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Why Is the Democratic Party So Timid on Palestinian Rights?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/31/why-democratic-party-so-timid-palestinian-rights

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There’s no money in it for them.


Exactly, we pay Israel to bribe our government officials. Dems have been lapping at that trough for a long time.


Because they are bought-and-paid-for by the Zionist lobby. Let’s not make it more complicated than that.


Is that a real question?

That photo of Netanyahu shows a psychopath in an unguarded moment. His empty-eyed smirk is practically diagnostic


So, wasn’t all this kowtowing to Israel by the Democrats to get the Jewish American vote? People say voting matters. And that politicians should listen to the voters. Who is to blame again? Idk. I’m just thinking out loud. I probably shouldn’t do that in public.


Everyone is timid on Palestinian rights because the corporate mass media have made it impossible to oppose Israel because that implies opposing Zionism and the Jews which is anti-Semitic and god knows, no one wants to be thought anti-Semitic.
The tail that wags the dog. Four of the world’s five largest media empires are Jewish owned and operated. The Gatekeepers call the shots.
While you still come across it in the European press rarely, anyone notice how the word “Palestine” does not exist at all in the American media anymore? That’s intentional, by design, part of a long-term orchestrated propaganda campaign.
Many years ago, Harper’s Magazine, the oldest continually published literary magazine in America printed the leaked minutes of an IDF executive meeting in which the attendees discussed the need to “make CNN friendlier to Israel”. Not long thereafter Ted Turner lost control of the company he built to Gerald Levin of AOL Time Warner. Now CNN’s senior celebrity anchorman is Wolf Blitzer, former public relations spokesperson for the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, arguably the most powerful lobbying group in Washington.


Review the case of Cynthia McKinney. (There are others.) Any pol who transgresses the Jewish lobby finds themselves OUT on the street in this country. Lots of campaign money comes to those who support Israel.


None moreso than the GOP.

That old ploy by AIPAC et al is no longer the powerful influence it once was.

The Zionist lobby is still strong, but not as strong as five years back.

I think it’s actually to prevent being primaried, as happened to Cynthia.

James Zogby has a right to his opinions. With that, they are only opinions, and he is biased.

First, I’ll answer his headline question: “Because to do so is to commit political suicide”. As in “There are no votes to be had…”, as Bernie found out: he lost states that he had won the previous go around against Hillary, and he lost because he tried to “mobilize the Arab vote”. Jeremy Corbin suffered the same fate - in elections both of them should have won. In the U.S., the muslim community is slightly less than one percent (without knowing if they even all vote the same way) whereas the Jewish community - and those who are related to them - is well over 5%. Therefore, doing the math, if you risk offending 5%, who not only vote, but also donate, you had better have a bigger target block to offset that. Currently, and for the foreseeable future, that does not exist.

“Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best” - Otto von Bismarck. I’d be more likely to phrase this as “don’t start a fight you can’t finish, and don’t get into one you don’t need to”.

Of course, I’ve seen this particular one before: in the mid '70s, in a youth hostel in the Lakes District in England, I met a disgruntled former speechwriter and strategist for Senator Estes Kefauver and to hear him tell it, it was all about the Jews! Too much power! Too much influence. Why? Because he personally had convinced Estes, in his run for the Democratic nomination, to side with the Arabs… and when they got to the primary in Nebraska, the big Democratic donors, which according to said speech writer were 40 wealthy Jewish families, came to him and said "We like you, and we like your campaign, but we don’t like this plank… and Estes said “I will not abandon my principles” and they said “Fine, go eat your principles” and they funded the campaign of a guy named Adlai Stevenson instead… And Estes, not having money, lost the primary and went on to lose the nomination. And now you know what happened to Bernie, and yes, I wrote warning him, but the crazies had wormed their way into the campaign, and frankly, they betrayed him. He should have / could have won it.

