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Why Muslim Lives Don't Matter


Why Muslim Lives Don't Matter

Nadia El-Zein Tonova, Khaled Beydoun

Irrespective of what rallying cries, signs or adapted hashtags proclaim, Muslim lives in America don't matter. The aftermath of the murder of the three American students in Chapel Hill, and the broader context that spurred it, reconfirms this brutal truth.


Arab and Muslim lives don’t matter in America and this is by design. With State sponsored racism constantly reinforcing the stereotype “islamic fundamentalist” as anyone who hails from the Middle East (with the exception of Israel of course!) it should come as no surprise that the MSM will ignore such racially inspired violence such as the murder of these three innocent people. “Corporate fundamentalists” have no interest in levelling the playing field for all Americans because a cooperative world in which we all view each other as equals, will never align with the interests of Big Oil and the MIC.


A few days ago there was an article carried here on the legacy of lynchings in the United States of America. It referred to a study that concluded that the number of lynchings that occurred had been understated and that the State and media had been complicit in the same with those in power using those lynchings as a tool of social control.

It very much the same today with Muslims. Government officials and the Media are quick to conjecture, even before all the facts are in, that any act of violence carried out by a Muslim is an act of terrorism yet insist all facts must be in and that they can not jump to conclusions when the same crimes and worse committed against the same.

In that respect , to those in power, Muslim lives do matter . They matter as targets of “otherness” by the State so as to keep the oligarchy , built on that foundation of racism , genocide and the patriarchy from which that Nation State called the United States of America was born , in place. They matter as “targets of convenience” against whom all of the social ills of a nation can be blamed.

At the same time, so effective has the propaganda been, there are millions in the USA and abroad that still believe that the USA is some beacon of liberty and justice. It is not that and has never been that and I would suggest that as long as people cling to those myths, it can never be that.


Excellent comment…as usual. Thank you.
Thomas Gilbert-


All militaristic (read ‘capitalistic’ if you prefer) societies need their boogeymen to maintain high levels of irrational fear among their populations. Fear leads to conformity of thought and compliance with the killing of children.

The importance of the role played by the US media in the reflexive identification of Muslims and Arabs - or any dark-skinned people - as the “boogeymen” cannot be overstated. Every “spy” show broadcast through the corporate media consistently uses Muslims and Arabs as antagonists and villains.

In the South, law enforcement officials used to (and may still) respond to any violent crime with the standing order “Arrest the nearest black person.” The American consumer of corporate television has been conditioned to react to the same with the thought “Where’s the nearest Muslim.”



I wish that other Americans could have the experience I had while traveling alone for two months in Turkey. I was befriended by Muslims anxious to teach me of the peaceful tenets of Islam. Once you have that kind of personal encounter hatred has no place in your heart.


“Arab and Muslim lives don’t matter in America and this is by design”

They are getting in the way of the 21st century method of re-distribution of wealth…WAR.


As much as some would like to make this a racially (religiously?) motivated crime, it seems the perp was a deranged guy who was openly carrying a handgun and was stirring all sorts of trouble at the condo.

As for Muslim lives don’t matter i beg to disagree with the authors. A quick google search shows that just a couple of weeks ago in Baltimore a man was shot in the head in front of his wife and child in a dispute over parking spot. Never heard of incident, probably nobody outside Baltimore ever did either. The only reason this particular case is being picked by all newsmedia is only due to the fact that the victims were Muslim.

That being said, let’s see what was in the shooters medicine cabinet. I bet there’s stuff in there that would make most normal people cringe.


They were three humans, I mourn that some dumb thug psycho killed them, it wasn’t because they were muslim that they matter, it was because they were humans.

We are all on SpaceShip Earth… better learn to get along children.


Poor people must be in the way too, sure is one hell of a war on them.


Spot on Comment.

Sadly the delusionists won’t see reality. A nice little dose can be found by perusing the following doc.

Partial list of U.S. military interventions from 1890 to 2014.

A serial pattern of systematic murder of civilians without regard to humanity or normal ethical considerations.


Had the three victims of execution style killing by an obese, sick-looking, loudmouth, pigheaded exhibitionist Craig Hicks in Chapel Hill, been some Rick Warren, Elizabeth Cook and Rachel Schlitz, the media and the world would have reacted differently – with no less fanfare and glitz than what we saw when the staff of an ‘insignificant’ newspaper were executed in Paris, a month ago. The whole world united to condemn not only the actual perpetrators but the religion of Islam as well and every single one of 1.5 billion Muslim on this planet.

Had the roles been reversed, even NBC would have reinstated the now-ignominious Brain Williams to cover the story. The network would have looked the other way when he added his own imaginative saliva to the story. Based on what we know of Mr. Brain Williams now, the coverage would have gone something like this:

Three Muslim terrorists of Arab descent with confirmed connection with HIHA (Hamas, Islamic State, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda) gunned down a 46-year old Craig Hicks who happens to be a pure white American, in a pre-meditated, cold-blooded execution. NBC has learned from police and reliable sources in Chapel Hill, that the murderers – one male and two female who spoke broken English with heavy Arab accent – had targeted Mr. Hicks, a quiet, amicable, peace-loving, God-fearing, church-going devout Christian.

NBC has learnt that even though Mr. Hicks had the permission to carry a gun and was in possession of one at the time of his killing, he never pulled it even when confronted by these three good-for-nothing low-life Arabs. He firmly believed in the words of Jesus the savior: O’ father, forgive them for they know not. He has thus joined hundreds of martyrs who have been the victims of such senseless killings by Muslims all across the globe.

Record obtained by NBC show that the three young Islamic perpetrators were American citizens. But, really, does the US citizenry of these Middle-Eastern brownies come any close to the American-ness of white Mr. Craig Hicks? The senseless killing which police said was over a petty dispute for parking space in the residential complex where the three murderers and Mr. Hicks lived, once gain drives home the chilling consequence of having non-whites live amongst us.

They (the Muslims, the Hispanics and the Blacks) are here to rob us of our true American identity, brought ashore by our proud European ancestors. The mushrooming of kebab kiosks, hookah bars, Chipotles and the rise of black singers/songwriters is a real danger to the very fabric of American authenticity.

It is this very fear of attack on our freedom that has kept most of the mainstream media outlets in their tents without splashing the news of this heinous crime 24/7. Only when the secret service confirmed that this incident does not pose any threat to him and his family, the president of the United States commented on the incident and its ramification. Along with the power to take on IS in the foreign land, he will be seeking Congress’ approval to set up similar defensive against the onslaught of Muslims against the Americans within the country.

NBC has learnt that a petition to the Pope is gaining momentum on the social media, asking the Holy Sea to grant Sainthood to Mr. Hicks for this ultimate selfless sacrifice for the sake of humanity.