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Why Isn’t the Media Feeling the Bern?


Why Isn’t the Media Feeling the Bern?

Jim Hightower

Let’s go to the scoreboard to see who’s winning the exciting presidential election media coverage game.

The Tyndall Report, a non-partisan media monitoring firm that has been tracking the nightly news broadcasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC, found that Trump is tromp, tromp, tromping over the airtime of everyone else.


Thanks Mr Hightower, ever informing and stimulating the people.
The media has been corrupted to serve the interests of big-money. Without fairness and truth in media it is just propaganda and diversion, and that is what it has become - just a tool to twist the truth and focus to maintain the power and domination of the 1%. The independence of the Fourth Estate should be seen and maintained as essential to any democracy - without it we are easy marks to be manipulated.

Bernie Sanders represents a threat to the status quo of dominance and control of the uber-wealthy and corporate manipulation. Since those interests control the media in so many ways, of course they are diminishing the message of truth Sanders brings to the otherwise bleak political table. Only a groundswell of support and funding to the Sanders campaign and message of real change will keep the pressure on, and perhaps Bernie's message will reach more people.

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Many moons ago those who really run the show in this country sought out to run and control the media. And they succeeded thanks to our corrupt politicians whom they also own. It just surprises me that people are still befuddled about what the media does and how they operate.

Those in power have already deemed Hillary to be the next President; and the media is delivering that message.


Well said. Bernie's followers know the lame stream media is worthless that's why they follow on the internet. What we need is for one TVnews? outlet or one News?paper to break ranks.
If the DNC ignores Bernie and declares Killery the candidate, all hell will break loose (I hope)


The media also doesn't tell about the nearly one million innocent people killed in the middle east by invaders. Nor does it tell of the four democracies the US helped destroy during the current administration.

US media does not explain why the US is seen as the largest threat to peace or that if everyone on Earth lived like Users, humans would need four planets for pollution recycling.


Hillary is the anointed one. The media will do all in their power to assist. They are happy to exploit the clown car antics of the "Republican" party, while forgoing profits by concealing Bernie's people-resonating message through fewer and mostly hidden "Democratic" debates.


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The media is primarily in the entertainment business, and Donald Trump is an entertaining clown -- for some.

For the most part, the broadcast news organizations are lazy. It's easier to follow the Republican horse race and wallow in gossip and trivia than to deal with legitimate issues. The next time Donald Trump says something of substance will be the first, and if it ever happens, the so-called broadcast journalists will be baffled.

The media isn't interested in complex issues, and Bernie is the only candidate who understands the interconnected nature of many of the critical issues that should be discussed in this campaign.

Covering Bernie requires an understanding of the issues. It requires thought -- and work.

It's much easier to simply parrot the fear-mongering and scapegoating from the likes of Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.


"... incessant chirping of the yellow-crested birdbrain, ..."
What a perfect description of the dump trump!
This country is desperately in need of a serious discussion of what is really going on -- Bernie is doing everything in his power to have that, but our idiot propaganda-mongers are working overtime to make sure his message doesn't get heard by the peons that need to hear it the most! Those of us who frequent these progressive sites are already on the wagon, but those that are seriously considering voting for the "yellow-crested birdbrain" don't frequent these sites.

And for alligatorhardt -- I want Bernie to beat killary in the primaries and THEN ask Jill Stein to be his running mate; i know that there are many who want Elizabeth Warren to be VP but I think Stein would be a much better choice b/c then maybe the Green Party would FINALLY get some traction!


Corporate media serve their class agenda which Sanders threatens. They have their narrative in place and see their role as opinion makers. Fortunately, the internet has undermined corporate control of information. It is up to every one of us to spread real news to the public whether about Sanders or climate or the reality of police brutality, corporate corruption or foreign policy.


The media has too much Trump, it is ridiculous, but Hightower is not doing such a great journalistic job either by completely ignoring a PPP poll from Dec 21 that has Trump leading Sanders by 2 points. So it is not clear that Sanders would trounce Trump. As is often the case the polls are providing conflicting results. Also, it should be remembered that Trump is a frontrunner at the moment leading by about 20 points nationally while Sanders is far back in second place trailing Clinton by perhaps 20 points. So the media mogul conspiracy theory that claims Sanders is being kept out the media doesn't seem to be that sound. Basically, Trump winning by 20 points is big news while Sanders trailing by 20 points is not.


