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Why John Bolton Really Hates the International Criminal Court


Why John Bolton Really Hates the International Criminal Court

Brett Wilkins

On February 12, 2010, US Army Rangers conducted a nighttime raid on a home in the village of Khataba, outside Gardez, Afghanistan. Dozens of men, women and children, including the district prosecutor and local police chief, had gathered at the house to celebrate the naming of a newborn baby just before the raid occurred. The Rangers stormed the home with guns blazing, killing the prosecutor, police chief, two pregnant women and a teenage girl.


Bolton is well in the “mainstream” of U.S. political discourse on the ICC. Which is logical considering that the U.S. is the furthest-reaching, most powerful, most violent empire in human history.


Prosecuting war criminals is the best way to protect our troops.
No “patriot” should defend war crimes.

But prosecuting war criminals would of course mean that a lot of “important” people would go to jail and so that will never happen.


The ICC will remain a farce only until persons like Tony Blair, G W Bush and crew are prosecuted. They have to start at the top of war criminals and then work their way down to those underlyings such as those Rangers (These guys are called ELITE and worshipped in mainstream cumlture much like the SEALS . They are nothing more then remorseless killers) and those present at Abu Ghraib that were sodomizing children.

The ICC tends to hide behind weasel words when asked as to why they only go after Africans or persons of Nation States which the Western Nations intent on dismembering (see Yugoslavia) they claim that Countries such as the United Kingdom , France and the USA have robust legal systems and will use their own legal systems to prosecute war criminals. They claim if the courts in the UK as example do not think Tony Blair as a war criminal than Tony Blair has been cleared of war crimes and an ICC Prosecution would serve no purpose.

By the way back to those US troops. Many of them joined the Military because they claim they want to defend “freedom and liberty” Many joined the Military after 9/11 in a patriotic fervor and justify their actions in those foreign Countries where they murder Civilians as “self defense” and as part of “The war on terror”.

In spite of this those same troops are present in Idlib province where they are arming and training ISIS and Al Qaeda members. They helped topple Qaddaffi in the same way they hope to get rid of Assad , using Al Qaeda linked proxies. It not well known but at the end of WW2 rather than disarm the Japanese in China and Korea, the US troops were ordered to go on joint patrols with them to “kill communists” . The troops resisted and the US Military faced a rebellion and those in charge had to change course. In Vietnam when the troops began to recognize what a corrupt war they were involved in, they too started to turn on their leaders. There is little to none of that now and this demonstrates why the Pentagon agrred to an all volunteer force. There just a lot more among those volunteers that like to kill. There a lot more that will “follow orders” no matter what those orders are.


And what more proof does any intelligent person need that Amerika is an empire a… totalitarian regime that needs it’s war criminals to be prosecuted for it’s plethora of war crimes by the ICC. Too many to name here but for starters: Obama, both Bushes, Madeline Albright, Kissinger, and of course, Bolton!




I would like the writer to give me an example of US Troops murdering babies in their cradles. Maybe Brett Wilkins wants to face an ICC tribuneral with judges from Cuba, Iran, and Saudi Arabia----most of us don’t.




and all others who undermine international treaties and laws
like blackwater and mercenary corporations


It is debatable which empire is most violent in terms of kills over the last few centuries, as China, Russia/USSR , Germany are up there, and maybe also UK.

USA breaks the time and “wins” based threat of violence, specifically the nuclear threat.


This is not well known, but B29 crewmen who were shot down over Japan and captured were tried, convicted, and executed. By the Japanese just before the Occupation began, of course.


Add all the detailed war planners and leaders who ensured the primary targets were the civilian populations.


While a few actually were bombed in their cradles, most died due to destruction of the public health system, including water and good supplies. Dead is still dead, and intentional and premeditated is still a capital crime.


It’s not at all debatable, especially after WW2 if you look at the numbers. Look at Edward Hermann and Bill Blum for starters. The sheer volume of U.S. led and sponsored murderousness is mind-boggling and soul-killing.

And there’s this:

After the genocides against Native Americans, the slaughters of Africans, African-Americans and the U.S. Civil were the chief killing machines until the Spanish-American Wars. And there were also the atrocities of the Monroe Doctrine, enslavement of Mexicans, Indians and Asian workers etc.

No other nation in history even comes close to the blood-thirstiness or the breadth of the U.S. imperial project.


Many of the American people are so braindead stupid that they cheer on the murdering. You can’t fix stupid and many millions of Americans specialize in being stupid.


The US will have met its match in the ICC, not because the court can institute penalty, but because it can publicly and evidentially prove the US to be a gross, hypocrite, a nation which would sacrifice anyone and everyone to its vain goal of World control. It is immoral, unethical and criminally responsible for the deaths of millions of people. You really can’t get much worse than that!


I’m pretty sure it’s because the Psycho Walrus is allergic to nooses.


Watch Wikileak’s “Collateral Murder” to see the US attacking a press photographer, rescuers and children in Iraq. There is absolutely no justification for the depicted attack, other than blood lust and a desire to terrorize.


Could have R. Bales been excused for his recognition that sixteen people he killed were humans; surely, he’d never ever shoot to kill sixteen cats or dogs if he believed that those afghanis were dogs or lambs? One just cannot get angry with these animals for being just that.

One looks into a dog’s or lamb’s eyes and their eyes look more innocent than that of even Jesus. Actually, Jesus was a raging bull; extremely hateful/etc, but never ever killed even one of the pharisees let alone any of their captives.


To not submit to international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is tantamount to declaring yourself a ‘rogue state.’ America has just offcially declared itself a rogue state. Calls for some sort of celebration!


Give the Nazis and Stalinists the credit they deserve in the megakilling department. The Maoists are also up there.