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Why Is This Election So Close?


Why Is This Election So Close?

Robert Borosage

As Donald Trump continues the self-immolation that began in the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton is rising once more in the polls. But Trump had pulled into a virtual dead heat before that debate, and could easily rise again if he ever stops torching himself.


Because nobody really likes either of these two knuckleheads. Hillary and Trump that is.


Clinton’s problem...is that she is inescapably part of a political establishment that has failed Americans badly.

Exactly right. So why would anyone waste their vote to keep doing what we know isn't working? (The definition of insanity applies here.)

There are not just two choices in this election. Vote your conscience.


Borosage claims, "Americans value her experience."
Here he gets it wrong. Whereas folks do recognize her experience, the extent that they may 'value' that experience is in question. It is precisely because of her past conduct as dutiful surrogate for the oligarchic interests that many revile candidate Clinton. It is precisely because of the public's past experience with Clintonese 'triangulation' and other forms of dissemblance that folks fail to accept the authenticity of this latest iteration of a Clinton as 'progressive' change agent. It is broadly recognized that voting for Clinton is voting for no change at all in a system dedicated to the upward transfer of wealth, corporate domination, and unending international adventurism and warfare.
Believing that with the only available options being the 'buffoon' or the subservient technocrat, Millennials will likely stay home. If so, that will be tragic for the United States. Tragic for it will have represented a missed opportunity for Millennials to manifest real change with the election of a candidate that does stand for their interests, desires, and dreams---Dr Jill Stein.
Instead, the future portends the prospect of the onset of a World War III exploding upon the planet as a direct result of hubristic US 'interventionist' foreign policies lighting the fuse.


please. proofread your stuff before putting it online for the world to see.


Because the Democratic/Republican establishment stuck voters with the worst Democratic and Republican nominees in history would be my guess.


The polls clearly explain the main reason why the election is so close given Trump demonstrates no qualities for being president. In the past, a slight majority of white college-educated voters have voted for the Republican and I believe white voters without a college education have tended to be split between the parties. In this election for the first time by a wide margin white college-educated voters prefer the Democratic and by a very wide margin voters without a college education prefer the Republican. So the reason the election remains close is Trump does not sound like a college graduate and he has attracted large number of voters without college degrees who are sick and tired of being looked down upon by people with college degrees. Basically, Trump has created a entirely new fracture in the electorate. For the first time the country has been divided based on whether voters do or do not have academic degrees. So basically Trump's main appeal his based on rejection of speaking in a politically correct way. He sounds like a guy who got Cs and Ds in high school and never saw a classroom again. Clinton's problem is that she talks like someone who graduated from Wellesely and Yale Law School. That is why the election has remained relatively close.


Regular commenters on this forum know how pro clinton (if cynically so) I am. Yet I will readily admit now that Sanders or (sighs wistfully) Biden would have been a better choice than Clinton in terms of electability. The original polls were right.


Millennials may boycott the election, but from what I see, they won't necessarily stay home. My two millennial children (who supported Sanders) and their friends are focusing their attention on volunteering in community organizing efforts because they see voting for what it is. They understand that elections have not created better conditions, but have in fact made conditions worse. One of my kids plans to vote for Stein; the other is deciding whether or not to bother to vote at all, and I'm having a hard time building an argument that convinces him to participate in elections. Many millennials are choosing to build movement community rather than participate in this quadrennial sham.

Why is this election so close? Because the DNC made it so. Their no-holds-barred support for Clinton and the doctrines of neoliberalism and neoconservatism blinded them to the incredibly obvious and best candidate to take on Trump: Mr. Sanders. In other words, their heads were so far up their butts they couldn't see the light of day. The long dark night cannot fall soon enough for the DNC.


Many Democrats have come to the realization that Hillary's coronation will surpass Obama's legacy:

'President Barack Obama’s Crappy Legacy"

"Obama Is Worried Future Presidents Will Wage Perpetual, Secret Drone War"

"Obama Weakens Endangered Species Act"


That's a tad opaque. Could you be a little more clear?


If you are going to vote for Jill Stein then by all means get off your lazy butt and do it. Early and often

If you are going to vote for anyone else, please do not vote. Because your vote will only encourage their bad behavior.


There's also Trump's "born-again Christian" posturing.


Borosage neglects to mention that Clinton has shown her contempt for progressives since the minute she was nominated - no, actually before that (universal health care 'never going to happen'). From her choices for V.P. and her transition team, her calls on repugs to vote for her, her endless pursuits of $$$ from the very sources she would need to 'tame' if she were to even try to enact policies for ordinary people (and the planet), and her persistent refusal to loudly condemn trade deals or stand up for what's right (Standing Rock Sioux, e.g.). Of course the race is close. Trump is a disaster; Clinton is the most unpalatable candidate available. Nothing to like here.

Stein/Baraka 2016


In campaigning for Hillary, Bill Clinton criticized Obamacare this week, giving voters pause in supporting Hillary's "Obama's third term" theme. This was NOT the first time Bill ventured into that territory. In Spokane WA on March 21 on the eve of the Washington caucus Bill admonished voters to "vote for Hillary to fix the disaster of the past eight years."

Nearly every poll from January to June showed Sanders doing better than Clinton in the general election against Trump or any of the other GOP primary contenders. Truth be told Hillary would be faring far worse against any of the other GOP contenders than she is against Trump. The Trump nomination was the only hope Clinton could have ANY chance of winning in November.


That's a pretty far leap.
Hillary will win this election going away. She will do that regardless of the coverage given Stein and Johnson.
Stein has a natural base of about 15%. Johnson has about the same.
Trying to sell a majority of the American people on either Stein or Johnson as our next president is a fools errand.
Change takes time.


Bill is an old man with a bad heart and so the blood doesn't reach his brain as it should which causes him to act like the village idiot more often then not.


Duopoly sez: "If you do not vote for X, Y will win!"


Is the election really as close as it is being reported or is it simply what the elite ruling class (using the media as its propaganda machine) wants the citizenry to believe to maintain the illusion of a valid democracy in the U.S.?

Recent Scary (Really Scary) Observation
I just returned from the U.S. for a 2-week vacation. I traveled the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. For every Hillary bumper sticker I saw, I saw at least 20 for Trump. Though I do not believe this accurately represents the electorate as a whole, I think it does reflect how much Hillary is hated.


Her experience at taking us to war? At further impoverishing the middle class? At making sure the rule of law falls most heavily on the poor and disenfranchised but leaves the banksters untouched? (Ditto on all of that for trump, I'd wager.)

Can government work? Some of us want the answer to that to be YES!

Will it work for the common man with either of these two folks at the helm? Cannot think why it would.