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Why Kavanaugh Shoudln't Be Confirmed

Why Kavanaugh Shoudln't Be Confirmed

John Atcheson

The Republicans managed to make Thursday’s hearing a he said/she said debate, and they managed to make the standard for disqualifying Kavanaugh one of proving him guilty, “beyond a reasonable doubt” exactly as they wanted to do.

And by having only two witnesses, Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, it was a forgone conclusion that burden wouldn’t be met, although certainly Dr. Ford came across as far more credible than Judge Kavanaugh.

But as many have pointed out, the Senate’s advice and consent role is more like a job interview than a criminal trial.


What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Candor:  WATERBOARD KAVANAUGH!!

Apparently Kavanaugh approves of waterboarding as a legitimate means for extracting information from persons being questioned, since he was part of War Criminal John Yoo’s team charged by the Lying Son-
of-a-Bush with providing legal justification for employing it during the height of the Iraq conflict.  Surely he cannot discredit his earlier testimony by refusing to submit to waterboarding now, or at the very least to a polygraph examination (another method – somewhat less controversial – for seeking the truth, the reliab-
ility of which he is also on record as confirming).


No,No,No, don’t let him off with a polygraph, go with you’re gut instinct Uncle, Waterboard!!


I’m okay if they give him the polygraph first, then waterboard him.

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Quit talking about why the Reps “should” vote any way but to confirm. It makes you sound naive about the presence of any kind of value system other than the two party charade of values.

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The burden of proof of his suitability for office should be on the applicant (Kavanaugh), and those who seek his appointment, and in view of the importance of the office and the consequences of a faulty appointment, the standard of proof should be high. If there is reasonable doubt of his suitability as a Justice of the Supreme Court he should not be appointed, in favor of one free of such doubt.

And that’s just common sense.

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Actually he flunked it 36 years ago, when – as he noted in his diary then and confirmed in his testimony on 08/27/18 – he went to his friend Timmy’s house on 07/01/82 for [brew]skis with Judge and P.J.  Brett Kavan­augh was born on February 12, 1965.  He was only 17, and drinking illegally on 07/01/82, even if – as he incorrectly claims – the drinking age in Maryland was 18 at the time.

NO-ONE with such a casual disregard for the law has ANY business being a Judge in ANY court, much less a Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States.  IMHO, not only should he NOT be confirmed for SCOTUS, he should be Impeached and removed from his position on the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals on the grounds of lying to Congress.

That’s fine, I just want his prep school ass to experience what he helped legalize, waterboarding.

From the article:

"The fact is, Kavanaugh should never have gotten this far, and by failing to confront his past lies and allowing the debate to be framed in a “guilty vs not guilty” context, Democrats may have failed to derail what is a monstrous threat to an essential institution."

Almost as if by design, eh?

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Isn’t there some sort of ethics committee for the federal judiciary that could start proceedings to throw this lying creep off the federal appeals court bench? They need to start now!

The fact that Nancy Pelosi is saying that impeaching his lying ass isn’t on the table supports your point.