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Why Millennials Love Bernie Sanders


Why Millennials Love Bernie Sanders

Cenk Uygur

Why do millennials like Bernie Sanders so much? I love that this is a mystery to Washington. It’s the authenticity, stupid. You can’t fake a 40 year record. This is a generation that grew up in a time when entertainment and media is based on authenticity and not the fakeness of television. Like Diogenes, when millennials went on their pursuit to find the one honest man in politics, it was obvious that man was Bernie Sanders.


Fair commentary about why millennials come out for Bernie but the question is what happens now. How about let's start talking about responding to the rigged game instead of making it seem like it will be tolerated so easily. I hope it won't be! I hope that there will be a huge demonstration at the convention in July and before then too showing that people are aware of how the Democratic Party has been rigging the game against Bernie and disenfranchising independents and even other dem voters.

How about talking about how millenials feel about the rigged game that has characterized this election?


"The older generation grew up on blow-dried anchors, plastic politicians, and an ocean of pretense."

And here I thought the older generation grew up with Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Mark Rudd, SDS, John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Eugene McCarthy, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs, etc. If that is the older generation they must know something about politics.


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Why do millennial like Sanders? I don't know. Maybe because they are rejecting the neoliberal disaster that the Baby Boomers embraced? Nah......let's say it's because of a meaningless marketing term like authenticity. Them kids can't have actual ideas It's gotta be imaging, man.


Based on my experience participating in my precinct's caucus where Sanders won 80%, statements made by the over 40 crowd confirmed that they love Bernie for all the same reasons that millennials do.


Speaking for myself, even those of us over 65 are crazy about Sanders.


Well, yes, my generation grew up with those people, and they inspired many us all our lives. If only more of us remembered what they gave us in terms of vision and values. Too many, though, have forgotten. I call it "creature comfort Alzheimer's," too comfortable living in the system to challenge the system. Now let's ask ourselves this question: How is it that "millennials" don't have such people leading or challenging them, but still find the ideas those people voiced and even died for - ideas like social and economic justice, environmentalism, belief not constrained by diminutive dogma, etc. - ideas (or ideals) worth living? And if they find those ideals important, to whom else politically, at the Presidential level, would they turn but Bernie? They are saying to people like Hillary Clinton and all the establishment Republicans what John Lennon sang to their parents and grandparents: Your time is up, you'd better know it.


There is a surprising number of the "older generation" in Bernie's camp, including many women who were strong feminists back in the day. Many, many of us are unwilling to vote for HRC just because she's a woman and just because Gloria Steinem says it's our duty. That's sexist, isn't it? I think we are underestimated by everyone.


I follow eastern teachings. From what I've learned, we are very slowly moving up the arc from the darkest age (which lasts 1,200 years) into the next age (which lasts 2,400 years). So...we are evolving upward at this time. That means that every generation born is a little more evolved (and is an older soul) than the generation before it. So they are more awakened that the generations before them. So that is why they they are so heavily for Bernie Sanders. They see corruption more easily and they also are so tech-savvy and can find out the real truth about candidates quickly. Things are going to come to head because they are heavily for change for the better for the most part.


I like what I heard what a young black man said at a Bernie rally recently. Voting for someone just because he was black got them NOWHERE. Police brutality and killings increased and the imprisonment of black people increased. So he was saying that voting for someone just because she is a token woman would also get us nowhere. I'm so glad so many women are not going to 'take the bait' and vote for her because she's a woman. I think they figure it worked with Obama, so now they'll run a woman.


I think that by "older generation," he must be referring to their parents - the GenXers - not the now grandparental (whoa, when did that happen!) Baby Boomers. The latter are the former politically active anti-war, civil rights activists who also support Sanders today (unless they're convinced that just electing any woman is more important than anything else. Of course, there are Millenial women who think that way, too.)


Some say you're as young as you feel... But those people usually young and they mean well ...lol

I say that it isn't about how young you feel but about how long you last!

I like Bernie too and I think if he gets elected that this country will have finally caught a break as far as our leadership goes. In fact I would feel much better about the future that we are leaving to the young. What we've seen of the bountiful beautiful Earth all our lives they will know only through films. America's democracy needs a break too. We could all use a leader like Bernie. An honorable and decent human being. Go Bernie!

There seems to be some sort of ambiguity involving his hair that I need to resolve myself but otherwise I am very proud that Bernie is of the older generation. We from the sixties have let the kids down but then here came Bernie and reminded Americans that they are not a nation's of servants just for the rich.