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Why on Earth Is Trump Attacking Nation's Nursing Care Population?


Why on Earth Is Trump Attacking Nation's Nursing Care Population?

Common Dreams staff

"Why does Trump hate grandmothers?"

So asked Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) on Sunday as he decried a proposal from the administration that would prevent abused or mistreated seniors in nursing homes from getting their day in court, jeopardizing their health and safety.


This is yet another example of TrumpRepug $adism.


I feel just sick about this. But it’s all part of the “don’t mess with the money” attitude towards people in general. The most vulnerable in our society — children, the elderly, the chronically ill — are once again finding their lives jeopardised in various ways. Part of “making America great.”

We should be doing so much better, not scrapping the safeguards we have already decided are important.


Purposely jeopardized.


The majority of long term care facilities for the elderly, people recovering from life-altering physical conditions (rehabilitative care/recovery/convalescence, and “nursing homes” are owned by physicians, attorneys, and hedge funds (who see the aging baby boomer population as potential sources of profits). Not surprising that the orange butt nut is exerting his malevolent “power” to protect these entities from legal actions against them that just might lower their profit margins. Malfeasance and elder abuse in these facilities is not uncommon, especially when one considers that the vast majority of the staff are horribly overworked and underpaid…not unlike our childcare workers. From the cradle to the grave, humans are commodified by the wealthy, corporatists, and anyone trying to make a fast, dirty buck.

And on the other hand the emperor and GOP Congress persist in cutting Medicare, SS, and Medicaid. Schizophrenic at best, psychopathic at worst.

Where does a vast majority of the payments for the care come from: Medicaid.


There will be No values placed before profit, not humane, social or environmental;. Profit is God.


Why on Earth Is Trump Attacking Nation’s Nursing Home Population?

The answer is quite simple. Under capitalism a person’s value is based on:

  • That person’s ability (through exploitative employment) to generate wealth for the capitalist elites, and

  • That person’s ability to continually consume to generate wealth for the capitalist elites.

When a person’s health – physical or mental – requires nursing home care, that person is no longer able to work or participate in runaway consumerism.

A person in this state has no value under capitalism.


Charles P. Pierce is absolutely correct about “right-wing ideological cruelty”. Their concern lies with the owners and investors, only and always!


Why? Well he had a brother who died of alcoholism in 1981, then 20 years later finds moral justification ($$$$$$$$$) to start his own Trump Vodka brand. So go figure.


Is there no end to the depravity and utterly despicable nature of this contemptible caricature of a human being?

I always think of Joe Welch’s heartfelt and principled words to Joe McCarthy - “have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency”?

America! How can you countenance this callous evil creature that has no sense of decency? A hundred and fifty years ago he would have been ridden out of town on a rail, bloody, tarred and feathered…or hung for treason and crimes against the people and republic! How low we have sunk…


yes that quote is one of the classics, and its about time that it was put on trump big time…I mean everytime he opens his mouth, someone should be there to confront him with those very words, he needs to be made to feel small, like he tried to do to everyone in the debates, like he tries to do to everyone that he dosent agree with, he has gotten away with far to much bluster and blunder and just out and out B.S. it is time to start calling him on everything he says and does, for example his claim that the boyscouts called him and praised him for his speech, they didnt, so call him onit call him the liar he is to his face, and then do it again and again and again till he maybe figres out that noone is buying his shit anymore, just keep calling him on it and call it loud, start calling his familly the liars they are for enabling this constant stream of lies, it is trully incredible that the president of the U.S. is a serial liar, and you have all these sychophants backing him up. Its a white house of lies, and it is going to take a long time to get rid of the stench this crowd is going to leave behind.


Trump aspires to be the Emperor of the Duopoly Death Dealer Squad.

Profit protected before patient care performed.

What a Sick Fuck.


The answer to “Why?”-Trump is attacking the nursing care population because he appears to hate ‘less than wealthy’ people…especially old, poor and sick people… He appears to be on the side of “let them die because they are useless” mentality. What he appears to fail to realize is that he himself is getting old, can get sick one day and even lose his fortune by some event he himself has caused. Done.


There are other protections for nursing homes but this rule would make that a little more difficult. Before you choose a nursing home you can ask to see their licensing evaluation or inspection for licensing, by law they have to let you see it. You can also make a complaint to state and/or federal agencies which can impose fines and order a plan of correction. These carry some weight but they do not compensate for loss. In my state after many complaints and corrections one company was barred from doing business in the state. Not just that facility but all facilities they owned.


Hopefully, he won’t get away with it, as they said this effects a lot of people that are not going to be comfortable with this.


“A lot of people not going to be comfortable” has had little influence on what Trump, his predecessors and Congress have enacted for at least the past three decades.


That is what the courts are for. This is not the first and it won’t be the last.


Absolutely, raydelcamino, there’s ALOT of Blame to go around.


And the Republican-controlled Congress is just as bad, At least two of his Cabinet picks came from there (Tom Price and Jeff Sessions).


Why on Earth do Americans allow this pig to persist as president at ALL?!
With the emoluments clause alone they have enough to get him out of office, but they don’t, because the corporatists that own and operate oue three branches of government LOVE WHAT HE’S DOING because it brings money to their pockets. Their creed is greed and their god is the almighty dollar.