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Why Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg Are So Adamant About the Imperative of Defeating Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/29/why-noam-chomsky-and-daniel-ellsberg-are-so-adamant-about-imperative-defeating


Trump “a WOULD-BE Mussolini” ? I question the “would be”.

The organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP has already enabled Trump to be a 21st century Mussolini.

More precisely, Trump is a would-be Hitler, having widely applied Goebbels’ playbook, including enabling his cult members’ violence and destruction and then blaming antifa, the way that Hitler blamed commies for burning the Reichstag after his own cult did it.

The only remaining gap between Hitler and Trump is jack booted, goose stepping cult members that will certainly appear at Trump’s second term inauguration if not sooner.


The forces aligned with Donald Trump have achieved enormous breakthroughs during the last four years in their quest to “undo democratic governance.” The potential for democracy in the United States will largely hinge on whether Trump gains re-election.

Solomon commendably focuses on the systemic vaunting of our dictator. USA Powers That Be have been dreaming of an “out of control” autocrat since Andrew Jackson left his ugly mug on your $20 bill.


Comparing Trump to Andrew Jackson is inaccurate. At least Jackson’s legacy includes actions that benefited the 99% like preventing the British from destroying New Orleans in 1815 and fighting the New York Bankers during his POTUS stint. At the time New Orleans was one of the most strategically located cities in the world and future control of the North American continent hinged on who controlled the mouth of the Mississippi.

The GOP hasn’t done anything to benefit the 99% since OSHA and EPA formations in 1970 and the Trump clan has never done anything for the 99%.

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Andrew Jackson’s horrible “legacy” includes his preference for professionally-cured human flesh in the reins of his horse. Andrew Jackson largely established USA’s exceptional legacy of insouciant human predation. That’s why he’s Orangeman’s favorite.


Alexander Hamilton’s face on the 10 spot is a far greater travesty than Jackson’s on the 20. It was Hamilton who entrenched the central bankers’ power in contrast to Jefferson’s push to keep banking decentralized.

While Jackson’s legacy includes many travesties, any one man’s actions are miniscule compared to Wall Street’s two plus centuries of financing slavery and other travesties against the 99%.


Biden is an unreconstructed racist and warmonger who has been in the forefront of austerity, and Harris is a party hack and mass Black incarcerator who became a prosecutor with police union endorsement…

The corporate Democrats are once again running as the Not-Trump Party, the second consecutive election in which they have succeeded in suppressing every issue except the fitness for office of one very wretched man. The only way a party wholly-owned by oligarchs can deflect attention from its own culpability in dragooning its constituents into a Race to the Bottom amid never ending war, is to set up a straw man to be knocked down, leaving the machinery of racial capitalism and armed-to-the-teeth imperialism intact… Biden has always been a soldier for austerity, a war against the poor. Why should anyone believe he has reversed course in his old age?

War, Austerity and White Supremacy are all that Biden/Harris offer – but without Trump. If that’s enough for you, then say “Hallelujah” – and then tighten your belts and pass the ammunition.

-Glen Ford


It has, I might interject, been far longer than the four years you note. Trump is an outcome as well as an aberration. When the Tea Party became the Freedom Caucus within the GOP they began to exert a powerful rightward swing to the policies and plans of the party.

Further, despite setbacks, and defeats, the extreme right continued to attack American institutions, failing in one place yet winning in another, always working tirelessly towards their goal, not even trying to hide this.

In the meantime what should have been a powerful opposition to that crusade from the right, in the form of the Democratic Party, or rather their leadership, instead became some milquetoast and tepid attempts to compromise, to object strenuously and effectively to nothing , to ,instead, move, or rather inch, rightward, ostensibly to pick up disaffected republican moderates but, in reality, more to assure the continued flow of corporate funding to their coffers.

We now reap the result of that cowardice and incompetence.

I remain convinced that the first step to the restoration of our vision for America remains ridding us of the scourge of Trump. I think the reasons for that position are blatantly obvious to any not blinded by ideology or unfamiliar with how progress occurs, possibly due to their never having worked for said progress, an all to common thing.
The second step, in my own opinion, is to build third party presence in our governance. I do, I hasten to add, give kudos to those who choose to remain within the Democratic Party and continue to push it leftward.


The premise promoted by the likes of Chomsky, Ellsberg, Solomon, and so many others who believe

they are progressives when - every 4 years - they insist that THIS TIME it is imperative that people

put aside their real desires and work to elect another privatizing corporate predator reveals that the

overwhelming numbers of voters in the ever-worse toxicity known as the USA are (at supposed best)

willing hypocrites or downright craven, predators who will use any means to prevent progress.

