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Why North Carolina Is the Biggest Battleground of 2016


Why North Carolina Is the Biggest Battleground of 2016

Chris Kromm

The volatile 2016 presidential race has shaken up the national political map in many ways, putting new states in play and causing Democrats and Republicans alike to scramble to adjust for Donald Trump's potential impact on hundreds of down-ticket races.


Theater of the Absurd meets U.S. politics...

Imagine the domino effect if a ridiculous bathroom issue determined the vote fate in North Carolina, and that swing state determined the national outcome. All for "toilet rights"! How apropos at this time: the denouement of an empire so busy making war abroad that its interior status (and infrastructure) is rotting away. (So are the minds of some of its citizens.)


The Republican's southern strategy looks like it if finally falling apart. Apparently it is being replaced with fascism, bigotry, and xenophobia if Trump is the future of the party. Trump is only interested in power for himself and will hurt anyone for his own benefit. Apparently a lot of white Americans think this is cool. I guess his supporters are assuming his victims will be limited to Hispanics, Muslims, African Americans, and foreigners who don't accept that the new order of the day is America First.


When NC citizens have seen how the republicans have sold us out to big oil Koch and Duke Power along with screwing up our schools and allowing fracking without owners approval has upset a lot of us.....I hope we can get rid of these crooked asswipes....All they have done is pave the way for corporate domination over our rights....No one got a decent tax break except the 1%....Republicans are a disaster....anyone who dont believe in science should not be in a position of authority.....We actually pay more taxes than before and we get less representation.....Republicans are the kings of pay to play they even hide it..


Pardon me if I don't lament the destruction of the Republican Party in North Carolina.
Not that the ascendance of the Democratic Party is much of a bargain.
Faces will change, but the issues and the center of power will remain the same.


Looking forward to voting Green Party for President and pushing repubs out on the down ballot elections. McCrory, who has the uncanny resemblance to the warden in the Shawshank Redemption, must go.


You are correct about the Dem party officials in NC = a bunch of status quo lumps who simply want to protect themselves.


Jill Stein will not be on the ballot in North Carolina. That state might just be the most difficult state for a third party to get ballot access.

But the Green Party has taken the necessary steps for write-ins for her to be counted.


People expecting any sort of sea change in North Carolina are likely to be disappointed.


Winner take all elections leave many big losers.
Direct democracies leave none behind.


Well that pretty fucked up that they are only talking about Republicans and Democrats. Are there actually people who going to vote for either of those loser parties? If so they really need their heads examined.