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Why is France Emulating the U.S.?


Why is France Emulating the U.S.?

Monia Mazigh

Everybody seems to speak French this week, love France and sympathize with the French. "Empathy" is now a French word. Even the British, long-time enemies of the French people, forgot about their jealousy, their rivalry in colonizing the world, their British superiority complex, and they did the undoable: on Monday The Guardian ran a long editorial en français!


Nafeez Ahmed makes the case that it is all theater. His argument is worth considering.



This author seems to be blaming France for the attack in Paris. She says she isn't trying to justify the attack but that is a standard disclaimer these days to claim that you aren't saying something and then proceed to say it.

With all the fault finding (revenge for the past? The 1930's? What have the french people today have to do with what France did back then?) and finger pointing, it all went in one direction.

She should have had some blame for the perpetrators IMO.


Thanks for link! Learned a bunch. Highly recommended!


Although I have no doubt that 911 was an Inside Job diabolically utilized for the purposes of executing already planned (Project for a New American Century) wars, and simultaneously gaining a pretext for eviscerating Civil Liberties; to go along with the Official Narrative for a moment, I'd offer this:

Suppose Bush, Jr. rather than strumming the unconscious memory cords of the Crusades along with the Hollywood icon of the Good Sheriff pledging to "hunt down them thar outlaws," instead posited a TRUE Christian response:

Bush might have said (were he not a card-carrying member of the Make-War, M.I.C. Deep State): "Nothing will come of meeting violence with violence. I call on Americans to seek forgiveness in their hearts, and in keeping with the teachings of the Master, find ways to release from vengeance, those that would trespass against us."

After calling for mass forgiveness--as collective catharsis--the next step would be to analyze those policies that drew forth a brutal response. Those policies include:

  1. The sale of weaponry to brutal dictators
  2. The economics that allow for small segments of any population to hoard enormous wealth while others go hungry
  3. The less-than-human status of women

The words of the French President sound just like those of Bush. It's that same intent to hunt down "those who did this to us."

Due to media's merger with the M.I.C, and the deliberate need to manufacture "terrorism" in order to justify the gargantuan sums devoted to allegedly fighting it, it's impossible these days to know which events are genuinely organic, and which catalyzed by secret forces--be they CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, or another similar entity.

When the cycles of unending violence continue as the grade of weapons technology vastly accelerates, then where a battle may have slain 5000 in the past, now it can slay 5 million.

I've often relayed the spiritually wise words of the Indian Guru, Yogananda in explaining how these violent HUMAN events manifest disruptions in the etheric forces that keep weather and climate systems in balance.

It's so difficult to watch the folly of war spread due to the pursuit of that lowest of human impulses: revenge. THAT is why Spiritual Adepts have always taught forgiveness. It's the ONLY remedy for the spread of M.A.D. war fever!

I can't predict how out of balance weather/climate events will get (they are already accelerating intensely) before people put down arms (armaments) to instead join hands in the work of reconstituting a planet that CAN sustain human life. We've been given Eden, yet the warriors turn it into a burning inferno of HELL.


This is one of the worst, most hysterical, partisan, clueless, belligerent, dumbed-down and determinedly stupid articles I've ever seen on CD.


France is an ex colonial power. In Africa alone some 16 countries were once part of the French Empire and after the end of WW1 Syria became French Territory when the Ottoman Empire was broken up.

People may not be aware of this but France still extracts a "Colonial Tax" from many of those nations in Africa. When the French started leaving those Countries there was tremendous opposition to the same inside of France. This lead to much of the infrastructure in those Countries being destroyed. They tore down schools and hospitals and even poisoned cows in fields before leaving. Leaders of independence movements in these Countries were concerned and struck a deal with France.

France would stop destroying this infrastructure as they left in return for a "Yearly Tax" (tribute in other words). The number of dollars on a yearly basis is said to be some 500 BILLION per year in sum total. Further to this these Countries are obligated to keep their Foreign reserves in French Banks under French Control.

In March 2008 Jacques Chirac stated that without having control over these African States France would slip to third world status. African leaders that show any sign of reneging on this deal soon suffer a coup and are deposed.The number of coups in ex French Colonies is several times larger then other States in Africa.

France follows the US lead because like the US they are a Colonial power and wish to extract wealth from this region.

The Middle East and Africa are prime targets.


I think that if some western soldiers went off their rockers and shot up a theater or a attacked innocent civilians in a stadium in the Middle East that lots of people on the left would be justifiably outraged at the willful horror of it.

I think that no matter what else that the lives of the innocent whether in Paris, Beirut, Mali or Syria or anywhere, deserve the respect and sorrow of people of conscience.

There is no justifying this incident. There is no qualifying it as some blow back or as the result of the MIC's profits on weapons sales/war.

Just innocent people from wherever were killed because someone rationalized it. Someone said even the innocent in such and such an area are not innocent. We don't know how to hold it together when it is trying to spilt apart.

Maybe we shouldn't but then opportunists would move in and it'd all get worse than before.


I do not excuse bombing hospitals nor shooting up a crowd at a stadium either. To apply rationales is to obfuscate the deaths and suffering.

They shouldn't have_____! We shouldn't have______! Is for the media. Analysis is basically - what happened by whom - when and where... the why of it you pretty much know already ...before anything actually happens.

After you know by whom then you know the why. It isn't conspiracies nor arcane intel maneuverings. It is death and dying - blood and misery. The rules of game when its been played for years and years.

None of this is new. It is the Ugly Game - the brutal and very old one. The body count game. The send a message in suffering and blood game.

The death of innocents... is how this game is played.

Doesn't matter where... the innocent die.


