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'Why is Jared Kushner in Iraq?' Trump Son-in-Law Expands Shadow Diplomat Role

'Why is Jared Kushner in Iraq?' Trump Son-in-Law Expands Shadow Diplomat Role

Nika Knight, staff writer

Raising eyebrows once again about President Donald Trump's merging of family and government business, Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner accompanied the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman on an official visit t

I’m wondering what McCain and Graham will have to say about this? McCain is probably saying this could of been my daughter or son in law.


Maybe Kushner is in Iraq to learn how to steal more of Iraq’s oil.


Pee-u. Who do they think they are - the Royal family??? It seems they are the family of NO EXPERIENCE for holding office or doing anything in our government. Gee, got any jobs in that thar White House for Ma or cousin Ethel?


I think the most irritating thing here is that these people will continue to do as they please and we will only discover the results obliquely through some news reports. I hate funding that individual’s security detail as he trips around the world on our dime. On the other hand, he may be a person with some moderating influence on the Orange Menace. As of right now am suspending judgment.

I finally figured out what mr. Drumph has been babbling about all along - make america a grater again. To save him the trouble - here - a picture of one.


How rich: an orthodox Jew brokering peace in the Middle East…now there will be no biases, will there…? Will he stop by Bibi’s vacation place in exclusive upscale Caesarea on his way home?

Shadow diplomat…apropos for someone that likes to broker deals in the dark.


“‘Seems we have one family running our government’—Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.)” ‘Seems’? I don’t think that fits. I think we are past the idea of, ‘seems like’. But, the funny thing is that Clinton is 3rd cousin to Bush, and Obama is 7th cousin to Bush, on his mother’s side of course. So in that sense, we’ve had the same family owning/running the country for 30+ years. Technically, this would be the first change in family ownership of 'Merica from the Bush’s. I remember someone questioning why i would bring up the family issue several months ago, basically saying, ‘so what, who cares’. Guess I’m not the only one that sees the idea of ‘a’ family running things to be an issue. Well the good news is that…hmmm, cant think of any. So, like my drill sergeant used to say on rainy days, ‘The good news privates, is that there’s no good news!’ (Meaning we weren’t going out to PT. Good news=physical training or PT.) Guess there’s always an upside to everything.


LOL! I hear that :slight_smile:

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Exactly. It’s like being in the South with the ‘Good Ole Boy Network’.

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I’m curious, are you suggesting a Zionist issue? Im not poking, I have alot of respect for your views, so I’m honestly asking. I’ve never fully grasped Zionism as stated by most people, but it seems that’s what you mean. As for Trump’s daughter (I think that’s who I’m thinking of.) that just changed over to the Jewish faith, is only the equivalent of a ‘token’. I’m certain it’s only so Trump can say he ‘knows’ what Jewish folk are going through. But maybe I’m wrong. I fully believe Trump is, ‘that dude’.

I am not suggesting anything beyond the irony of having an Orthodox Jew attempting to broker “peace” with any Arab or Persian country in the Middle East. Wonder how many appointments will be available to him? Zionism takes many forms and I would not even venture to guess which Kushner prefers. But I seriously question his ability as a “diplomat” and/or his knowledge of foreign policy/relations beyond what he has read in newspapers (Breitbart or Pravda, perhaps) or travel brochures. Being a multi-millionaire who has brokered deals with the devil does not qualify him (or Tillerson) as an emissary of the U S government or the State Department.

I think I’ve finally figured out the Jared Kushner role. Let’s see, he owns a house in New York with the address beginning with 666. The sign of the devil. And he’s now at the head of the US government. Now I get it, his real name is Damien!!! The myth has finally come to pass. He’s there to bring about the apocalypse. Good lord, we’re screwed!!!


Well, his job is to broker a Middle East peace deal. Ofcourse he has significant financial interests in Israel and is Bibi’s pet so you know how that goes. Iraq is part of the planned Greater Israel and our policies in the Middle East align with Israels as outlined in the 1982 Odin plan. Whats so hard to understand?

True dat.

I’d like to think he’s having a moderating influence, but that’s not what the donorrhea’s behavior shows. :scream::astonished:

Hello Nika Knight and Everyone, Obviously to scout out what is still remaining on the bones of Iraq for exploitation!

Hello Seatower, There is more Izvestia in Pravda and Pravda in Izvestia than anything ever produced propaganda in DimFART!

A delightfully appropriate question was raised elsewhere (I’d link to the thread if it hadn’t turned into a pissing contest): Was Hillary ‘vetted’ during Bill’s presidency? Bill Clinton in fact campaigned in part on the idea that we’d be getting ‘two for the price of one’ by electing him (or them?), though of course he was hardly the first president to enlist the help of family and friends in performing his duties.

So it’s not clear to me why (aside from generic Trump aversion) there’s such a fuss about Trump exercising a well-established presidential prerogative in this area that has no direct influence on policy matters so much more important to be discussing. If anything, given his own ‘flexibility’ in positions I’m glad that there’s SOMEONE he considers worthy of getting an additional viewpoint from, and suspect that, for good reason, there may not be many whom he trusts for such support.