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Why Islamic State Is Winning


Why Islamic State Is Winning

Daniel Lazare

President Barack Obama and his foreign policy staff are not having a very merry month of May. The Islamic State’s takeover of Ramadi, Iraq, on May 15 was one of the greatest U.S. military embarrassments since Vietnam, but the fall of Palmyra, Syria, just five days later made it even worse. This is an administration that, until recently, claimed to have turned the corner on Islamic State.


This article is an embarrassment given what as very recently come to light…

2012 Defense Intelligence Agency Document:
West Will Facilitate Rise of Islamic State “in Order to Isolate the Syrian Regime”



I didn’t read the whole article I just skimmed over it quickly and that was enough for me…


Part of the way a propaganda police state operates is allowing and even promoting seemingly different narratives on a given event.

This both gives the illusion that there healthy dialogue ongoing and allows an out just in case a giving narrative fails the smell test with the public.

In suggesting ISIS a Saudi operation , the road paved for an “irate” president of the USA to put on a show of calling then to the carpet to be lectured to. The support for ISIS than continues even as a few of them bombed as expendables.


I liked the headline. It’s about time somebody didn’t rely on denial.

The U.S. government has been borrowing many trillions of dollars for war, and their worldwide credit is slowly getting cut off. They’ll have to pay higher and higher interest rates for each succeeding trillion. The rest of the world knows this, and has ceased to respect the fear that the U.S. military can command. The government has already cut programs such as the Veterans Administration to the bone and the wars have already abused half a million soldiers, so there’s no more money to be gouged from them. How about killing grandma? How about short-sheeting the seniors who paid into Social Security for their entire lives? Nope, no more money to pay for the government’s next fix tomorrow.

When your only diplomatic tool is fear, and especially when that particular tool fails, you don’t have any options. The world no longer does what you want. So, all of these warriors that our government has personally taught to torture, either directly at Fort Benning or by example, they’re going to take their U.S.-made weapons and they’re going to do anything that they want to do. Remember, Saddam was our guy with our nerve gas. Bin Laden was our guy too. The U.S. government more or less supported the Syrian dictatorship too.

This is so 1973. Remember Pol Pot?