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Why Not Talk to North Korea Instead of Scaring Us with Nuclear Attack Warning Sirens


Why Not Talk to North Korea Instead of Scaring Us with Nuclear Attack Warning Sirens

Ann Wright

Are you ready for nuclear attack warning sirens in your community? I live in Hawaii and the State of Hawaii decided two months ago in December 2107 to begin monthly nuclear attack warning siren drills, similar to the monthly tsunami warning sirens that are tested each month.


Exactly so.

The government’s intention is to keep the people scared, docile and dispirited.

Scared, docile, dispirited people hunker down and don’t make trouble.

It’s fired-up, spirited people that make trouble for governments.


I’m in agreement with all that you say here Ann- There has always been a lot of money and Political objectives made in keeping the people in fear- that is A large part of keeping the nuclear arsenal, not only to regiment this countries people but also to dictate overwhelming power to the rest of the world…
Kind of off subject but also unsettling is the DOD’s recent objectives in acquiring total control of property, whole swaths of personal property in the State of Washington and elsewhere- The Pentagon is seeking the right to commandeer private property from individuals for their war games with National Security as their calling card- This outrageous behavior is an over the top and unconstitutional as far as I am concerned-


A thought just occurred to me. Suppose the nations that would send their people to the Olympics should decide not to attend the Olympic Games in SK, due to fear that the rogue nuclear power called the United States of America is threatening a “preemptive” nuclear attack on the peninsula, which would endanger or kill those athletes attending the games, in addition to the people of Korea.
*Empty stadiums could send a world message to the trumpire to knock off this crap and rejoin the human race.


I am starting to classify “duck and cover” as the most “ingenious” tool of psy-op terrorism ever developed.


Jeez, Anne Wright, there you go taking sense again. Why aren’t you focused on important stuff like memos and Russia and North Korea taking over the U.S. and requiring all of its fine folks to wear green drab uniforms…?


I may be old-fashioned, and my dad served in Korea during the “conflict”, but I still like to think that there are career professionals often in cool-headed contact about things going on between the sides in Korea. There are likely people at work, trying to get the best for their respective sides, without going to war. That may be what some people refer to the “Deep State”, you know, the professionals.


Instead of the “professionals,” (some of whom are deep state, some of whom are honest government officials just trying to do their jobs), how about a phased withdrawal of all U.S. troops - after they have cleaned up the massive environmental damage - and let the Koreans work it out w/o international interference? Nah, that makes too much sense too. Call in Dennis Rodman!


Yes!! Dennis Rodman!!


I think vigorous, visible, spectacles make a greater impact than silence - if the participating nations would voice their opposition to war in the peninsular during the opening and closing ceremonies - and winning athletes punch their fists in the air black panther style against war - the gestures would be heard loud and clear throughout the world.


I wasn’t talking silence. I don’t remember exactly how many nations join the Olympic Games, but it is a lot. They would not only withdraw their athletes, they would tell the world (and the trumpire) exactly why they were doing that, loud and clear. If a couple of hundred countries were to explain, loud and clear, exactly why they didn’t dare send their athletes to the Olympics, because the only “superpower” in the world, is advocating a “preemptive” nuclear strike against North Korea. An attack which will kill millions from both blast and fire damage, and from nuclear exposure and disease.
*They could also remind the rest of the world that the US trumpire is becoming infamous for not keeping its word, breaking treaties, and doing anything to ensure the profits of those who have purchased said government.
*Perhaps that would start a movement, world-wide, to put said nation into Coventry until they could prove that they wish to rejoin the community of nations, by their actions, not empty words and crossed fingers.


“Why Not Talk to North Korea Instead of Scaring Us with Nuclear Attack Warning Sirens”

Because our banana republicans need to keep scaring US out of our needs for the M/I/C’s wants.

Direct Democracy


We can thank Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell and Rep Rick Larsen for what is happening in Washington State.


I’m just happy to see that someone knows what I am talking about-
Yes, I know- And I would campaign to vote those bastards out…


North Korea was put on the ridiculous “Axis of Evil” propaganda list and has seen the slaughter and destruction in Iraq, which did not have atomic weapons because the President of the US lied about that. It has seen the US threaten to break the treaty with Iran, the other member of the Axis. Will Rogers said that the world would a more peaceful place if the big countries stopped pushing the smaller ones around. We, in Canada, have lakes bigger than N. Korea. It is no threat to us. We have already lost a land war in Asia being flunkies for the American Empire. Enough,


When I was young, I thought it was stupid for duck and cover, like that was going to protect you. By 7 or 8 I was like, I want to see the blast that is going to kill me anyways.