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Why Nazis Are So Afraid of These Clowns


Why Nazis Are So Afraid of These Clowns

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert

Trolls chanted in the streets the day of a planned neo-Nazi rally in the small ski town of Whitefish, Montana earlier this year. But they were not the trolls that residents had been expecting—namely, white supremacists from around the country, who had been harassing the town's Jewish community with death threats.


Probably works until an IINFILTRATING TROLL dresses up as a Clown and starts the Nazi’s desired Confrontation, blaming the Clowns, and getting their Desired Images of said confrontation Documented in the Captured Media.

Like in Real Life, or here in CD comments.


Absolutely brilliant!


Ahhhh, Yes! Bring back the art of clowning. As dear old Wavy Gravy might say: " Nobody for president." “Wait we already have a Nobody for president.”
What does Wavy know he’s a fucking clown. And philanthropist, sage, shaman and wonderful nurturing loving human bean.:heart_eyes:


Ah, yes, more clowning and satire please. In these times laughter is very much in needed.




I love this tactic!


elegant compliment to the article - thank you for seeking it out, finding it and posting it


Inspired by the Watts clip posted by Sublimeister:


Wavy Gravy Rocks!!! The Best of the Best!!!


Helpful. I love Watts’ discussion of the poles and the middle. I’m wondering if the activities discussed strengthen polarity rather than bridge to a middle ground, inclusive of the poles. They seem useful to invoke levity, options and distraction, and my guess is more can be done to actually encourage learning, dialogue and transformation.


This is an amazing and really detailed article - a Mao’s Little Red Nose Book. Thank you Sarah Freeman-Woolpert!

There are of course, (ahem) the deeper implications and anti-authoritarian aspects of clowning, with the caricatured stratifying of social roles, and the rapid-fire status play that follows from that… The pompous white clowns and the lowly tramp clowns… and the magic of surprise role reversals…. Child-like eruptions that explode reality… just like the (Karl) Marx Brothers did. Politics is an ego business, and for such folks, the circus and especially clowns… pose a real threat. Sometimes I think the circus ended with the cool and very non-sweaty museum beauty of Cirque de Soleli, but then whammo!, it regenerates itself anew just like in the instances described in this article.


It looks and sounds like a good thing…NO ONE EVER NEEDED FASCISM OR NAZISM ANYWAY!!!..Counter the sickening fools, as much as possible!!! The same goes for TRUMP-itis!!!