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Why Not Being Friends With A War Criminal Like Henry Kissinger Matters


Why Not Being Friends With A War Criminal Like Henry Kissinger Matters

Kevin Gosztola

In the midst of questioning the United States’ history of overthrowing and meddling in other countries’ governments, Bernie Sanders denounced Hillary Clinton for befriending and taking advice from former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Numerous media commentators reacted by mocking the Sanders campaign, believing millennials could not possibly know anything about Kissinger. They suggested millennials did not care about what Kissinger did either.


" a belief in the indispensability of continued American leadership in service of a just and liberal order,” Clinton declared. LOL
Has anyone observed some of the facts recorded in the article and elsewhere?????


"The condemnation from Sanders was also newsworthy because most of the elite international relations scholars in foreign policy research consider Kissinger to be the best secretary of state of the past 50 years. Plus, despite all the inflicted destruction he helped wreak, Kissinger is a Nobel Peace Prize winner."

The primary reason why these "luminaries" are held up as "elite scholars of international relations" is that they lend their imprimaturs to the imperial state's violent conquests. It's the classic, "You grease my palm and I'll grease yours."

And the reason why Kissinger complimented Mrs. Clinton is that she proved an effective manager in securing State Department policies for the nation... by pretending they comported with National Security or somehow reflected Intelligence. Yeah... the Dark Side's version thereof.

Here is "Exhibit A" for how the Military Industrial Complex morphed into the Military Media Industrial Complex:

"That is because pundits judged the attack on Kissinger as silly and believed it would play no factor in convincing voters to support either candidate. Plus, few in media would disagree with Clinton’s praise for Kissinger before and during the 2016 Election."

Robert Parry has given numerous examples of the way that major media march lockstep in repeating precisely the same foreign affairs narrative(s). A primary one now paints Putin as the aggressor in Ukraine.

No one dares to challenge the sanctimonious praise for Kissinger. But Noam Chomsky is pretty clear on his record!

Anyone, for the most part who questions official stories is blacklisted, silenced, pilloried, discredited, or done away with.

That's why there's so little GENUINE discussion of the lies that led to war, nor any muscle to hold those media establishments that made false cases for war, accountable.

ONLY the pro-war narrative is considered, held up as "serious adult conversation," or granted consensus as other high paid liars repeat the Official Talking Points. (This is precisely what I mean by "Mars Rules.")


"Another former secretary of state she celebrates is Madeleine Albright, and Albright once soberly answered a question about the impact of U.S. sanctions on Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of half of a million children, by saying the price was “worth it.”

"Kissinger helped Clinton find her footing as a secretary of state by checking in with her regularly, “sharing astute observations about foreign leaders, and sending me written reports on his travels,” she wrote in her book, “Hard Choices.”

I didn't read "Hard Choices" but I wonder if it involved internalizing advice taken from the song, "Learn How To Pretend," or learning from Madeleine Albright how to utterly close down the human heart?

With mentors like these, champions of carnage on a wide scale, is there any wonder that Mrs. Clinton can smile about all her "experience," and demonstrate such callous blindness to the countless bodies left behind?


Ah, yes... the "legitimacy of war" must not be questioned... for that would mean withholding homage to Mars, god of war... (i.e. the profits of the Military Industrial Complex, that lethal entity that's now demanding over $600 billion while U.S. roads collapse, urban water systems are polluted, nuclear power plants are leaking, etc.)

"In 2009, Clinton and Kissinger were interviewed together by Jon Meacham for Newsweek. Aside from the moments in which she appeared to flatter Kissinger, what is more troublesome is how she approved of Kissinger’s view of war.

“I would say the special experience of American wartime policy in the last 40 years, from Vietnam on, is that the war itself became controversial in the country and that the most important thing we need in the current situation is, whatever disagreements there may be on tactics, that the legitimacy of the war itself does not become a subject of controversy."

Since 911 was the trigger used to start already planned wars, and these wars must never have their legitimacy questioned... that is why no question of the TRUTH about this false flag is allowed. As a matter of fact, today's Fourth Reich version of Goebbels, Cass Sunstein wrote a very detailed position paper on how to turn any question of the Official Story into a pathology. And from the old Soviet Republic to the German Nazi state, it's clear what happens to persons labeled mentally ill due to (disapproved of) political stances.


Hillary sold her soul to the devil long ago.


I recently did Astrological research on Serial Killers and the sign of Gemini took top billing both for sun and/or moon signs.

