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Why Is Indonesia Not in the Saudi-led Sunni Coalition Against Terror?


Why Is Indonesia Not in the Saudi-led Sunni Coalition Against Terror?

Robert Fisk

The Saudis love coalitions. The Sunni monarchy had the Americans, the British, the French and sundry other oil importers on their side to drive Saddam’s legions out of Kuwait in 1991. Earlier this year, the Saudi military – for which read the youngest defence minister in the world and the ambitious Deputy Prime Minister, Mohamed bin Salman al-Saud – struck at the Kingdom’s Shia Houthi enemies in Yemen in yet another coalition. This included not only Saudi fighter-bombers but jets from Qatar, the Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Sudan.


Everyone knows the Sunni are right with Allah and the Shia are blasphemous terrorists.

Shia offend Allah and must be removed from his sight.


There another thing the Saudi's and their allies the UAE seems to like. Apparently their lavishly equipped troops are having real problems dealing with the Houthis in Yemen.

They resort to those airstrikes because their troops tend to come up second best in engagements on the ground.

To deal with this press in the region claims that " mercenaries " from groups like what was once Blackwater are being used


"30 Indonesian maids on Saudi Arabia’s death row after grotesquely unfair trials,"

I suppose they refused to be raped by the Saudi Arabian men for whom they were working.

Why is Indonesia not a part of the Saudi-led Sunni coaltition against 'terror". Maybe because, unlike Turkey, it is not a member of NATO?


Indonesia should not be part of that coalition. Neither should any country Muslim or non-Muslim. There is no coalition against terror. Since W was president there have been wars to cause more terrorism.