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Why Mike Pompeo Smirked When Asked If North Korea Executed Negotiators

Why Mike Pompeo Smirked When Asked If North Korea Executed Negotiators

Christopher Brauchli

No wonder Mr. Pompeo awkwardly laughed or, as it was described by some observers, “smirked,” when asked about the reports of the execution of four of the people with whom Mr. Trump and Mr. Pompeo had been negotiating a few shorts months ago. Their roles might have been reversed.

Nut jobs and nukes go together like “what the” and “fuck”.


Good things come to those who wait.

I’m waiting for the executions to begin in Washington DC of those who have lied, cheated, and stolen from the many, to serve the few.

This nation will be well served with that ilk interred below the ground.


Heck, why shouldn’t he smirk? Recall one of his (likely) heroes, W; he smirked all the darn time, and got away with his many “Mission[s] Accomplished” to boot. Worked for W (no blowback, for anything), so why not for The Pomp?


Executions are even less likely than prison sentences, and they ain’t likely (for those at the very top).


Thought we were all dreamers here.

Though some of these characters might merit that fate, it won’t happen here.

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I missed the point of this story.

I’m always a bit skeptical, when I read an article like this, as to whether it’s meant to show Pompeo in a negative light, or whether its real purpose is to push negative propaganda regarding North Korea at us. I tend toward the latter.


Agree 100%.

Yeah, Bush Jr was known as the “Smirking Chimp” and there was a website with that name.

He smirked because he is a scumbag who could care less if another non white, non Xthian human has been killed in the furtherance of Amerikan corporate Imperialism.