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Why Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Speech Is So Important in the Trump Era


Why Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Speech Is So Important in the Trump Era

Juan Cole

Occasionally entertainment and politics intersect, often hitting a false note. You never want your screenplay to be, as they say in Hollywood, “on the nose.” You have to step sideways away from ordinary news and address some dimension of the human condition to make art.


The call to xenophilia, not just for entertainers, is important in all eras.


It is up to governors and mayors to have zero tolerance for acts of violence based on hate of certain groups. I think this will be strongly enforced in many places but not everywhere which is a concern. Also, of concern are memories of people on the left attacking Trump supporters as they left Trump rallies. Trump supporters may also be at risk. Any such violence by both sides must be seen as unacceptable. Civil behavior must be supported and encouraged.


I studiously avoided another awards ceremony last night, and as I have only broadcast TV here much of what was being awarded would have been unknown to me anyhow... Thanks Mr. Cole for embedding Streep's speech in this article.

Then I saw Trump's tweet claiming Meryl being one of the most over-rated actors in Hollywood. Made me think of the scene in Saving Private Ryan when Cpt. Miller hears the broadcast Nazi propaganda that "The Statue of Liberty is Kaput!" and he remarks "That's very disconcerting."

Meryl bears a very strong physical resemblance to my sister and also a kindred moral and artistic sense and when I see and hear Meryl she always reminds me of my sister. Thank you Meryl and sis for showing what it means not to be cowed by fear and by bullies.


Where was Streep when all those women and children were drowning in the Mediterranean as result of Obama/Clinton destroying Libya?


She is truly an icon. Her work has been perfection. This speech addresses the issues and is sorely needed from every corner of this country.
Very honorable.


Where was Meryl Streep? Good question. Nonetheless, your logic is fallacious as it has no bearing on the issues of intolerance and bullying and the responsibility of those in power to set positive examples that she addressed in her speech. The question of bias towards Democratic politicians on the part of Hollywood actors is a separate topic worthy of discussion but it should not be used to devalue or denigrate the sentiments expressed by Streep.


Bravo Meryl.

Great use of that pulpit to say it like it is.


Where was Trump while women and children where drowning?
Your fearless leader was busy using the tragedy to win political points using his immature high school brand of criticism directed towards Clinton.
He sees death and suffering as political opportunism.


That doesn't seem to be the trend though. Trump is setting by example.


Same place you were.


I don't condone it, but it is probably just a warm up for what is coming. Positive example? Obama, for all his faults, can't hold a candle for Trumps already demonstrated despicable behavior. We are already seeing a rise in hate crimes that have spiked since the Trump election.


What happened in this speech was that Mery Streep showed herself to be nothing but a cultural liberal, holding the values that are accepted in the cultural liberal community, but totally unaware of what really is going on in politics.

Thus her attack on Trump in this speech was not helpful since it was a STRAW MAN argument.

Defending legal immigrants who are elites who are not Muslim nor from Mexico doesn't address the issues that Trump has used to propel him to the White House. He has never spoken out against all immigrants.

His attacks (which I adamantly reject) are specific: Mexican undocumented immigrants and Middle East Muslim refugees. Meryl Streep's celebrating Canadian, Australian, British and other foreigner actors and the Hollywood Foreign Press is a "So what?" for those who hold to the specific xenophobic ideas that Trump demagogued.

But cultural liberals, even ones that are the 'most acclaimed actress of our time,' don't really know what the issues are with Trump and those who supported him. They instead are enmeshed in a worldview they haven't really investigated and part of that is that Trump is against foreigners, which of course they react to with horror.

What is the result of this? Well those who support Trump and do so precisely because of his attacks on undocumented Mexican immigrants and Muslim refugees, just get angry at Meryl Streep and dismiss liberals as know nothings who are 'asshats,' (as my high school locker partner was posting on Facebook this morning.) Meanwhile cultural liberals all applaud and feel better about opposing Trump.

Yet no specific argument has been made to counter the specific arguments of Trump on undocumented Mexican immigrants or Middle East Muslim refugees. Thus Meryl Streep's speech was just basically, "Hey, aren't we cultural liberals great and aren't those folk horrid, deplorable, and just beyond the pale?"

Explain to me how that will stop the Imperial project in the Middle East that creates the refugees? Explain to me how that will stop the deporting of undocumented immigrants? Explain to me how that will help anything?


Why are you targeting an actress? As usual don't target those who make the policies- just target another citizen.


I originally had this comment flagged and hidden. So I've edited it so it can be seen.

This is not flagable as far as I can tell. I don't see how it violates any community standards. Hiding this is nothing but censorship it seems to me because it's okay here to call Trump a Bully but not Clinton?


Trump is a bad example of just about everything. He is sort of the opposite of a role model. Just strive to be the exact opposite of Trump and you will probably be a good person. He is everything we teach our kids not to be. Unfortunately there is a macho crazy subculture out there so things are likely to get dicey.


Once the Arab Spring occurred in Libya it was probably doomed no matter what. Either Gaddafi was going to commit genocide to deal with the opposition or the Western powers were going to take out Gaddafi. The only way out would have been for Gaddafi to enact reforms and of course he didn't just like Assad didn't in Syria. These dictators are all about keeping power and wealth to themselves and their family.



Remember during the campaign how you talked about how a Trump win would embolden his supporters?

Looks like they're getting bolder: Jewish Centers in the US and UK were targeted with bomb threats today:


Meanwhile, liberals whine about an actress calling a bully a bully. Honestly, I can no longer tell the difference between the liberals who post here and the conservatives making Pepe memes.


Down hill since 1816? Do you use binoculars backwards as well?


How is this guy a progressive? A long time Trump defender. Hillary hatred can excuse so much.