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Why Is the Government Allowing Its Own Drug Research to Be Monopolized for Profit?


Why Is the Government Allowing Its Own Drug Research to Be Monopolized for Profit?

Ryan Cooper

How do we eradicate HIV/AIDS? One route is a vaccine, but so far that has proved a very difficult research problem. There is an ongoing clinical trial of one promising treatment in South Africa, but unlike the smallpox or polio vaccines, it appears to provide only moderate protection. Another is "pre-exposure prophylaxis," or PrEP — drugs which prevent HIV infection if taken every day.



You can blame shithead n chief Dotard the moron. He never met a HIGH DRUG PRICE HE DIDN’T LIKE.



Because they probably own stock in the company. Plus they don’t have any personal integrity.

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There is very little integrity surrounding profiteering. The drug companies are like close brothers to the insurance industry, the doctors and hospitals are akin to their second cousins.

Nationalize the whole works, then put good cops on the beat to keep it as honest as possible.



Why do we keep asking how corruption works?

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At least Ryan Cooper is tackling this topic. Now, can he apologize for hyping the Russiagate BS?



Because Government is a for Profit Monopoly?

If its not direct, its not democracy.

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BULLSHIT!  While it is certainly true that Presidunce Tweetle-Dumb has done – and will do – nothing to help correct this problem, it has been going on since well before his father was a slumlord in New York.

Of course it has gotten even worse since the ‘SubPrime’ Court sold us out with the “Citizens United” decision, but the simple answer is that Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Oil and Wall Street own more than enough shares in Congress, Inc. to control the lawmaking process and thereby ensure that their profits will be maximized.   Chucky Schemer, Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass, Krooked Hilliary and Nancy P’Loser are just as much their stooges as Turtle-Face McConnell and the rest of the 'PoopLickins.



Exactly. Not just the health care industry.
Many publicly funded schools are now for profit. Soldiers are often for profit, plus mercenaries don’t have to get counted when the US reports troop movements and casualties.
War materiel is made by for-profit, as you stated.
Prisons are for profit.

What is the advantage? Well, they come with paid, professional lobbyists, so it is easier to continue their programs quietly.

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The title of the article answers its own question.

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This has been done extensively for decades. It’s part of the so-called “privatization” of the once-excellent public university system here in California, among other things.

The process is similar to that of the usurpation of control of the news media and the electoral system by money.

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