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Why Medicare for Some Is the Wrong Idea

Why Medicare for Some Is the Wrong Idea

Diane Archer

If you’re following the health care debate, you’ve already heard quite a bit about “Medicare for all,” the proposal to improve and expand Medicare, the government health insurance program for older adults and people with disabilities, to all Americans. As proposed by Sen.

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Can’t wait to hear Joe Biden’s position on Improved and Expanded Medicare for All.

And he’s going to tell us as soon as the health insurance, pharma, and private hospital lobbyists tell him what it is.


Since health care doesn’t really exist for most, it’s more like heath care being a lottery and charging lots of money for a ticket----and even if you win, you lose because the medicine prices are so high that they are killing people!
I am also wondering about all the people getting measles now—do they all really believe that the vaccines can harm them—or are they too poor now for the parents to afford ?Pandemics aren’t that hard to start but stopping them is another scenario!
So listen carefully rich people, when worse diseases come , like the plague----or another pandemic of 1918—that’s an even worse lottery because the poor and the rich die equally. Money doesn’t help you then.
When all the people in a nation have real health care, then the nation is much safer and stronger-----and besides, corporate ones -----when people have been dying lately from food borne illness, or drugs that are NOT tested carefully before being put out on the market, or having reactions to Unclean water, and counterfeit medicine------what makes you think rich and powerful people .that ALL of the People don’t matter? It really does takes skills of all kinds to have a nation function-----but America per Trump, is seeming to create a Neo Brave New World , which will be scary for all. And I don’t want to scare you, congress people, but you will be hurting a lot of people with this pretend health care—and people will die—and so, if you continue supporting this----cross your fingers if you have to be hospitalized, because by harming so many----someone might decided to be revengeful— and we will see another sad tale of a human who thought money and power makes a person immortal : (

I’m so sick and tired by my Medicare insurance company(Blue Cross-Blue Shield) making medical decisions for my health. Are ins agents also holding medical degrees and licenses? No? Then why the hell can’t I get the inhaler covered that does the job of the two that they do cover? Kickbacks? Explains the problem we all face. Profit from being ill has to be abolished.


Trump’s announcement today confirms that we are accelerating on the road to Medicare for NONE !


Thoughtful commentators and well intentioned politicians telling us that Medicare for All is not a practical approach to health care reform are neither thoughtful nor well intentioned.