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Why Kashmir Is Suddenly a Potential Global Point of Conflict

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/14/why-kashmir-suddenly-potential-global-point-conflict

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It is now apparently considered “normal” in the malignant trumpian world to unilaterally “pull-out” of,and/or abrogate treaties, regulatory environmental protections, treatment of refugees, nuclear test ban agreements, military occupation, and more; that is a recipe for disaster.
That is what happens under a self-absorbed narcissist and idiot. trumps actions absent strong push-back arguably lead directly to other rulers and/or extremists/racists nationalists emulating trumps criminal contempt for precedent, law, and lives with impunity.

The unilateral move by India’s Hindu nationalist Modi to "revoke " the long-standing special agreements in Jammu and Kashmir a case in point, can arguably be laid directly at trumps doorstep - under an engaged US leader of wisdom it’s likely this action by Modi might not have happened.
Hopefully Modi’s contempt for precedent and stability as well as justice and human rights abuses (not to mention nuclear war) will see massive global opposition.

While this was a very informative article, I found the lack of mention of water to be a gaping hole in sketching out the many conflicts in that region.
The water issue directly affects Pakistan and the Kashmir territories.

sigh we humans are so incorrigible. Always hating on each other over a piece of land or some stupid belief (mostly in fictional entities). Tribalism at its finest.

These two countries are brothers though. They should embrace each other and their differences and build a strong united front celebrating these differences, not killing each other. India’s very own Taj Mahal was built by a muslim and is carved with words from the Koran. Huge parts of Indian culture, including language and cuisine, have been influenced by mughals that ruled most of northern India from the early 16th to the mid-18th century. Islam is part of India’s culture one way or the other just as India is part of Pakistan’s. Live and let live instead of this. The sad thing is, India’s move is only giving the opposition the ammo it needs to make yet another case against India as the aggressor and thus recruit more people to perpetuate the violence. In turn India will just feel vindicated saying they were right all along about them muslims being violent, which they then will use as justification to come down hard on that region even more. And round and round it goes. Self perpetuating hatred.Hating for the sake of hating and cause that’s all you know and have ever done.

It really is tragic.

That said, I don’t want to see US involvement. We got our own hate to deal with. If they are so hell bent on killing each other I say let them. Not our problem.