The stupid notion that would-be progressives will be tolerated within a Biden administration is clearly

a form of willful ignorance - especially after the blatant displays of disdain for progressives desires

which were repeatedly exhibited during the rigged democrat primaries and convention - Again.

The one honest aspect of this years repulsive display of captured sadomasochistic lousiness was

how Biden was embraced by his fellow republican imperialistic predators.

TrumpPence and BidenHarris are the two choices on a menu in an expensive restaurant which profits

because it depends upon using garbage trucks for its suppliers and everything they present is

half-baked misrepresentations.


Gee, a typical left wing screed, only succeeding in the use of the circular firing squad, dooming all progressive potential from coming to fruition.,. congratulations for being, however unwittingly, a part of the problem.
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.” You extremists always advocate for taking a step backwards it seems.
Your characterization of Joe Biden,a man rather flawed in my opinion, is ludicrous in the extreme . Harris, a person with whom I am very familiar , having been a SF resident while she was the City Attorney of Alameda County and then holding office in SF , moving on to become State AG as well, is also characterized by you in cartoonish and extreme fashion.
Flawed in some respects certainly, both candidates surely are that. But any rational and fair minded adult must surely see that , whatever flaws and foibles those two possess, when compared to their opponents in this race, they are , by far, the better choices.


A big part of the problem is dehumanization, repression, and anti-democratic practices. Your attacks against people who offer opinions that differ than yours, RDD, only servers to feed into this problem. I would encourage you to be more open to listening and reflecting on other people’s perspectives. Here is one podcast that presents an alternative perspective: _https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vsrm1J-QzQ

Noam Chomsky has made great contributions to political thinking in the US and worldwide. One of his weakest areas is on race. My personal experience with Chomsky goes back to my days at MIT when a coalition of students of color asked for his support to address systemic racism on campus, and he refused to support us. Mel King, (_https://melkinginstitute.org/) a Black professor at MIT was always there for students of color and for the broader community. I think it is reflective of the White Supremacy that still pervades progressive communities that contributions of folk of color are often overlooked.


The precedent was set in Portland, Oregon. When Trump told the thugs called the Proud Boys, " to stand by and stand up" in my opinion, that was a dog whistle that said in my second term I can use you.or maybe sooner if the election is rigged.


An essays on lesser evilism in the World Socialist Party’s new magazine


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There is a choice between two candidates for president, that debate is over, choose one or let others decide for you. Period.


Solomon drops good names but provides no why.

Removing Trump is necessary, certainly. Why, then, is removing Biden not necessary?


god help us if that vile serpent is re-elected. He is an abomination. He is a rapist and a thief. He pays no taxes. He calls people names and encourages violence against women and minorities. Had his white racist cult followers actually succeeded in kidnapping the governor of Michigan, they would have beat and gang raped her. And he would have given his approval…while saying, eh, but she’s not my type. Bastard.


LOTE: the guillotine is less painful than hanging.

So therefor for ourselves we should opt for the guillotine, although there is likely to be little significant difference with the result.

And a party powerful enough to take on the captured parties, one that can effectively represent the needs and interests of the people, will begin its growth starting with the support of relatively few people.

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My attacks are not aimed at individuals but at the stupidity of the left always shooting themselves in the foot. No one is ever good enough to vote for, nothing is ever worth supporting, only a complete solution , now!!, seems the point to these “screeds”.
You post exactly like that in generalizing about my motive and methods.

Noam Chomsky’s citing is completely free of any factual content. Why did Chomsky refuse those students? You intimate he is a racist when he is a valuablel ally of all leftists and progressives.

You are guilty of exactly what I rose to complain about.

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There are two types of benefits which are possible in the competition between Trump and Biden.

With the election of Trump, large numbers of people will be on guard and more likely to protest the

ongoing corruption which will continue to expand and feed off of everyone who isn’t filthy rich.

With the election of Biden, large numbers of people who are appalled by Trump will quiet down and

willfully ignore the corruption which will continue to expand and feed off of everyone who isn’t

filthy rich.

Neither of these outcomes will benefit the majority of people, but they will be beneficial to the

manufacturers of weaponry and the profits of Wall Street’s greediest executives.

Either of these outcomes will benefit Bloomberg, Bezos, Zuckerman, Gates,… and, of course,

the Pentagon. Bloomberg is not pouring money into the Biden version because he is wanting a

change in the corruption which has made him so grossly rich. He is disgusted because Trump

is too obvious in the lust for money and power which they both share.

Biden is their idea of “normal” and that is very dangerous because it is most likely to produce

complacency among their victims.


Gee, common sense, how rare ,thank you.

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