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Why Many 2020 Swing States Will Produce Recount Headaches

Why Many 2020 Swing States Will Produce Recount Headaches

Steven Rosenfeld

If the 2020 presidential election hinges on recounts in the closest battleground states, there could be a crisis even greater than the 2000 election where the U.S. Supreme Court ended a Florida recount in its infamous Bush v. Gore ruling.

So—it seems like no one will ever really know who won anything? I read that when Carter v Reagan presidential race went on ----that the NBC guy announced that Reagan won before lots of western states had finished voting. Will television and now computer news decide the win before the voters?
I also read that in Lincoln’s time, the men would show up to vote and would decree their vote out loud. Of course cities were smaller, and women couldn’t vote yet either, but apparently it was easier to HEAR And SEE the votes. Even if votes were all paper, I bet lots would be kidnapped and lost. Democratic republic—easier said than accomplished. : (

At this point, a minority of eligible voters imagine that elections are fair or results legitimate. Legal contests are probably inevitable in any but a landslide case.

But are they really so unwelcome, given that the process is so clearly not legitimate–when the Greens cannot assure that their votes are counted for lack of political clout; when the Democrats announce that they may nominate by fiat, without reference to the votes of their members; when so many voted for a clown as least-worst candidate to avoid voting for someone who had taken foreign monies to conduct a cascade of wars that might involve other nuclear powers?

Really, it hardly seems meet that the ballot box should be the one place that we not have to fight all this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had to use paper ballots in every election? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone proposed such a law in Congress?

You bring up an interesting point stardustIBID. If you can’t actively campaign on election day at voting places, how hard would it be to regulate returns? Disallow any vote tally’s until after midnight pacific time.

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I hope Pelosi is on track with our voter/voting reforms. If not, watch out again.

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Seeing how the GOP has been posturing to have POTUS elections suspended and Trump’s alien voter paranoia charade has set the stage for that to happen in 2020, the recount issues may be academic.