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Why Medicare-for-All Is Good for Business


Why Medicare-for-All Is Good for Business

Bernie Sanders

Despite major improvements made by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), our health care system remains in crisis. Today, we have the most expensive, inefficient, and bureaucratic health care system in the world. We spend almost $10,000 per capita each year on health care, while the Canadians spend $4,644, the Germans $5,551, the French $4,600, and the British $4,192.


As always Bernie gets it right and says it in a way most people can understand. no wonder he is the most popular politician.

It is not rocket science but Amerika is too exceptional to study 37 other nations programs to weed out the bad and take the good.

But then medicial industrial complex does not want to give up there profits or should I say the CEO’s/top management.


An important additional point is entrepreneurship.

More people will risk going into business if they are not at the same time risking the health insurance of themselves and their families.

Just a few highly successful new business per year will go a long way toward paying the cost of medicare for all.


It needs to be improved Medi-Care for all that pays 100% of cost for everyone in Amerika citizen or not. I do wish he would say that it could be easily paid for by ending the endless wars




I would easily be paid by half of what you’all are paying out of pocket, in insurance premiums, and in taxes.


Bernie had said that many times before, just not in this particular article.


At this point, “fixing” our healthcare system is like rearranging chairs on the Titanic. Bernie knows this well and knows how to spread the message and get people to listen. It’s rather obvious why the DNC booted this man to the side… Both Reps and Dems choose profit over people every. Single. TIME.

Please run in 20/20, Bernie!!


I got a chance to read a few stories that are probably similar to those that some commenters who are not bullish on the semantics (Medicare for All) of the current push are reading: https://www.rollcall.com/news/opinion/opinion-medicare-new-repeal-replace and https://www.thenation.com/article/medicare-for-all-isnt-the-solution-for-universal-health-care/. I’m starting to have doubts myself. Now may not be the time to dive into the smallest minutiae I agree, but it sounds like it is the time to flesh out HR 676 a bit more with a home page that addresses every point critics are going to throw at it (how do you handle the transition, what are the funding schemes being considered, and what are the exact ways it works for the person getting care).

I’m not on Medicare yet (I’m 55 and working at a company that contributes to my Blue Cross plan), but the idea that there is no cap on out of pocket expenses with Medicare right now - that is a big messaging issue. Sure you can emphasize that that is the “Improve it” part before rolling it out to everyone, but honestly I wonder if an entirely new name wouldn’t have been the better messaging strategy. I’m excited that even Chuck Schumer says single payer is on the table (http://www.salon.com/2017/07/23/chuck-schumer-says-single-payer-health-care-is-on-the-table-for-democrats/) but I’m nervous too - it’s not like snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is an unknown thing to Democrats.


Now what Bernie has to do is convince his Republican colleagues in Congress that Medicare-for-All is what the US should have for a healthcare insurance system. If he can sell it across the aisle then it is game on. Right now it is more about fixing Obamacare. Whether that goes anywhere should be known soon after Congress returns from the August recess.


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Just a few highly successful new business per year will go a long way toward paying the cost of medicare for all.

We need more than that, though that’s a good start. We also need to cut spending of the MIC (we don’t NEED dozens of nuclear bombs) AND we need to tax the 1% and corporations at higher rates. No tax cuts for them – just a continued higher rate for higher incomes…


LRX, he needs to convince a lot of Democrats and a few Independents, as well.


It’s simple. In America the people don’t come first. When was the last time the government actually did something that made you feel like they were listening and your wishes came first? Until you get the money out of politics you can expect to be playing last fiddle to all of the monied interests ahead of you.


I’m sure he will try. At least with Republican voters, he is not starting from ground zero (http://reason.com/blog/2017/04/06/republicans-for-single-payer). Maybe he can get those voters to pressure their representatives.


I hope you are right, though the Republican leaders probably want less than Medicare-for-all. I doubt if Mitch and some others will get on board.


Greedy, fear driven conservatives might re-think the trillion dollars for new nukes idea and put money instead into Medicare for all and a Universal Basic Income.

Don’t they fear that the nukes can be hacked and turned against US? Or does greed overcome fear?

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This is the case in Canada, the UK, Germany and France among others. The economic burden of providing health care to a business’ employees is also much higher because US health care is about twice as expensive.


You are describing Cuba.

The first words I heard walking in the airport entrance line were, “How do you feel?”

I was surprised. “What do you mean?” I asked.

An attractive thirty something Mrs. Mom looked at me and smiled honest welcome. “How do you feel?” She repeated.

“Bien,” I answered and was admitted into the country and the medical system. I had Cuban health insurance the instant i stepped in the door.


The problem is that the great majority of people in Congress have been “bought off”. They aren’t working for their $174,000 a year salaries, but for the bribes they get and conceal in off shore bank accounts. Or in various “favors” given to family members. It isn’t always in cash either.