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Why is Intel Community Targeting Kushner?

Why is Intel Community Targeting Kushner?

Juan Cole

US intelligence agencies are gunning for Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner and have leaked charges to the Washington Post that officials in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, China, and Mexico have privately strategized how to use him as a pawn in their power plays with Washington.


Removal of any and all personnel lacking useful skills for the executive branch is the right thing to do, whether or not McMaster and Rodgers have ulterior motives. Kushner can only be a liability, not an attribute. He brings nothing of substance to the WH. Perhaps he can model earrings and necklaces for the first daughter’s enterprise. He seems well qualified for that. Perhaps he can learn a trade in prison. I doubt that it will be bookkeeping.


Juan Cole raises a critical question. Just because Kushner is only interested in personal profits does not mean the militarists opposing him will bring us a new war


Juan Cole, in his trademark cole-blooded way, has really cheered me up this morning. The steady drumbeat of “foreign policy fiascos” betokens a uniquely elevated level of ineptitude here and now. So many blatant outrages epitomizing:

as Talleyrand said of Napoleon, even worse than a crime, it was a mistake

When I hear the punditocracy worry about a decline in American influence on other nations, I cheer, because American influence (more correctly, interference) has been uniformly bad for virtually everyone, all my life.

Now there’s this scent around Kushner reminiscent of Caligula’s horse, Incitatus. Whadya think, Juan: is this empire on the brink of freefall?

This move is bound to piss off Israel, (and we can’t have that), so we will see who wins, Intel or Israel. The only thing for sure, the American people will lose, whatever the outcome.

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Sounds to me, like everything Kushner is involved in is one big conflict of interest.

Pissed off the wrong people, didn’t you J?

I think that he is necessary to help his father-in-law because of the Donald’s short attention span, because he clearly has ADHD–attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Glad you spelled that out for me, as I was thinking America’s deficit hyperbolic denialism.


Kushner is a naive, corporate capitalist who has worked with Russians. He worked with an oligharch who was sanctioned! We don’t know what our intell community KNOWS about this corrupt family and neither do you Juan! He tried to setup a back channel with the russians so our intell community was out of the loop. He is a solid zionist working to make Jerusaleum the capital of Israel, which the whole world is opposed too. Of course he is open to blackmail and has been viewing our most secret documents without a security clearance…you sound like Hannity juan.

We seem to have have reached a point in the US where the choice is between corrupt leaders like Trump and Kushner who are driven by personal profit or fanatics who live to make war like McMaster, Kelly and Mattis. The generals have been building up for a wide choice of wars from China to Russia to Iran while all that Kushner wants is for someone to bail out his real estate failures. Sure, an Israeli company made a big investment in the Kushner rental properties in Maryland while Trump was moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. And sure, Trump loudly supported the Saudi blockade of Qatar after the Qataris backed out of a bailout deal for Kusher’s NYC office tower. But meantime Mattis & Co. want to prepare for new “great powers” wars. This is the choice we face and I would say penny ante corruption beats nuclear war.

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I think that this piece is Juan Cole at his best, most insightful, and most important.

And I think that none of the factual allegations in the responses made with the intent of showing Cole’s error, if all such allegations are correct, makes an argument against Cole’s point. The fundamental importance of asking the questions Cole raises is not addressed by, let alone refuted by, any of those allegations.