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Why Nation Owes Bernie Sanders Our Enduring Gratitude

Why Nation Owes Bernie Sanders Our Enduring Gratitude

Robert Reich

It’s easy to forget the condescension and amusement that greeted him when he announced his first campaign for president, on May 26, 2015.

How, it was asked, could a rumpled, 73-year-old, self-described Democratic Socialist – a junior senator from tiny Vermont, who was born in Brooklyn, Jewish, hadn’t even been a Democrat for most of his political career, and eschewed money from super PACs – possibly triumph against Hillary Clinton?

In the end, he didn’t. But he triumphed in other ways.

As an Independent son of a bitch, I am the furthest thing from a follower, yet I shall follow and abet Bernie’s cause. I’ll start by warning us not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. [“Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien. (The perfect is the enemy of the good.)”–Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary] Have some of Bernie’s votes been compromised due to political realities? Of course. It is time for us to grow up and accept that. Feel the Bern, 2020!


Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! The most qualified, the most deserving, the most wanted( joke everybody), the most compassionate, the most visionary, the most loved, & the most likely to pull this off and take us to better days! Donate to the campaign,every dollar counts. Peace


Congress and Ronny Raygun gave Wall Street a license to steal that has been renewed by every subsequent Congress and POTUS. During the past two years Trump and Congress made sure that Wall Street’s license to steal has no expiration date.

Sanders is one of the few DC politicians who will actually push back on Wall Street beyond the campaign rhetoric.


I look forward to the day when people stop paying attention to the likes of Robert Reich.
He helped lay the groundwork for the neoliberal policies that led to Trump. He also supported Clinton in 2016,
Now here he is posing as a fan of Sanders while subtly undermining him, suggesting that Sanders is too old (says who?) and rendered obsolete by other candidates who just recently espoused the views he’s been pushing for decades.
Reich is a sell out and no one should pay attention to him.


Easy there, cowboy. I saw the same shade as you did. However, Reich & Co. will have to go through the laborious task of finding out what 50/50 is all about, when push comes to shove.
At least, if you’re progressive.

Don’t foist off this gratitude schtick and try to send him on his way. We owe him our time, our energy, our heart and soul. Our VOTE! Anybody trying to get me to waffle back towards some half-baked centrist safety vote is my sworn adversary. That’s what got us here in the first place.

Deal is? It’s not us who have to get back in line or Trump wins. It’s the rest of the milktoast Dems. They vote for our candidate or they lose.


I will argue these other “progressives”, who are they? I sure would like to know…oh, you mean those dem’s who have announced?..they would be nothing without Bernie, they walk in his shadow, they will never catch up, he Lives it, they talk…lead, follow or get out of the way…those dem’s could save us all a lot of trouble by saying, ya know what Bernie is right, I will withdraw and support him…ya, I know, I dream a lot about a puurrrfffect world…Peace.


Sanders is the only candidate that projects integrity and real honestly. He has a road map and we need to follow it.


I have little use for Reich and his politics as he just a mouthpiece for the corrupt wing of the Democratic party . In this article he is suggesting that Sanders policies are “rubbing off” onto other Democrats then leapfrogs to the conclusion these others are viable alternatives. Sanders is too rumpled and old so lets thank him and send him on his way!

Those others might be mouthing the same words, but it only because they know it will get them votes.

Yeah there a whole lot of progressive policies Sanders suggests and many of them to correct policy changes made by Clinton and Reich in the 90’s. Reich is trying to pull another scam here, nothing more.


This is simply a classic from the d-party establishment:

Not one, but two appreciations of Bernie on CD, that once unwrapped become thinly veiled hit pieces.

Well, WTF would you expect from Prof. Reich, the consummate apologist for the LOTE?

For the umpteenth time: The d-party has found its scapegoats for 2020, and guess what, it’s the same scapegoats as every other year – the left.


To hell with that Robert: we owe him our eternal vote.



Bernie is the guy with the ideas that are keeping our Progressive movement alive.

He leads, others follow…

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With friends like Reich, who needs enemies?