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Why is Congress Trying to Give Military Half a Wildlife Refuge it Doesn't Want?





All bills should be subject specific. No riders.


Last minute riders are NOT last minute adjustments - they are premeditated torts. Such legislators who present them must be identified by state, name and party affiliation prior to indictment.
Such greed and hypocrisy need not be rewarded.
When Citizens' trust is abused, insurrection results - constitutionally.


Interestingly, there is more wildlife in military bases than anywhere else. I witnessed that firsthand as a military brat and later while serving in the military. It has to do with the fact that people are kept out.


"…the sage grouse poses no threats to military activity…"

Cluck cluck cluck!!!!


If the military doesn't want this, who does? I have trouble believing Congress is doing this out of sheer malice.


That might be one of the few benefits of climate change.


The oil and gas companies that own congress, I imagine.


I don't.


I can hear our fearless leader wax sincere while signing this corporate giveaway: Though there are some details I am not entirely comfortable, we must insure the capability of our men and women in uniform remain prepared to protect our way of blah, blah, blah. Alas.


Correct. It's a savage ideologically driven hatred of anything "public" (besides the police and military, and even then they contract out as much as they can) or anything that smacks of protection (of anything) from the predations of capital.


Have you been paying attention for the last 35 years? It only seems like malice until you figure out who is benefitting from what Congress just stole from you. They screw us because we return them to office anyway.


Emphryio: funny, I did the same thing when I read this.


Bargaining chips for increased DoD spending shouldn't include public lands and ESA listed animals, etc. Going to reconciliation, since both houses are controlled by Republicans, is called Washington, D.C. kabuki. The win-win is they get something for some MIC contractor or large mining concern, etc. And, taxpayers get the shaft. Or, what I'd call the lose-lose. Same old, same old.


A nation that has evolved into a fossil fuel/military economy can hardly be expected to have much compassion for human life, let alone the other animals on this planet. Nature in the way of profit must be destroyed...


perhaps there is a need to re- locate the stored waste of Hanford and other SNAFU sites (before it leaks out ) that this site will facilitate .. no one to grouse about it


I don't think you're going to need to worry about Washington for too much longer. I would imagine the first few Russian warheads are targeted for that very city.


They're giving it to Cliven Bundy, el al.