The msm isn't avoiding Bernie because he's too complicated for them. They avoid Bernie because his cause is too simple to expose to their audience, for whom they have contempt.


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Exactly! Like I have posted before, the Fourth Reich has its propaganda mouth piece; it is called: THE FOURTH ESTATE!

That is why the media isn't feeling the Bern. The Goebbels media has selected Donald Trump and Hilliary Rotten Clinton as their news darlings and they keep acting like the Wall Street stooge, HRC, has the Democratic nomination for POTUS all wrapped up!


You only skim the surface. If it were only the matter of what was easy, that would hardly explain why right wing corporate interests maneuver themselves into control-of-mass-media positions. And that's hardly reserved for the USA, alone.

Advertising dollars are of course appreciated by these outfits. Yet to speak only about profits without giving equal time to the propagandistic components of a State-Corporate (merger = fascism) controlled media is to miss the point about what this control of narrative means to any authoritarian state or related entity.

By promoting the idea that the media prefers sound-bytes to honest dialog without digging deeper into WHY this is so is to traffic in superficial commentary.

Why is it "easier" to parrot the fear-mongering and scapegoating of a Trump or Cruz? Does it not play well in a militarily-driven society with a policy of aggressive wars? Wars require enemies and Trump and Cruz speak in that idiom all the time!

You make it seem that programming serves no purpose other than The Program, itself.


If, HRC wins the democratic nomination next fall we progressives need to be ready. If someone could start a petition that said something to the effect that we will protest our vote by voting third party or anybody, including Trump! If Bernie is denied the Democratic nomination for POTUS. Maybe, just maybe if that petition had millions of signatures, it would give Bernie a lot of political, leverage.


If it's recognized that Mr. Sanders does indeed threaten the Class Agenda (or preferred policies of the 1% Donor Caste), then it puts his critics into a bit of a conundrum. They so readily and repeatedly argue that he's in cahoots with Hillary or the Dems, or that he's a sell-out like Obama, or that he'll be the next savior that betrays his voting base... that one wonders what Sanders' opponents make of this media black-out?

For one thing, it makes their character assassinations of Sanders' campaign a lot weaker.

And while Mr. Sanders has not shown himself to be the David prepared to stand up to the M.I.C. Goliath, his domestic policies are far and away magnitudes greater than anything the idiots from the right or the true corporate candidate, Hillary, would endorse no less put into practice.


The media is playing its part to ignore, marginalize and demonize Bernie. It is still very effective as most Americans are still unaware of who Bernie Sanders is while the "yellow crested birdbrain" is a household name. If the odd poll shows that Bernie would trounce Trump, it is only polling registered DNC voters or assuming that if Bernie were chosen as the Democratic candidate, the majority of the population by election time will have heard of him. Meanwhile corporate money is pouring into HRC's campaign to find willing supporters of HRC to come out in droves during the primaries and bury Bernie early. The Democratic party has a history of undermining Progressive and popular candidates so as not to alienate their corporate sponsors.
Jim Hightower's article here highlights just how effective the MSM is at ignoring and marginalizing Bernie. If this campaign fails to erode support for Bernie, then the MSM will move to their next stage of 'Operation no-democracy-at-any-cost' and manufacture some type of scandal to demonize Sanders before he gains anymore traction. But the key for the MSM now is to deliver two messages to registered DNC voters... 1) Bernie who? and 2) only HRC can win against the Republicans. While this is manufactured nonsense, it has had the desired effect on the few who know Bernie Sanders in that they are second guessing the electability of Bernie. HRC's corporate sponsored minions are now scouring the countryside of New Hampshire and Iowa delivering the same message and promising whatever it takes to convince registered Democratic voters to abandon their support for Bernie. Nevertheless HRC is worried as registered Democratic voters tend to be much more politically savvy than the average American out there (just by the mere fact that a registered voter takes the time to get involved in this crucial aspect of the election) and many won't decide who they're voting for until the day of their State primary.
I urge all readers here to become registered Democratic voters before the primaries begin so that we can counter the corporate juggernaut designed to derail the Sanders campaign. Nothing less than American democracy is at stake here and it is our duty as members of the 99% to reclaim our country from the grip of corporate fascism.


The status quo protector shills on.


I just had an epiphany-- what if all of us who are for Bernie went to all those websites and posted comments with links showing why he's the best choice? We may not get all of them that way, but I do believe it would make a difference especially this early in the current silly season. Look at it this way, we've seriously got nothing to lose!