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'Why Me, Specifically?' Says Asian-American Reporter After Trump Tells Her to 'Ask China' About Testing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/11/why-me-specifically-says-asian-american-reporter-after-trump-tells-her-ask-china


Everything is a reality show competition to Trump. It’s all one big game that he has to win. As for asking this particular reporter…he’s not even trying to hide his racism anymore. He’s a chickenhawk about ready to bolt from DC. He’s already told the states that they’re on their own.


A very good point made toward the end of this article: Slavishly broadcasting these spectacles day after day normalizes workplace harassment. Orangeman models the ultimate abusive-asshole boss, for the excruciating pleasure of any who have encountered the type (or not).

Always has, though. I spent all my life trying to get far away from anyone like that, and it turns out this is the kind of behavior my fellow USAmericans admire, or maybe want to have a beer with. That’s part of our exceptionalism: An exceptionally masochistic fealty to assholery.


When are we going to do a black out of Trump? Right now, the NNU is having an informative Facebook live “teach in”.



If the psychopathic Orange Idiot walks off every time a “tough” but true question is asked, more of these questions MUST be asked.

If he walks off EVERY TIME, that will thoroughly expose his cowardice to everyone, including his rabid cult. And maybe he will stop giving these useless “performances”.

We are in the most unprecedented times ever (the life-ending climate crisis, possible nuclear wars with China & Russia, the Covid-19 pandemic, Great Depression-era unemployment), so it is time for unprecedented resistance to the corrupt status quo, including from the usually-supine corporate media.


Joe Biden should send trump a thank you note for today’s performance.


Uncle Joe will reciprocate with pathetic performances of his own, I’m sure. Then Uncle Donnie will have to send him a thank you note.


No evidence of that yet.

This is a Juan Peron cult in the making. Long after Trump leaves office his base will play these clips over and over as examples of “how it was when our guy was president.” He’s instituting generations of racists.


If the DC republicans think this virus came from a bat in China, it should be easy to duplicate the transmission to prove it. Get some bats tested for the virus. A positive bat bites a chicken, mammal. These are then slaughtered after a few days. If the animals test positive, there is a strong possible that is how C-19 got started. Need to find if a butcher or grocer in China was first victim or customer.

Otherwise, this is a fast kill kissinger war virus.
Fort Detrick was shut down last year and it was not because of peeling paint on a wall.

What a jerk!
But I’ve known that for decades as would anyone else who is the least bit observant.

Glad to see some persistence by these 2 women. There’s a sign that maybe some of the reporters will start cooperating & coordinating with each other.


Trump won’t allow himself to be overwhelmed by reporters. He will, if bested, do the six-year-old stomp off the stage routine. God, I hope when that happens he is laughed at all the way into the WH.

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Trump should commit hari-kari; but he’s too chicken-s…t.

They say prolonged contact over time is how viruses can move to another species, rarely from a single contact. This prolonged and repeated contact occurs when wild animals are displaced from natural habitat and end up in close proximity to humans over a prolonged period. It doesn’t help if the damn fools decide to start eating the the diseased wildlife on a regular basis.


SARS1 from 10 years ago had notation that virus died at 157 degrees F.
Human has pH = 3 in stomach. This should be fatal to the virus.

The CDC web site, last week, said ‘recent’ but the opinion is 10 years old.
I am very disappointed in the science and physicians on TV trying to explain the current situation and it is on so late and only on cable opinion networks.

Tomorrow, dr. fauci testifies to senate, and he has provided a preview of what he is going to say.
May be on c-span, 2 or 3

The too early open for business is going to kill off an extra 40,000 americans to help keep wall street putting 5% into their accounts.

Trickle down is a lie
Trickle up in a true competative economy would work.
But we have monopolies choking any competition.
Meat and poultry processing plants are prime examples.
What can go wrong?
Fix by decentralize the food distribution.


If in fact November’s (and so the next four year’s) choice is Biden or Trump, we are in very grave danger.


We’ll have to wake Joe up, first.

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With each day that passes, more and more people are bcoming aware that trumpty dumpty is a FASCIST, through and through. A good idea to boycott press conferences with him except, of course, that all his right wing extremist supporters in the press will not do so and the narrative will be even mor skewed in his direction. At least this way his fascism is on show for all to see.


Beautifully stated Aleph, could not have said it better myself.