling with that twit Williamson in the “unserious-mobile”.

I worked on Kucinich’s campaign, and hers is going exactly as his always did. Marginalized through and through.

She’s got to get better at social media since it’s the only end around the blockade, but Sanders has that damn near wrapped up on the slightly left of center side.

Shame, too. I like her and would consider voting for my first Democrat since 1996.

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I’m not sold on Tulsi. I think that capitalism may be too firmly ingrained in her. I’ll keep looking for signs though. P.S. I’m solidly in the Bernie camp as I have been for a very long time.

Capitalism is a system. You could have Lenin running for office and he’s still going to be constrained by capitalism.

What she is is the only remotely anti-war candidate there is–and she’s a Democrat, so you have to take even that with a grain of salt.

Still, nothing good happens on the domestic front or the global front until the MIC gets reined in. Nothing. And she’s the only one who appears to get that.


Hi Emphyrio:

OMG, after hearing Kamala take on Biden for being such a dear to American history person in the debates —I am appalled that she does not recognize that while she was BUSSED as a 2nd grader because of her race----how Kamala, could you not see that the 2nd grader little girls in Palestine , and all Palestinians are DISSED every day in Palestine, and denied food, shelter and medicine and a future----???
I applaud what you said to Biden—but OMG, how could you be so blind to those Palestinian 2nd graders -------and how all kids and adults are treated just like blacks were and still often are treated in America???-----I am astonished how you could not see that! I applauded what you said to Biden---- but you in an awful way—you are being just like Joe Biden in not seeing what Israel is doing to the Palestinians! : 0


totally agree stardust.
Her “takendown” of Biden was very well rehearsed: watch it again and you can see that she interjected herself, was given permission (30 seconds) by rachel and did the easy, personal story takedown. She, Warren and mayor Pete are still in the running among the DNC power people; Biden is toast. They will bail on him. Watch for those 3 to pivot and eventually the one who emerges will turn on Bernie after they have stolen/expropriated his platform which they would modify during the general and disappear after election.
Speaking of stealing, Tulsi Gabbard gave the most powerful, clear position on Iran, the next day Warren tweated Gabbard’s position as if it was hers. That’s new for Warren-- her foreign policy/empire positions are shallow and changeable except for her support of one country…
This article has an in depth look into Warren’s record. It’s mixed. better than Booker, Harris and Gilibrand but split. While she has been good on the Yemen massacres she’s strongly pro Israel, pro military bases and money streams. The MIC would easily own her so the DNC is working to get Wall Street on board.

Hi michael egan:
Thank you for including the inthesetimes article…wow I had no idea Elizabeth ripped off Tulsi on her war position: 0
I honestly don’t understand why so many Dems seem to revere all of AIPAC’s actions. Ad as I wrote a few days ago, what is it that Israel has on all the politicians that make them swoon over the actions of Israel, even actions which kill Americans, : (

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