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Why Is No One Talking About the GOP’s Plan to Send Millions of Disabled Americans Into Poverty?


Why Is No One Talking About the GOP’s Plan to Send Millions of Disabled Americans Into Poverty?

William Greider

Despite their virtues, many conservative Republicans have an unfortunate habit of picking on the weak and disadvantaged, slandering the people least able to fight back. We saw a glimpse of this callousness in Mitt Romney’s disparagement of the “47 percent” who are “takers” living off the hard-working “makers.” The newly empowered GOP majority in Congress is going down the same road—targeting the millions of sick or injured Americans who receive Social Security disability payments.


From the article:

“The dysfunction of Washington involves the failure of major media to examine the gritty politics of issues that truly matter to citizens. Political reporters typically find these subjects boring, and reporters who cover the candidates and campaign usually don’t know that much about how government really works.”

Mr. Greider is either naïve or playing Detective Columbo.

Mass media doesn’t cover the TRUE agenda on anything!

What story did it posit in the place of holding the big banks cum Wall St. speculators accountable for the financial crash of 2008? That it was Acorn and poor homeowners of color who couldn’t afford their mortgages.

What story did it prop up to push a war of aggression against nations that had nothing to do with 911 (and that’s not even getting to the False Flag essence of this crime against humanity)? It demonized Saddam Hussein.

What story has it now pushed in lieu of an honest depiction of NATO’s aims in Ukraine… that of framing Putin as The Aggressor?

How much has been discussed about global warming or advising people to scale back on their driving, energy use and overall consumerism?

The media is bought and paid for, and those who own it determine content. This runs parallel to the new ownership model (thanks in part to the Supreme Court’s egregious anti-Democratic decision falsely named, “Citizens United”) of politics, itself. The highest campaign donors get their boys and girls to enact their will into law.

Citizens have virtually no control over, or input into either avenue. Media and elections are controlled… both exist to give the illusion that a Democratic society is still in place. This is called Inverted Totalitarianism, explained at length by Sheldon Wollin and something a writer of Greider’s caliber ought to know!

IF media were operating as the 4th estate and doing its intended job in the way of honestly informing citizens, then discussion might better go to raising the Social Security cap that was set at $108,000 when that amount was the equivalent of a million dollars today.

The Republicans always go after the lowest hanging fruit. They differ from predatory serial killers only by degree since after all, the policies they froth at the mouth to advance (like dogs awaiting a pat from their rich owners) destroy lives, health, and the well-being of millions of persons.

In a sane society, sociopaths like Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rick Scott and others would not be let NEAR a school ground or public office. They are THAT dangerous!


Once again, Siouxrose, you go right to it. Thank you.


There is one reason, and one reason alone ANYTHING happens in America. We all know it.
The motives of the United States are singular. Profit. Profit for the cabal of corporate and oligarchic interests that owns the vast majority of equities, bonds, peripheral financial instruments, business real estate and the personal debt of 4/5ths of the American population. The same cabal owns the overwhelming share of the means of civil discourse, the functional apparatus of the political institutions and therefore it’s law-making mandate as well as having itself inducted into serving as the agent for the massive, all inclusive surveillance of the entire population. It is neither Democratic or Republican yet its goals and ambitions are the pre-eminent concern of every seeker of public office and every holder of public office. Its influence in America is so over-arching that it is nearly as invisible as the air we breathe. The ambition of this entity is boundless. Those that cannot be taken by trade treaty, debt, blackmail or bribery (very few these days) will inevitably confront an eagerness for profit-making war. War propaganda is aired as needed on American news networks and integrated into general interest shows as well. It is read daily in the New York Times and most American media for the sake of ‘preparedness’ When it becomes specific to a place, the war mongering accelerates to become a near continuous loop. Across the globe in places inhabited by the poor, it can be heard in the screams of F-16’s and the eerie buzz-rumble of death delivering drones. Though it speaks the language of peace, it has produced 25 years of continual warfare and has committed itself and us to untold decades more. This is not the recitation of a conspiracy theory, this is a functional description and consequences of a business plan. When I was a young man and being always interested in political nonsense, I would often ponder what people and politicians meant, or thought they meant, by declaring their desire for the government to be run ‘like a business’ Well, now we know.


Awesome post.


republicans should be careful. People with nothing to lose can be dangerous.