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Why Millennials Have the Greatest Stake in Social Security Expansion


Why Millennials Have the Greatest Stake in Social Security Expansion

Stephanie Connolly

Discussions about Social Security in politics and the media often focus on its role as a retirement program that provides vital protections to seniors. But the fact is that Social Security provides vital retirement, disability, and survivors’ insurance for all generations of Americans. In addition to significantly reducing senior poverty, Social Security is the nation’s largest children’s program and lifted 6.9 million Americans under age 65 out of poverty in 2014.


Social Security is icky 'cause it keeps folks from desperation, which is where the Republicans want them.


Based on Bill Clinton and Obama’s track records the post 1985 DLC Democrats have been no more friendly to Social Security than the GOP. One example is Obama’s Simpson Bowles 2010-2011 catfood commission, whose work is being continued by Joe Lieberman and Jon Huntsman spearheading the bipartisan No Labels movement.

I hope we hear a lot more from Connolly whose approach counters the divide and conquer strategy that has characterized the anti social security effort of the past four decades.


Sanders is the only candidate who offers a real plan to protect social security and make it stronger. Sanders did a great job in one debate showing how Clinton is all over the place answering this question. The republicans from Reagan and the last Bush have created so much debt giving tax cuts to the wealthy for decades and BS wars-the real reasons for the US debt.