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Why Joe Biden Was Afraid to Face California’s Democratic Party

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/03/why-joe-biden-was-afraid-face-californias-democratic-party

One down, forty-nine to go. Just say no to Joe.


While it is obvious that Sanders and Warren have the largest grass roots support of all of the candidates, it will be interesting to see how the DCC undermines the will of the electorate. Corporate America has already sent a clear message to their base (i.e. Pelosi) that they will not stand for any meddling by progressive Democratic candidates with their ideas of democracy, closing the income gap, universal healthcare, taxing the rich or any kind of peace initiatives on the world stage.
If Sanders and Warren are cheated out of this political process (which I expect to happen), this should give rise to either a viable third party or else a second civil war. The despair felt by the majority of Americans will not be fooled by the Democrat’s insistence on placing yet another corporate sycophant in office to debate the Republican sycophant on who can out-right the other.
On a side note, I joined the Democratic Party online a month ago. All I have gotten are endless emails begging me to donate cash to ‘defeat Trump’ by the usual suspects like Perez. No policies have been put forward, no discussion about over hauling the establishment and no meaningful strategies presented to fight corporate power have materialized. Therefore I agree whole heartedly with AOC that we must only give to a particular candidate and not to the Party itself. The Democratic Party has done nothing at all to distinguish themselves from the Republicans except to attack Trump 24/7. This is bad politics and is demeaning to those who are actually paying attention to the political process.


Personally, I don’t feel that candidates speeches matter much at all. Inspiring people through great oration is one of the oldest tricks of a politician’s trade.
Grandiose promises are made in speeches, seldom kept.
Looking at Elizabeth Warren’s actions in the past, not supporting Bernie when he needed her during the 2016 primary (he lost Massachusetts by less than 1.5%), and not supporting the Native Americans at Standing Rock, tell me far more about her political courage and integrity than any speech she might make.


Spoiler Alert: What you will learn by the end of 2020 is that the true function of the Democratic Party is to keep reformers & leftish persons busy trying to push a ‘progressive’ candidate through the Convention & other useless exercises in chasing one’s own tail. That way they will never form a functional working-class coalition & the Right Wing Status Quo can continue full speed ahead, just as it had been doing the past 39 years.


“This is bad politics and is demeaning to those who are actually paying attention to the political process.”


I often heard delegates bring up shameful milestones in Biden’s political history—especially his opposition to busing for school desegregation, treatment of Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas hearings, leading role in passage of the 1994 crime bill, career-long services to corporate elites, and powerful support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Status Quo Joe got the title: The Senator from MasterCard a long time ago, for good reason, and it still fits.
His avoiding this event was strategic cowardice.


You have my sympathies, friend.


Biden was at an event in Ohio, in remembrance of the Stonewall Riots, to raise money for the Human Rights Campaign. I’m sure it was booked well in advance. Why not put that at the top of the story instead of burying it in a parenthetical? It’s always possible that the LGBT community in Ohio appreciated his presence and his endorsement of a state non-discrimination bill, SB 11, which he did. Per the story, I guess that was an outrageous thing for him to do.

I spent two days at the convention and didn’t see any sign of support for Joe Biden. No buttons, no signs, no table, no positive comments. Nothing.


The Ohio speech took how long? Maybe at an absolute maximum time spent there, let us say six hours to be very generous.

The CA Dem Convention ran for three days and, given the size and logistics of it, was probably scheduled long before the Ohio event was giving everyone ample opportunity to make arrangements to be there.

Biden’s staff managed to be in CA for the weekend, arranging fundraisers with people who oppose what most people want…an equitable future for all.


Sounds like you know as much as I do and the rest is speculation. I’ll continue not to be outraged that he raised money for the Human Rights Campaign and pushed state and federal level equality bills. Biden will have plenty of time to campaign in California.

Notice that the Ds stop short of opening an impeachment inquiry with subpoena power.


What you should know but don’t mention is the fact that Uncle Joe’s handlers are purposefully keeping him out of the public limelight (aka, the Biden gaffe zone) where his tendency to say dumb, unscripted things is an understandable concern.

Oh, and he will say dumb things as campaign season heats up. My prediction: he’s already seen the top of his polling numbers with nowhere to go now but down.


You are correct of course. Oratory says nothing about one’s ability to rule but may only be a predictor of one’s ability to influence others. Past actions and votes are the best predictors of future actions . . .


There’s no doubt about the first part of that. I hope you are right about the second part. I worry that the electorate won’t care much what he says since they are being fed a steady diet of even more outlandish things coming from the President.

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Lots more wrong with Warren. But this is CD tying her to Sanders again in the same attempt to make her appear ‘progressive’, which she isn’t. No mention of Tulsi, who was there, and who is progressive.


I caught that also. Not only was Tulsi not mention, none of the others where mentioned either. I don’t know who else was there but surly at least one or two of the others had to be more progressive than Warren.


Biden is not afraid. Why should he care? He been a politician since before I was born. And I’ll still vote for Bernie, Biden, Beto, or Betty Boop before I ever vote for Trump.

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Why should I mention that? I’ve never been a Biden fan whatsoever and have said he’s a problematic, gaffe prone candidate since before he announced.