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Why is ICE Interfering with Journalists Covering Immigration hearings?


Why is ICE Interfering with Journalists Covering Immigration hearings?

Camille Fassett

When ProPublica reporter Hannah Dreier was in a New York immigration court on April 5, she was there to cover the news, not become it. But an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) attorney twice objected to her presence, derailing a deportation hearing into a mini-trial over a reporter’s right to take notes at an open courtroom.


They don’t want the truth reported. The truth is their Achilles heel.


“Why is ICE interfering with journalists covering immigration”
Because when you’re running a Gestapo, everything a secret.
Same reason everything coming out (or not coming out) of the govt. is labeled ‘National Security’.
Can’t have the people knowing the govt’s. business, that’s need-to-know only, and we don’t need to know.


This is truly frightening. The chilling effect on the exercise of First Amendment rights is obvious here and would likely be struck down by our “regular” courts (i.e. a Federal District Court, it’s associated Circuit Court of Appeals and even the (now excessively conservative) Supreme Court.

Nonetheless, your ordinary journalist is in a poor position to fight back and, as is noted in the article, for some the risk is more than just being excluded from the proceeding. Trump’s anti-everybody-that’s-not-white-and-rich-like-me rhetoric is extremely dangerous and has unleashed an inherent vileness in the corps of ICE and prosecutors who serve them. These people are totally out of control and no one (especially Congress who is charged with their oversight) is doing anything to rein in their reign of terror.

Add in the recent removal of the recognition of the importance and necessity of the fourth estate in the DOJ’s prosecutor’s manual and it adds up to major peril for all of us.