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Why Is the U.S. Refusing An Independent Investigation If Its Hospital Airstrike Was An “Accident”?



Glenn Greenwald and most commentators on CD know the answer to Glenn's question.

But the whores and the presstitutes in the MSM have sold out and that is why they have called it a " terrible accident".


No one has yet mentioned a recent story about how the Pentagon has adopted new rules of engagement that treats journalists as 'unprivileged belligerents'. This permits the targeting of journalists (as incidents of journalists being attacked have shown already).

This targeting of the hospital is perhaps indicative of such thinking where unarmed innocents like doctors and journalists and aid workers are murdered out of convenience.



A portion of my post of 19 September 2015 regarding the Common Dreams article titled US War Theories Targets Dissenters regarding this subject is provided below:

I have waited several days to respond to this article in an attempt to control my emotions.

I don't understand what is going on in the heads of the readers and frequent posters here on Common Dreams. There can be nearly a hundred posts on a thread relating to Senator Bernie Sanders. Yet, with something of the magnitude of what was presented in this article ... there is very little interest, care or concern.

I don't get it. The content of this article should scare the s**t out of everyone. This should have us all in the streets protesting. Yet, many seemingly don't care or they can't visualize and comprehend the resulting critical consequences.

It took less than a month to see the consequences. My ... what an absolute shame!

(Wereflea, I hope you don't go into cardiac arrest because we agree on something. )


The Nuremberg tribunal recognized a war of aggression as the ultimate crime. The US invasion of Afghanistan has led to catastrophic results for that poor country, where thousands of innocent people have been killed, many by the US military supposedly "protecting" the American people. Meanwhile, here in the US, the state of perpetual war poisons our democracy and, even worse, our souls.

The bombing of a hospital, the Bagram and Guantanamo torture chambers, the return of opium as Afghanistan's #1 export, the brutal treatment of women, and the massive devastation of Afghanistan and its society, are all results of war.

What will it take to make Americans wake up to the fact that war isn't "good" just because Americans are fighting it?


I don't know the truth of the incident but I agree that the US government and military do not deserve the public trust to investigate the matter.


Why? Because it was really no accident. They were deliberately targeted as a troublesome facility - they kept members of the Taliban alive. The hospital treated everyone who came to them, and didn't ask if they were "friend" or "foe". That is unacceptable to our government and military. They still have the Bush attitude; namely, "You're either with us, or against us", with no middle or neutral ground. This is also Barry Obomber's responsibility, as Commander-in-Chief. It makes him chief war criminal if it can be proven the attack was deliberate. Of course, nobody in the U. S. government will ever pay a price for this outrage. I fully expect commendations and promotions all the way around for those who participated in the attack.


While Greenwald quotes a spokesperson for the US State Department as stating there are already three investigations in progress, one must wonder
since neither the US nor Afghanistan are members if either has legally "blocked" an investigation by the The International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission.

Those who are readers may find the information provided on the URLs of interest. The Second URL is a list of the members of the The International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission . One statement included notes all parties must agree to the investigation.




"The fog of war"

Develops after the fact


Once a person or a nation becomes a war criminal and a killer and a teller of lies, it seems to become easier to repeat the killing as well as the lying. The United States has stepped so far into blood that it may be impossible to expect a return to the normal decent behavior that the world once expected from Americans. I guess it is a product of the continuous wars. The 'city on a hill' has become a charnel hours in a swamp.
Nineteen deranged zealots, [mostly Saudis] killed three thousand people, [mostly Americans], fourteen years ago. Bin Laden was accused and was assassinated, without trial, years ago.
How many millions of innocents [mostly Afghanis and Iraqis] have died in the revenge killing? How many more innocent people will be killed before the American people are satisfied with the revenge? How many Americans remember the reason they want revenge?
As my MacDonald and MacPhee friends say,"Never trust a Campbell".


Did you bother to read the relevant information provided on the links? Nope you didn't as it's obvious. Accusations do not amount to the results of investigations if and when one occurs as neither the US nor Afghanistan are
members of the organization the investigation is demanded of. Even worse both must agree to allow the investigation. Ya think they will do that? Though I believe both should to get to the bottom instead of the DOD investigating itself, and provide some realistic answers about the truth of who ordered and went about the process of that hideous killing nightmare.

Unfortunately, neither Glenn Greenwald nor the staff writer here at CD, bothered to provide the truth about the topic of the post. The result is those
commenting without the total and valid information. Sounds a bit like the
Pentatgon or Campbell?

Just because it's printed on this website doesn't guarantee the gospel truth.
It's naive to assume so even it may fit your personal bent.


Come now, Flea, everyone knows the good old USA is always right and would never do anything bad. Why, Obama called up Dr. Liu and pesonally apologized. What a great guy. Never saw a wedding party he didn't like...to bomb.


Yeah we know but the shock value of saying that America is wrong is somewhat limited if said in progressive circles. You should 'invade' some rightwingnut site and have at them...lol. I'm sure they will be polite and welcome intelligent discourse.



Too bad that the international community no longer hangs war criminals. If they did the United States of Amerika would sure keep the hang man busy with our last three presidents and their lawless administrations!


Been there...done that. Such potty mouths those people have.


My name is not flea.