Always follow the money. The reason France has become an obedient lapdog (toy poodle) of the U.S. establishment is because the U.S. banking system now effectively controls every major nation in the Western world. That's not an exaggeration. Outfits like Goldman Sachs now operate worldwide and they are as much political and they are financial. They can make and break politicians around the world, certainly politicians in little France. When the Big Banks say jump, politicians all over Europe doff their tophats and reply "How high, sir?" Sarkozy in France was among the worst of the lot and, like many Europeans, had close ties to Israel and others in the Mideast. Politicians in Britain, Germany and other NATO countries are almost as bad. How do you think the full-scale assault on the pro-Russian government of Ukraine was carried out under the guise of a "democratic revolution"? European leaders knew perfectly well that it was really a political mugging -- so U.S. banks and corporations could take over Ukraine's abundant resources -- but they had to play along out of sheer fear of Big Money at work.


Gee sorry Tom... nothing is simple. Seriously ... sorry!

I would like to be able to quote some simplistic stuff for you... make it all either or black or white but none of it is.

You seem used to dismissing anything you can't understand as gibberish. It's okay.

My point was that when you want to analyze an event, the labels and the names follow the event's particulars often as not... such as the know by whom and then you know why they did being the most obvious one. Sometimes you don't know by whom but you know the where and the when and that clues you in to who benefits and then you know the whom and the why.

The Ugly Game is the powers that be - the belligerents - who send messages of war's destruction ... messages written in the blood of innocents. The hospital or the stadium... messages.

Understanding the historical context? Yeah okay. Like when Serbs killed Montenegrons for something that happened 300 years ago? Care to talk about the Spanish Inquisition or smallpox laden blankets? I know history but the historical context is a very curious thing when the people doing the fighting don't know history. At that point historical context becomes manipulation by the media or by leaders.

Current context I acknowledge. That includes Bush/Cheney's Iraq War... still on going (in Afghanistan etc)... The overthrow of Mossedeq, that of the Shah in Iran or United Fruit in Guatemala and all that era is NOT context. It is old history.

What is the context of ISIS? The destabilization of the Middle East. Forget about stuff 30, 40, 50 years ago!

History began in the Middle East with 9/11 and the neocon invasion of Iraq.


The French governments have always enjoyed running a police state, way back to whenever. It's
now back to business as usual.


Geeze! It was poetic license. It wasn't literal and for that matter it started with the League of Nations mandate and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the overthrow of Mosseseq, the Suez Crisis, going from the creation of Israel through to the Settlements, Carter, Russian Afghanistan, Reagan's creation of Bin Ladin, to Bush 1, Clinton and the Bush?Cheney fiasco.

The destabilization of the Mid East can be marked from the 9/11and the Iraq War until now. It is that which I was noting by the rhetorical.


If I didn't know and respect you Matt, I might construe that comment as bigoted rather than what I believe your true intent is here – to be loving, kind, and supportive to a woman who has gone through a particular hell having a spouse wrongfully detained and then tortured.

As usual, all the best Matt.



From its beginnings, corporate capitalism has shown it cannot exist without plunder and imperialism. The removal of socialism from the scene leaves the capitalist countries free to do what they do best.


You might say this the battle between individualism and community.


Well said.

I do not excuse the crime when it is deliberate. Whether it is our guys who murdered that family in Iraq or these creeps who killed all these people. What they were before they made the decision to pull the trigger ended once they did.

Lt Calley gave orders and followed orders and in the end... it was wrong no matter what. Same with people over there. Somebody told me too is not an excuse.

I know what you are saying and life is full of mistakes when we are young (and different ones when we are old) but the choice was ours. Sometimes the reality is that people rationalize joining up when they shouldn't have unless they were willing to do what they can see is being done. That decision to join makes them responsible. It is a terrible world that looks to be getting grimmer ahead.


Bush believed the time had now come for that battle, telling Chirac:

“This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins”.

"Chirac is said to have been stupefied and disturbed by Bush’s invocation of Biblical prophesy to justify the war in Iraq and “wondered how someone could be so superficial and fanatical in their beliefs”.

"In the same year he spoke to Chirac, Bush had reportedly said to the Palestinian foreign minister that he was on “a mission from God” in launching the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and was receiving commands from the Lord".

Bush, God, Iraq and Gog
by Clive Hamilton

“And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle … and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.”
Bush believed the time had now come for that battle, telling Chirac:
“This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins”.
The story of the conversation emerged only because the Elysée Palace, baffled by Bush’s words, sought advice from Thomas Römer, a professor of theology at the University of Lausanne. Four years later, Römer gave an account in the September 2007 issue of the university’s review, Allez savoir. The article apparently went unnoticed, although it was referred to in a French newspaper.
The story has now been confirmed by Chirac himself in a new book, published in France in March, by journalist Jean Claude Maurice. Chirac is said to have been stupefied and disturbed by Bush’s invocation of Biblical prophesy to justify the war in Iraq and “wondered how someone could be so superficial and fanatical in their beliefs”.
In the same year he spoke to Chirac, Bush had reportedly said to the Palestinian foreign minister that he was on “a mission from God” in launching the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and was receiving commands from the Lord.
Many thousands of Americans and Iraqis have died in the campaign to defeat Gog and Magog. That the US President saw himself as the vehicle of God whose duty was to prevent the Apocalypse can only inflame suspicions across the Middle East that the United States is on a crusade against Islam.
There is a curious coda to this story. While a senior at Yale University George W. Bush was a member of the exclusive and secretive Skull & Bones society. His father, George H.W. Bush had also been a “Bonesman”, as indeed had his father. Skull & Bones’ initiates are assigned or take on nicknames. And what was George Bush Senior’s nickname? “Magog”.

Maybe the "Gog" and "Magog" bug that Mr. Chirac swatted away, has come full circle and bitten Mr. Hollande?