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Why My Family Turns Our Christmas Tree Into a Political Statement


Why My Family Turns Our Christmas Tree Into a Political Statement

Frida Berrigan

I picked up a call from an unfamiliar local number. It was someone organizing to give toys to needy families. “We picked your family,” she said happily. I stumbled and stuttered over myself a little as I tried to be gracious while also clear: We do not need or want the beautifully wrapped, ready-made Christmas morning her group had envisioned for our kids. “Thank you so much for thinking of us, but we try to downplay the whole presents part of Christmas,” I managed. “But I know there are lots of people who would really appreciate your generosity.”


What would Jesus buy?


For Christmas: It never occurred to him.
For him: A poor woman once obtained and brought some expensive oil and rubbed it into his hair. He rebuked his disciples when they objected to the waste of charity, "... but the poor will always be with us."

As for purchases he made, the Bible tells several times about him directing his disciples to go purchase something.


Thanks for sharing this! We've had a Peace Tree in our front hall since 2001. The small tabletop tree now has numerous peace signs, doves, lion and lamb depictions and Peace on Earth statements in several languages. My favorite: "There is no way to peace. Peace is the way."


I bought all my gifts at Goodwill and from my favorite interests like MECA (hand made goods from West Bank and Gaza) and the Green Party (tee-shirts)


While tempting to remark on the possibility of Seamus telling his therapist in twenty years that he regretted not getting "real" presents, this is a lovely article.

And orange (as in angel wings) is the color of courage . . .


She rubbed expensive perfume onto His feet with her long hair. He bought the necessities.


Merry Christmas everyone!


Herod is coming to get you. Wow, what an insightful child


I find it interesting that children resist the politization of Christmas. "Angels don't hold signs."

A nit, but the Festival of Lights is Hannukah, not Christmas. They often coincide, but they're very different celebrations.

Finally, while someone had to be involved to create these children, he's not mentioned at all. Are fathers excluded?


Poor kids. They will probably all turn out right of John Birch when they are older.