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Why New Jersey Needs Bernie Sanders


Why New Jersey Needs Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg

Our country has fallen into a tailspin of poverty and inequality. In my home state of New Jersey our poverty rate is the highest it’s been in 50 years. Since 1980, only New York and Connecticut have outpaced the growth of New Jersey’s income inequality.


With all due respect, Ms. Weill-Greenberg... you're preaching to the choir here.

Can you get this article published somewhere IN New Jersey where your fellow voters have a chance to take in its facts before the primary? I hope so.


Elizabeth's first paragraph stats on income inequality are telling when you consider that the three states with the highest income inequality also have the highest percentage of their work force employed directly or indirectly by the financial sector. She demonstrates beyond the shadow of doubt why Jersey needs Sanders.

In New York and Connecticut the financial sector employees tipped the primary vote in favor of Clinton. With a higher percentage of work force dependent on the financial sector in New Jersey compared to NY and CT, Sanders faces an even steeper hill to climb there. That is why Clinton cancelled appearances in Jersey to spend more time campaigning in California. Clinton is certain that she has Jersey in the bag.


A very concise and approachable summation of the reasons why some people need to hear this in NJ and elsewhere. The ability to be concise yet not bordering on the cryptic is skillful writing. Some folks write endless tomes that express a single thought while others write a multitude of thoughts with such economy that the reader needs to puzzle out the meaning of single sentences rather than grasping the essence of an article. I liked your piece and especially agree with your closing observation >>> that electing Bernie would make our country be more humane. That is something frequently glossed over by most.

We don't have to be the neocon neoliberal corporate empire ruled by oligarchy. We could be that other America, the one that most of us wish we were once again. The America that just maybe we would have been without the Vietnam War and Reaganonmics and Bush/Cheney's WMDs. An America we never had the chance to be after they killed JFK. The America that went to the moon and had the War on Poverty, that had unionized pensions and free college educations and so on. That America that was proud to do good things in the world.

Your piece reminded me of that attitude and that Bernie is exactly about making America a more humane country. You are right about that!


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I'm nearly sixty. I appreciate this comment very much,.


my thoughts exactly!


This message needs to be broadcast across New Jersey post haste. Seeing how the only mention of New Jersey NPR made today was the intrastate conflict between calling a processed pork product Taylor Ham or pork roll. On the eve of the primary you would expect coverage of something more substantial.


Just opened an account with CommonDreams to say I hared to facebook ..

Thanks for well thought out article on why NJ should vote Bernie Sanders!


Bernie should try his luck in NJ. It's crucial to neglect a state that has like 120 delegates.


Betcha if Ms Weill-Greenberg and like minded colleagues could convince 5 or 6,000 students and/or staff at Rutgers and Douglass College to show up that Bernie would come there. Similarly, if Seton-Hall and Fairliegh-Dickinson could do the same, Bernie could draws crowds even in the Mafiaocracy of New Jersey.


Do you have any reason to assume she hasn't already published/presented/voiced her opinions expressed here to her fellow potential NJ primary voters as well? Why don't you find that out first before you haul off & crassly accuse her of not doing so. Jesus, some of you people (not all of you by any means) on these political website "comments" sections are so unnecessarily snide & catty, strive soooo hard to outwit each other! You, Siouxrose11, either were brought up with absolutely no sense of showing politeness toward someone who not only agrees with you but has clearly done you no harm, or you're just downright mean-spirited.