From which I take two things. The first, I told him: “You caused that defeat. It was a war that Estes didn’t have to get into”. He wouldn’t have it. It was all about the dirty Jews. The second I keep seeing: Most voters are not willing to go to the extent of duplicating the holocaust, of seeing all the Jews there murdered, which is what the rejectionists want. Now, had Adolf Hitler, with the Russians on the outskirts of Berlin, said "Ok, I understand, just give us what we had when we invaded Poland and we’ll be willing to have peace (while turning to his supporters and saying, in German “don’t worry, its only until we are strong enough to finish the job”) the rest of the world would have thought he was nuts. But when the Arabs say “Ok, just give us what we had in 1948 or 1946 and we’ll agree to peace” while turning to their supporters and saying in Arabic “Don’t worry, its only until we are strong enough to finish the job” many of you nod your heads thoughtfully and say “Well, of course. How absolutely reasonable.” You might wish to not remember that the Egyptian order of the day just prior to the '67 war called for the annihilation of the civilian population. The Jews remember it only too well, and a lot of others don’t see that having a nuclear exchange in the middle east which ends up with major oil ports and oilfields glowing in the dark for the next few thousand years is a viable or desirable goal.

That doesn’t mean that I like Netanyahu, or any of the other Likud governments that came before him. What it does mean is that as Israel has just finished launching Ofek 16, a spy satellite which is probably on a polar orbit, has just finished testing (successfully) a 400 km range ballistic ship to ship missile, has (probably) several hundred nukes, has fixed and developed a lot of what is now considered American weaponry, and can field over 700,000 well trained, well armed servicemen in the event of hostilities and has several million others who will keep things running in the event of a war… - just how do any of you think that you can appeal to the rest of the world to pull the Palestinian chestnuts out of the fire? What are they going to do?

There is one more thing: the staggering hypocrisy of those of you who live on land stolen from, taken by force from indigenous populations who have absolutely no problem with that… and that includes James Zogby. James, you want to see the Jews go back to where their ancestors came from (while forgetting that over half of all Israelis are the descendants of people who were expelled from Muslim lands, so they can’t go back)? You first. Show us how its done. On behalf of my Shoshone ancestors and distant relatives. Leave your keys at the nearest reservation band office: they’ll handle the real estate from there. Until then, I suggest you button it.

They are just more open about their hatred of Palestinians than the Democrats, but you will see what happens to anyone in the party who calls for ending “aid” to Israel.


Elected Democrats are timid about Palestinian rights so as to not to offend Democratic voters who do care about those rights. Elected Republicans can violate Palestinian rights without being timid because most Republican voters do not care about Palestinian rights. But members of both parties vote to fund the Israeli military year and year out in order to assure the violation of Palestinians rights.

There are exceptions, and bravo for the exceptions. But no one imagines that they are not being bold. We’re dealing with the others here.

This shows why we should not automatically believe that people in a party that we favor necessarily support the policies that we support just because they tend to speak a little more as though they do coming in to an election. The stories that work for candidates running in one party are not the stories that work for candidates running in another, even in a general election.

Elected officials are not necessarily overwhelmingly clever, but they are also not generally exceptionally stupid, and they work at politics in some form week after week, often for years and years. When they commit some jaw-dropping atrocity that violates every thing that they claim to stand for, that happens because their goals are not what you think that they are.

You have to vote these people down, regardless.

The Democratic Party and its sycophant politicians are not ‘timid’ per-se, they are complicit and subverted by the zionist/Israeli lobby AIPAC and rabid pro-Israel at-any-cost (to the US) supporters.

We pay over $5 Billion annually, most hidden, as de-facto tribute euphemistically called ‘foreign aid’, to Israel that supports and funds their racism ethnic cleansing of Palestine and all the Occupied Territories, their illegal under International Law ‘settlements’, brutal repression and murders of Palestinians and many US citizens - anyone that opposes their racist superiority and illegal expansionism!

The ‘timidity’ is only seen in craven actions pandering for votes from powerful supporters of Israel at the expense of all others; the Democratic Party has some very ugly shite to pay!.

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I disagree. They simply have consolidated their power and there isn’t much need to flex anymore. They got Jerusalem. They are annexing the West bank; Palestine is non-existent. They destroyed Iraq. Syria? What else is there left for them to take control of?

And they just watched one of their staunchest champions, Eliot Engel, get crushed.


And now Cori Bush just took out the consistently pro-(Apartheid State of)Israel congressman, Lacy Clay.

True again. Let’s hope they have political capital and some genuine power. Lets not forget what happened to Mr. Smith…