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Why Labour is Putting Energy Reform at the Heart of Its Green Agenda


Why Labour is Putting Energy Reform at the Heart of Its Green Agenda

Jeremy Corbyn

We are on course for a climate catastrophe. 2016 is set to be the hottest year on record.


Thank you, Mr. Corbyn. The world needs more forward thinkers like yourself.

This is right on:

"Too often, environmental catastrophe is explained in the same terms as an asteroid hitting the earth. But the problems and the solutions are political – they are about the prioritisation of profit over the needs of people and, at the heart of it all, a lack of democracy in how decisions are made."


Good man.

Past and present experience shows however, that leaving things in the hands of politicians is a recipe for disaster.

Direct Democracy


Seeing how US media is pretending the Green Party, Stein and Baraka don't exist, you will need to read about Stein/Baraka in the Guardian.

Good to see that Old King Coal is being challenged in the UK.


Superb, thanks CD for re-publishing Corbyn's new energy policy brief.

Energy democracy and local accountability! With financial and material infrastructure dedicated to support both! What a sound concept, completely ignored and demonized by the corporate media, and by the Blairite "there is no alternative" neoliberal / "Third Way" British Labour party that Corbyn so seriously threatens...


Direct democracy, aka mob rule, does not have a fabulous record. While the present system is hardly ideal, the idea of the mob voting for whatever Murdoch manages to whip up is truly scary.


That direct democracy is mob rule is what Murdoch and other oligarchs would like us to think. It is their greatest fear. They can't buy 300 million citizens like they can buy, coerce or assassinate 340 politicians.

DD means economic democracy and the peaceful overthrow of oligarchy. See Swiss, Scandinavian and Mondragon governments, then introduce encrypted online voting on a global scale.


They don't seem to have any trouble "buying" citizens currently. Though usually the citizens, rather conveniently, actually pay for the indoctrination themselves.
I must have missed the assassination of 340 politicians though.


Much needed, but how to win over the same working class Labour voters who used to work in the coal pits whom went for Brexit and appear to be going over to the same sort of conservative gasbags that their compatriots in America have done?