Kissinger, Bush, Sr., Donald Trump, and the major emphasis in the chart of Allen Dulles all are Gemini. Somehow the twins can live an internal double life. In some areas they think of themselves as "good citizens," or Dr. Jekyll and in others, they show every indication of being Mr. Hyde.

Kissinger's record is breathtaking. And some call THAT a statesman?

When I was in college there was a movie about Frank Zappa entitled, "200 Motels."

A very funny scene shows a typical Game Show where the announcer asks:

"Would you trade what he has in his pants for what's behind this curtain?

The analogy to Kissinger's record is... how many would trade HIS karma for all the riches, power, and prestige he was allotted on the earth plane largely for doing the devil's work, and by devil I mean: sheer unmitigated EVIL.


This is an article worth saving for both its specificity and the breadth of its description of a very evil person. Can you spell u-g-l-y A-m-e-r-i-c-a-n?


I am a Bernie supporter and I am proud of it! Bernie has got to take off the gloves and confront Hillary with the facts regarding Hillary's neocon foreign policies. Americans, to their disgrace, don't seem to care about foreign policy unless it comes around to bite them! Well, guess what, HIllary's actions as Secy of State are going to come around and bite us - blowback - and then we will all will be bemoaning the consequences.


P. S. It is a disgrace, an absolute disgrace, that the media mocks Sanders' criticism of Kissinger.,
go ahead and belittle young people - corporate media, I am sure that there are many young people who know & care who Kissinger was/is. Corporate media attempts to whitewash history and protect corporate interests from the truth will fail if not now, one day....just look for alternative news sources, young people, not the right wing propaganda lies the right wing media spills out.


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Henry Kissinger:
“... in the last 40 years, from Vietnam on... the war itself became controversial in the country... the most important thing we need in the current situation is, whatever disagreements there may be on tactics, that the legitimacy of the war itself does not become a subject of controversy. We have to start with the assumption, obviously, that whatever administration is conducting a war wants to end it.... Nobody has more at stake than the administration in office. But if you look at the debates we had on Vietnam, Iraq, and so forth, ending the war became defined as the withdrawal of forces and as the primary if not the exclusive exit strategy. But in fact the best exit strategy is victory. Another is diplomacy. Another is the war just dying out.... But if you identify exit with withdrawal of American forces, you neglect the political objective. In such circumstances, you trap yourself in a position in which the administration in office gets assaulted for insufficient dedication to ending the war, [and] it has to do things that can be against its better judgment. We often found ourselves there.... The debate ought to be in that framework and not, do we want to end the war? How quickly can we end the war? I take it for granted that the administration wants to end it as quickly as is at all possible. Why would they not?”

So Kissinger is arguing that it was due to the psychological inadmissibility of the concept of defeat (note the word defeat never appears in his statements, just the euphemistic [and on multiple levels revealing] reference to "withdrawal of forces"), that US military strategic leaders were trapped in the unfortunate situation of having to slaughter millions.

It was apparently psychologically distressing to those great leaders... at least as an annoyance.

Note though, Dr. K also says that delegitimization at home, of the war and the leadership, is their greatest fear...


As you know, those Sunstein-like, and Sunstein inspired or directed character assassination attempts on this very forum have occurred many times.

It is a great honor to be attacked in such a manner. Thanks for keeping this most important issue up front.


Actually a three star retired Marine general twice awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for gallantry in combat. Like Ike (a five star general and two term president who coined the term "military-industrial complex" in his farewell address) Smedly saw the dangers of the permanent military establishment and warned his fellow countrymen of it.


The other 9/11!-----And this was the best part of the debate when Sanders brought up Kissinger and Cambodia. And it is mind boggling how the media ignores what Sanders brought up--Sanders is saying the US gov. created the destabilizing of Cambodia which led to mass killings. When Nixon was being impeached for watergate,people also wanted to impeach Nixon for bombing Cambodia.

The media won't touch this because we might have a real debate about our foreign policy.Not many after this debate were saying Sanders is weak on foreign policy!

And the book" war is a racket" is being reprinted due out this spring from what I understand-I never heard of this until about a year ago-and its incredible, I never heard of these military involvements in history class?????

Also watching "Days of Revolt" by Chris Hedges ---I think a question that should be asked to all these candidates is -----Has globalism failed?---As America is hollowed out economically we are told there is something better on the other side---so what is the upside----manufacturing has been destroyed--now information and tech jobs are leaving-----we seem to be moving to a third world oligarchy.