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Why Is Sadiq Khan a Favourite Target of Trump? You Know the Answer


Why Is Sadiq Khan a Favourite Target of Trump? You Know the Answer

Nesrine Malik

Sadiq Khan really gets under Trump’s skin. You can hear it in his voice when he speaks about him, or read it in his tone when he tweets about him. When interviewed on his views on British politics yesterday, the president’s usual congested, out of breath and bored drawl sharpened when he came on to Khan.


Aside from Ms. Malik’s oblique reference to “Identity politics” and her hesitancy…even boredom in having to even discuss race, this is an otherwise thoughtful and on point piece.

FYI, “identity politics” is a disingenuous term invented by “conservative” (read racist) Americans who bristle whenever “race relations” are discussed. These are the people whose forebears invented the whole idea of “race” and applied the word to everybody except themselves. They (and today’s current “conservatives”) have declared themselves as not just having been struck “colorblind”, or even further as race-less, but they are, they say, just plain “normal” or “human” instead. So when they hear discussions by “people of color” who describe and detail the never-ending struggle against never-ending white supremacy and white racism, the “identity politics” deniers take umbrage and feign insult.


I think Trump is sending a message to his base in his rants against Sadiq Khan. Just as he did when he attacked the gold star family, the judge with a Mexican heritage, the black NFL players, the people in Black Lives Matter, etc. He is telling his base that he is with them. He can be trusted to look after the interests of whites. That how he got elected and that is how he hopes to get re-elected.


The author is exactly on-point! Sadiq Khan is a favorite target of the Ginger Mussolini because he has respect from the people, integrity, and speaks the truth, and trump is furthest from all those qualities in his entire being!

The entire trump regime, beginning at the top with the “malignant narcissist” and white-supremacist apologist (“there were very fine people” among the neo-nazi’s in Charlotte) trump himself is essentially racist, sexist, and bigoted, and that includes his regime’s environmental protection “roll-backs” (gutting) and air/water-quality standards, that overwhelmingly affect poor people, and people of color, making their lives a misery and deadly in many ways!


main reason is that Sadiq Khan is brown and Muslim