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Why More Places Are Abandoning Columbus Day in Favor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/11/why-more-places-are-abandoning-columbus-day-favor-indigenous-peoples-day

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Christopher Columbus advocated selling all of the Caribs people into slavery. In letters he wrote to the King and Queen of Spain he suggested enslaving the peoples he encountered would be more profitable then gold as a source of revenue. He also turned his men looselike mad dogs on the Caribs . They complained of having no women so he instructed them to help themselves to any females found in local villages. Those first “Colonists” would raid villages and seize girls as young as 10 years old as sexual partners. The Caribs would try to hide them but the Spaniards made a sport of torturing and executing those they found resisting them.

For fun his men also held sporting days where vicious dogs would be loosed on villagers and the Spaniards would follow behind with their muskets to finish the kill after a “sporting” hunt through the jungles

Tens of thousands of Caribs ended up committing mass suicide due to the trepidation of Columbus and his men and what they had in store. The island of Hispaniola was totally depopulated of its original peoples in one of the most extreme examples of Genocide on record.

Why does ANY State still have a Columbus day? Why not an Adolf Hitler day?


It is better to celebrate both.
The local public library has removed 90% of the books that we had for native american culture, histories of the various tribes, biographies, photos and art works.

Maybe because our history books are changing to reflect the truth of the genocide perpetrated on Native Americans and indigenous people around the world?