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'Why Is He So Afraid?': Congress Urged to Fight Back Against Trump Lawsuit to Keep Tax Returns Hidden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/23/why-he-so-afraid-congress-urged-fight-back-against-trump-lawsuit-keep-tax-returns


“I am not a crook,” said Richard Nixon, the crook. Has Donald Trump recently asserted that he is not a crook? To my mind he is a crook and a knucklehead.


Trump is not only a shameless crook but he is most assuredly NOT a billionaire and probably never was. He is a complete and utter fraud in every way. We have disgraced ourselves before the world with the installation of this appalling POS. Trump will only get worse and the nation will suffer and decline.


I sometimes get the feeling that the rump is trolling all of us with the tax returns. He knows there is nothing in his returns to be concerned about but he just enjoys watching the D’s squirm as he draws it out indefinitely. Of course this is probably giving him WAAAAAAAY to much credit. He really is just one big fat stupid oaf.


Neal refused to receive Trump’s NY tax returns. Pelosi, Neal and other Corporate State Democrats will make certain they remain secret. Wink wink, nudge nudge…they are going to get to the truth! Meanwhile, Mueller will protect corporations involved in the various shenanigans of our gangster fascist President. That was part of his mission. Mueller, a real peach that one.


I would flip the question. Why are folks so determined to violate the President’s right to privacy? From the a Constitution to statutory law, a citizens tax return information is protected. There is nothing to require presidents or even presidential candidates to release this protected information. The fact that other presidents gave volunteered to do so is not binding on the current or future presidents. If you want to make it mandatory, amend the Constitution.

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Once we see Trump’s, let’s see the other 535 Congressional member’s, plus every Cabinet Secretary’s, plus the Joint Chief’s, etc., etc.


Question the Great Orangeutan at your peril. He could wipe you off the face of the map in less than ten days.


POTUS:  Piece Of Totally Unfit Shit


I want to know more about the guy on the nuclear button.


I would also include the Supreme Court, of course that might be included in one of you’re “etc’s”.


In todays world where everyone’s privacy is invaded, and corruption is rampant, I am at a loss to understand why you think the President of the U.S. shouldn’t be held to a higher standard.


American citizens – contrary to the Constitution – are being spied on by
NSA 24/7 – in regard to any and all of our communications, including snail mail
and every phone call.

And you see fit to suggest that what has been traditional – the release of tax
returns by candidates for president over decades now – is an invasion of Trump’s

I’ll believe that when Trump stops NSA from spying on us – and overturns FISA
which was the first step in this violation of Constitutionally guaranteed privacy rights.


many –

Not clear – are you just saying it’s “too late” for anything or are you
particularly against an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank?

There’s no proof that there ever was a Moon land or that the astronauts were ever
anywhere but in near space –

And never saw this – by Ron Howard, right? – but more manipulation by and myth-making
by Hollywood, imo . . .

Like the movie Apollo 13, when the proverbial sh** hits the fan - the proper response is -
Status - what is working - let’s improvise.

History seems to demonstrate that when a civilization reaches this point, where we are at, there is no turning things around, i.e., back to normal.

It never was a democracy – clearly our Founders created an Elite/Patriarchy and gave citizens
no influence nor control over the government we allegedly lead.

Unfortunately, I always want answers … which will only come from investigation
and access to documents. You might, at least, like to know where the cyanide
tablets are kept considering what you are projecting.

You never know – there may be an earthquake under the Capitol next week – and
we’ll all be standing on the rim.

But mainly, I think we all need to establish that we do care –
that we’re still willing to plant trees – try to end the misery of children in cages and
poverty. Not act as though we’re willing to let Trump get away with all he’s done
and his future plans.

And here’s a brief review of Trump’s future plans from Food & Water – and this is
beyond “fighting the 13 pending New Jersey fossil fuel pipelines & powerplants,”

Donald Trump wants to sell our water systems, bridges, roads and schools to the highest bidder. This privatization scam only benefits Wall Street.

We’re suing the Trump administration — specifically Jared Kushner — over their failure to disclose critical information about their plans to sell off our right to safe, affordable water to private corporations that will profit.

And what about corporations IF they think the way you’re thinking, what more will they
be unloading on us all . . . faster and faster?

One of the major questions I want answered is who has authority over Swiss Bank
Accounts – imagine at the minimum the FBI and CIA – likely all intelligence services.
These creeps supporting Elites/corporations in our Congress and destroying the lives
of working people, women, children aren’t doing it for free. That we can be sure of.

POTUS. Good one! And so true.

Are you back again with this crap? You’ve already made your opinion clear. Nowhere do you admit that Trumpo the Klown has never stated that this is an invasion of his privacy. He insists that his tax returns are being audited and he further lies by saying that they cannot be released by the IRS during this seemingly endless process. You’re not very good at recognizing shameless bullshit, are you? Trumpo the Traitor is well on his way to going down as the worst president in U.S. history. Trump wants us to be in a war with Iran AND he and his profoundly corrupt administration are dismantling the very agencies and laws that we can still be proud of. He is a nightmare on many levels.


“Derek” is a shill.

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bruce –

Still requires a reply, lest someone new here thinks he’s credible.
Or should Derek think he’s getting away with something here.

Thanks for the info – and the encouragement for my post!

Because others have chosen to do so does not make it a requirement for anyone else.

Because he’s a citizen just like you and entitled to the same rights. Nowhere is it written that you surrender your Constitutional rights when you become President.