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Why Is Trump Flailing? Because Americans Hate His Agenda, and It’s Based on Lies


Why Is Trump Flailing? Because Americans Hate His Agenda, and It’s Based on Lies.

Greg Sargent

Everyone in Washington is trying to figure out why President Trump’s agenda has stalled on multiple fronts and why his approval numbers are swirling down the toilet. CNN’s Chris Cillizza suggests Trump’s penchant for disruption and chaos actually works against him.


Trump has no idea on how to govern a nation. And, every day that goes by, he loses trust in someone else. Pretty soon, he will only have his family that he can trust.

Never in all my days have I seen so many politicians committing mass political suicide by 'stupidity.'
Stupidity in believing that a man with a child's intellect and easily hurt ego, could govern a Democracy, even a failing one such as ours.

To think that he can pull off the decimation of our institutions of government for his and others financial gain, all the while believing that he is doing this for the betterment of our country, is truly insane.

Why is Trump Flailing?

Because he's mentally ill.


Trump's campaign was full of promises without policies. Clinton on the other hand had promises, but less sweeping, and detailed policies. Trump was the candidate who was all emotion, Clinton was the policy wonk trying to stir up emotion. Not only does Trump have no experience in government but he is surrounded by people who don't either. What does Bannon know about governing? Nothing. Neither does Kushner. Trump says he doesn't care about policy points and that is one reason he is flailing. Another is that he has proposed things that are unconstitutional such as the Muslim ban. And, he tried to repeal Obamacare without a viable alternative. The one area where he has probably been most effective is deporting undocumented immigrants. What he is doing is legal. The main problem is what he is doing is inhumane, and in many ways causing negative effects in the US such as a loss of trust by Hispanic communities in local police who help the ICE police beyond what is required by law.


I think Trump will continue to be unsuccessful. The only reason he was elected was because of the 50% who didn't bother to vote. Most of those by now probably have seen enough of his insanity and poor policy decisions to register disapproval of almost everything he proposes. Add that 50% to the additional 26% that voted for Hillary and you have 76% of the voting public opposed to Trump the person and Trump's policies. If you want to nitpick you can probably add another 10% of the Trump voters who by now are dearly wishing they hadn't. That leaves Trump with about 14% of the public who stupidly voted him in and will follow his frog walk all the way to the end.


He was elected because of distrust by the tea party based on Wall Street rescue, and their disapproval and scolding of the so called Nanny state- at least that is what they call it.


The big problem is that Pence will likely be worse. He is pure Tea Party. The 25th Amendment essentially guarantees we will get Pence if Trump is removed for incompetence. Pence as VP can not do as much damage as he could as POTUS. It is almost as if he were selected to discourage Trump's removal.


Old conservatives recapturing lost testosterone by sending phallic bombs, missiles, bullets, poverty, torture, pollution to screw us all. :poop:

Direct Online Democracy


Trump wants to destroy the "Administrative State" and knows where the power lies. He has been successful in recruiting the military, police, war profiteers, chickenhawks, Republicans, Wall Street and billionaire conservatives for this task.

Trump has all the guns he needs to control the world and establish a New World Order oligarchy, the public majority be damned. He only needs to control the media and the Internet, That would complete his agenda.

Direct Online Democracy


Fear not David, they are all literally slitting their own throats. Politically.

Their base isn't buying the $hit they're selling. Their base may be poorly educated but they ain't stupid.

'Ti-i-i-me is on our side, yes it is.'

Let them do their worst, as that is how everyone with a pulse sees it.

They only have the real racists, bigots, and elite mental defectives still with them.

There's plenty of room at Guantanamo for all of them.


Majorities hate the Trump agenda. Fair Enough.

On the other hand, the alternative agenda is largely that espoused by Bernie Sanders. Medicare-for-All, a New Deal in terms of college tuition and debt, and a living wage: I don't hear Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi talking about those issues.

If we liberals are going to rally for change, we'd best listen to the most popular politician in America. He might not do everything right, but he's on the right track. Oh, and he's the one with the I (for Independent) after his name.


This article mentions tax reform which I think is a lot different than other regulatory reform (like gutting the EPA). I didn't agree with everything that TR Reid said on Fresh Air recently (http://www.npr.org/2017/04/03/522440141/author-looks-to-other-countries-to-rethink-americas-complicated-tax-code) but on his overall point that our tax code is in some serious need of gutting while keeping it revenue neutral - that I completely agree with (or make taxes a higher if we get something to go with it like Medicare for all, but still gut the complexity). Taxes under Eisenhower were crazy high but after reform that lowered the top brackets, they still got the same average amount of money from richer people as they lost a lot of deductions. Just as with Health Care, other countries have passed is by - in no other industrial democracy are taxes so messed up as ours.

When the election was over, Bernie said he would work with Trump where it made sense like infrastructure spending. I submit it still makes sense with taxes to work with the Republicans and there is room to lower some of the highest rates (more on the corporate side in my opinion as long as the loopholes that let companies pay little or no corporate taxes are abolished) as long as the average rate paid by all corporations is about the same. We need a carbon tax too, but I suppose that's out of the question (even though finally some conservative economists are coming around, http://www.pbs.org/newshour/making-sense/conservative-economist-supports-carbon-tax-washington-state/)


What Washington Post types won't say:

With the exception of 'free' trade scams, Trump's agenda IS the Republican agenda.

And -as those of those of us familar with the Washinton Post's record for over the past two decades, the Republican agenda is the Washington Post's agenda.

So- how convenient is it to put all of the blame for its unpopularity onto Trump?


Lower taxes on the weatlhiest and corporations even further makes any sense at all only in bizzarro right wing world.


Pence is Trump's Dan Quayle.

BTW: http://www.newsmax.com/Politics/quayle-trump-vice-president-pick/2015/12/06/id/704772/


I don't think you even read my post.


Nope. He wasn't "elected" at all, he lost by 3,000,000 votes. Once the Dems did him the incredible favor of eliminating his most viable opponent, the Republican machine went ahead and stole the election. See


See my reply to sbrownn's post just above yours.


Don't have to be detective to come to these conclusions.
Trump could easily flail away for his entire first term, with no untoward consequences.
Recall the negative consequences for G.W. Bush. I don't.


Yes. And the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the sole owner of the Post.


Right you are. For example, notice that it's not Hillary making speeches against Gorsuch.